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Hey dolls, I’m Danielle and I founded Fashionista Barbie in 2009 to create my own little space on this place we call the internet, I just wanted to share my passion and love of all things fashion and my personal style, which generally involves a lot of tulle, jeans and cute bags, as well as my love of red carpet glamour and basically anything pretty. Fast forward eight years and my little blog has become a part-time gig alongside my fashion trade editor role and I’ve expanded to include beauty, lifestyle, travel and even technology, I’m a bit of a geek you see. I like to say that Fashionista Barbie is a part of me, I share what I love.

For me, Fashionista Barbie is a personal outlet, but I’d like to think it’s a source of inspiration, showcasing fashion trends you actually want to wear, and also how to wear them when you aren’t model proportions, I’m a regular girl, with all the regular insecurities, but I try on here to push my style options and to inspire you to do the same. Hey, if you want to wear a sequin maxi dress to lunch with trainers and over-the-top sunnies on, just do it, I did and it felt great. 

I also share my favourite beauty products, generally, the ones you can afford, my favourite spots to enjoy lunch or afternoon tea, as well as my latest travel adventures, newly discovered gadgets, I do love a bit of tech, and everything else in between that’s caught my attention. There’s also a new interiors section that’s going to document my big house move, with inspiring content on how to transform your home, as well as the key pieces I’m selected for my new house. 

I love being part of this kick-arse community of bloggers, there’s so many creating great content, showcasing amazing fashion, and inspiring me to do more, which is why I’m feeling so buzzed for what 2018 is going to bring, and I’d love to have you all along for the ride!!!

A little fun – 5 things you might not know about me

  • I collect Barbie dolls, I think I have close to, or maybe more than 100, I’ve kind of stopped counting. It’s why I went with the name Fashionista Barbie.
  • I have lots of pets – two kitty monsters – Tia and Bailey, yep who are named after alcoholic drinks, a Welsh springer spaniel called Falcon, and a crazy big arse tank full of tropical fish.
  • I have a stationery addiction. A big one. I have so many notepads they are taking over my office plus I have 7 pots filled with pens on my desk, and they are just the ones on display!!!
  • I once lost a purple knee high boot on a night out, I think it was the universe’s way of saying that purple boots are never pretty.
  • My favourite flower is a dahlia, I’ll take bunches of them in any colour.

If you wish to work with me or request my latest media pack please email me at danielle[at]fashionistabarbieuk.com.

If you fancy stalking me, sorry follow me on social media – here’s all the deets: 

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