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Jun 13 2011

In Pictures: My Desk Eye View

I have been freelance for about a month and I can tell you no matter how much I am enjoying it I have to admit it has taken some getting used to. Now instead of having to cram onto a packed train into London I make my way to the next room to my office, or as it is more happily known my tiny corner of heaven.

Here you will find my Barbie’s, well some of them I do have a lot; my trinkets, again only some of them – I am a hoarder!; my magazines – only the best stay out on the shelf, again I have so many that some sadly have to be stored behind closed doors; and generally pieces that I love and lots of gifts from my mum, Paulie and friends.

My Nicole Richie autograph sits next to my Barbie trinkets, including my B@arbrick Barbie’s from Japan, my limited edition pen that Paulie bought me in France, and one day I hope to take that cool mask to an actual masquerade ball rather than it being a cute prop in my room.

Three of my favourite Barbie’s, my two Hard Rock Cafe Barbie’s I bought * well Paulie did* in Paris, alongside my 1977 SuperStar Barbie who has the best hair!

These are two pads that came free with my French Glamour amazing aren’t they, it also remembers me of my time in Paris for fashion week, I hope that come September I am able to go again. I also love Barbie’s pink poodle keeping an eye on them!

I have loved badges since I was little, when I used them to decorate my denim jacket, they are like postcards if I see one I haven’t got I have to snap it up. Like these YSL badges I picked up in Paris when I went to the exhibition. They may be my only Yves Saint Laurent pieces but they fit perfectly with my Chanel badges.

This Chanel advert was an insert into Vanity Fair that a friend knew I would love, the brand made a huge one that sparkled on the side of Paris’s Musée d’Orsay, and I felt that I would follow suit and use it to decorate my room.

My Cath Kidston straw bag, a bargain I picked up from the sample sale that I attended while at their autumn/winter 2011 press day. I haven’t used it yet, I think because the weather hasn’t really been good enough, but soon I hope it makes a great accessory in one of My Style posts.

I saw this Japanese figurine in a National Trust shop when we were on one of our weekend culture day trips, I just thought it was cute, and it even opens up so if you wanted you could store a ring or something special inside.

Barbie showing us all how flexible she is!!

What inspires you in your room?

Mar 27 2011

Metropolitan Opera IV: YSL Ladies in Black – Lindsey, Olivia, and Claudia

Who: Supermodel Lindsey Wixson

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: A black silk muslin dress with lace details, lace bustier with embroidered black crystal belt, finished with a black crystal ring, black velvet sandals and an ivory satin clutch with black velvet detail

Verdict: Lindsey is my best dressed lady in black, and a lot of it has to do with her sexy attitude in this dress, mixed with bold red lippy and slicked back hair. I love the sleeves, the cuffs, and the corset of this dress from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, but the stand-out piece of her outfit has to be that bling ring!!

Who: Olivia Munn

Wearing: A strapless black velvet Yves Saint Laurent floor skimming gown, teamed with a belt in black velvet with gold bow and piping details, and finished off with black suede gloves, black velvet heels and a black velvet clutch with embroidery detailing

Verdict: I always find that Olivia really knows how to work Old-Hollywood glamour to the full, and this dress really has an elegant glamorous quality to it that I adore. I love the addition of teaming it with slouchy gloves – gorgeous.

Who: Claudia Schiffer

Wearing: A black silk crepe Yves Saint Laurent halter dress with band details and open back, finished off with matching metal clutch and heels

Verdict: As always the German supermodel looked gorgeous and elegant, for some I am sure that this look is a little dull and boring, but come on Claudia is rocking this simply-yet-sleek floor skimming gown to perfection.

[Pics: YSL]

Mar 27 2011

Metropolitan Opera IV: Rebecca Hall Goes Bold in YSL

Who: British actress Rebecca Hall

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: An orange silk crepe Yves Saint Laurent dress with long sleeves from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, teamed with a black crepe bejewelled belt, finished with black peep-toe heels and clutch

Verdict: Bold colour for a bold beauty, I love this dress from the colour, to the cut, to the slouchy belt, and the flowing locks. Divine from head-to-toe. Rebecca is really giving Emmy a run for the best dressed in my opinion. There was a lot of black, and Rebecca really stood out.

[Pic: YSL]

Mar 27 2011

Metropolitan Opera IV: Emmy Rossum an YSL Emerald Beauty

Who: Emmy Rossum

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: An emerald silk muslin draped Yves Saint Laurent dress from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, with a violet satin belt with multi-coloured crystal embroidery details, finished off with violet heels and an emerald satin clutch

Verdict: Well, first up the colour is divine I love the emerald green with the violet, it really does work perfectly together. This really is a statement dress, and I adore it on Emmy, she has a quiet confidence about her that works this graceful look. Also her bouncy curls and fierce red lippy, really does complete this gorgeous look.

