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The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence Goes For Gold Again

Who: Jennifer Lawrence

Where: At the London Premiere of her new film, The Hunger Games at the O2

Wearing: A custom hand-beaded halter-neck Ralph Lauren gown, which shimmered with crocodile-skin pattern, teamed with a black YSL waist belt and Roger