Emmy’s Verdict via Twitter: “Channelling 70s YSL/Lauren Hutton”

[Pic: YSL]

Dec 31 2010

2010 in Review: LFW, Paris and First Meetings

With only a few hours left of 2010 I thought I would blog a few of my highlights of a great year. 2010 turned out to be the year that I finally took the plunge and started this blog detailing my favourite things: fashion and shopping, Barbie’s and of course red carpet delights.

Year of Firsts

This time last year I was in the final planning stages of setting up this blog, I have always blogged but more journal-based, but to be honest I don’t think I had enough confidence to give it a go until this year. But I am so glad I did as it really has been a year of firsts for me: I finally got to take in London Fashion Week up close, I got to meet the lovely and extremely talented Rebecca Minkoff, reality starlet-turned-designer Nicole Richie, and the gorgeous Katy Perry *not all at the same time I might add!*, I discovered the joys of Cocosa, but best of all this year I got to enjoy the romantic city of Paris for my birthday.

BodyAmr @ LFW in September

Well back in February, not long after I started this blog, I was taking in London Fashion Week from my sofa via live-streaming, but 6-months down the line I got to take in the whole experience and went to a number of shows and saw the clothes up close at the exhibition. I am hoping that come February 2011 I will be reporting on more shows and fingers crossed interviewing a few designers. What made it memorable was the atmosphere of the five days, crazy long days, meeting lots of cool people and absorbing amazing creations – anyone into fashion I would definitely recommend it!! One of the things on my 2011 wishlists is to take in Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week *well we have to have dreams don’t we!!*.

Fashion Exhibitions Whether it was taking in the glamour of a fashion power house at the YSL Retrospective at Petit Palais in Paris, or the elegance of the Grace Kelly exhibition, 2010 was definitely the year for absorbing fashion culture. I love going to museums and art galleries, and I have a few that I have to catch up on in the new year. It isn’t just the exhibitions that I love, I also get excited about the shopping afterwards, from YSL I got two badges for my collection.

End of a Reality Era As regular readers will know I was an avid The Hills and The City viewer, I loved the drama, the style, and even the false nature of the show – and I adored the ending. We all knew without Lauren Conrad to steer the gang in LA it wasn’t going to be long until MTV pulled the plug. But we all do have something to look forward to in 2011 as LC is currently filming her new show for the channel on the launch of her style book and new fashion label. I CANT WAIT.

Style Crushes

Well between Diane Kruger, and the Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, there are a number of celebrities who I have enjoyed seeing this year hit the red carpet.

There have been so many gorgeous dresses to choose from for the best dressed of 2010, but if I had to go for one, then it would have to be Diane’s mustard coloured Jason Wu gown (above) that she wore to the SAG Awards. I have to admit it was the old-Hollywood glamour that won me over!!

Love, Love, Love!!

My Barbie’s

I never had Barbie as a kid *shame on you mum!!*, but I have certainly been making up for it this year. My collection is still relatively new but I have picked up some gems along the way. My prized Barbie has to be my Anemone Barbie by Christian Louboutin that my mum got me for my birthday *certainly makes up for my childhood*. I am hoping that 2011 brings more dolls into my life – including Goldie Hawn Barbie which I have just won on eBay.

So nearly 12-months down the line *anniversary is January 7*, Fashionista Barbie is doing really well, and I would like to thank each and everyone of my regular blog and Twitter followers, as well as the newbies who pass through – hopefully you will see something you like and come back for more.

It has been a dream-come-true to know that people are actually reading my passion for fashion and Barbie’s, I seriously thought that no-one would, and it has been all the positive feedback that drives me to keep on improving my blog and bringing you more for 2011!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Sep 24 2010

LFW SS11: My First Proper London Fashion Week

Pic: London Fashion Week SS11

What an amazing London Fashion Week this has been. Normally I enjoy from my sofa via live streaming and take in a few parties after work, but this season I was lucky enough to go to actual shows, fifteen in totally and each one was amazing. I was so lucky that for five of them I got sit front row, which I have to say a big thanks to Vauxhall Fashion Scout as they were super amazing with seating me.

With it being my first, OK I have done parties of fashion week before, but this was different, I had the press pass, the official Mulberry canvas bag, the works. I was so determined to take it all in, I must admit I was so giddy for days 1 and 2 it was quite hard, but it was such an experience. You can’t enjoy fashion fully until you see it up close and it has made me know that fashion is where I want to be.

I panicked so much before the first day came around about what I was going to wear, I think I went shopping every night that week to nail down the right outfits – the thoughts am I fashionable enough does go through your mind, but you know everyone seemed to wear what they liked. There were some who got totally dressed up like they were going clubbing, others for a day at the races or a wedding with their big hats, then there were the hardcore fashionistas in the spring/summer 2011 trends before the shows had even started, style queens who wear the designer that that they are seeing, statement folk wearing outrageous outfits for the style photographers to take their snap *and there was a lot of that*, and then there were people like me who love fashion but love the comfort of a good black dress.

I am not one for posting my daily outfits, and I certainly not going to start now, but I will give you a quick run-down: I wore a three-quarter sleeve black dress with gold buttons on one-shoulder; a grey, black and white dotty ladylike knee-lenth dress with a wide black belt; pinafore dress; maxi skirt and corsage top; and finishing up with my Paige black jeans and bow top for menswears day. So you can probably imagine I didn’t get style snap once *shocker*.

One thing for sure is that there are so many characters and if you love people watching then fashion week is definitely an experience. Picture this one day a male pirate, the next day a female pirate, I was being to think that Pirates of the Caribbean had come to town, then I saw a cowboy and I just realised that fashion week brings them all out!!!

Shows via live-stream are amazing but actually being there, squeezed into rows, music blaring and the lights up bright it so much better. I was lucky enough to see a shows inside the main tent at Somerset House but it was completely different to the intimate feel of On|Off and Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Admittedly the designer names aren’t as big, but hey I still got to see *and tweet with* Lily Allen at BodyAmr, saw Amber Rose like everywhere *she was my show shadow*, and even unknowingly sat next to a bloke from Pink Floyd.

LFW Highlights:

#1 BodyAmr This was a great show, my first celeb-packed front row, a happy and Tweeting Lily Allen and then there were the gorgeous clothes and Amber Rose strutting her stuff. The atmosphere was great everyone packed into the intimate Vauxhall Fashion Scout – great show and great goodie bag!! #2 Topshop Postcards I have many addictions, Barbies *obvious*, badges, magazines *I know shocker*, stationary, and postcards. So guess how happy I was to see that Topshop had a postcard wall in their exhibition area at Somerset House with bespoke cards created by each of their designers. So the likes of Holly Fulton, Mark Fast, Louise Gray and Mary Katrantzou designed a momentum to take away. Each and everyone of them is amazing. When I realised that they were numbered it became a challenge to get each and everyone one, unfortunately I am a couple shy *sad face*.

#3 Holly Fulton

Having the opportunity to chat with Holly Fulton was amazing. I got to meet her the day after her show in the Topshop NEXTGEN exhibition space at Somerset House, she was so lovely, took me through her collection. It was so nice to actually get up close and personal to some of her amazing pieces, the detailing in her work is exquisite, I also loved that the Holly Says Relax clutch (above) nearly didn’t happen as she was worried it was too much!!

I must admit I couldn’t believe how down-to-earth Holly was, lovely, generous with her time and I hopefully I would love to do a full interview with her as she really was inspirational.

#3 Canvas Bags

Canvas bags galore, whether it was a goody bag at the shows or the official LFW Mulberry bag that you get when you pick up your pass and I love the rabbit. My favourite has to be the one I got from Vauxhall Fashion Scouts Ones To Watch. i was lucky enough to sit front row and it was the best goodie bag of the whole week. With a canvas bag designed by designer, Georgia Hardinge, it features a digi print, inspired by the sculptures of Versailles, and inside I have a robot cookie and postcards of the whole collection from Charlotte Taylor, and all finished of nicely with a pad and toiletry goodies.

Pic: Charlotte Taylor Robot Car

#4 Charlotte Taylor Car

Sitting outside Vauxhall Fashion Scout was this amazingly designed car by Ones To Watch Charlotte Taylor, I loved her robot print on dresses strutting down the catwalk – but how cool is it on a car. LOVE!!

Pic: YSL

#5 YSL Manifesto

Last season I was upset to not be able to be in London when they gave out the YSL Manifesto, but this time around I made sure that I had a break in my schedule to be close by Covent Garden to pick my copy up. Waiting for the announcement via their Facebook page on the locations was frustrating – but seeing the girls giving handing them out opposite the tube station was a delight to have my own copy.

I must admit that were many, too many highlights to mention but I these were the five I really stuck with me. Roll on February 18, 2011 for it to all start again…

Sep 12 2010

AW10: Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto VI

Yves Saint Laurent is back with its seventh edition of its Manifesto for autumn/winter 2010, featuring the gorgeous Daria Webowy. This season it is making its debut in New York on September 14, before its worldwide release in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and new to the schedule Beirut on September 18.

As with each manifesto the first 2,000 lucky people in each city will get their clutches on the collectable white canvas tote designed by Stefano Pilati, and apparently this season there is a YSL wristlet inside – OMG I have to get my hands on this. Luckily it is during LFW so fingers crossed I will be in the right place at the right time.

But don’t worry if you can’t get to one of the cities, or don’t get one on the day as this season’s manifesto will also be available to download after September 18 from the website.

Those who manage to grab a copy in each city *please, please let it be me* are being invited to take pictures of themselves with their spoils and submit them to the website, to be in with a chance of making it into the manifesto’s gallery and on its Facebook page.

Anyone else counting down the days?

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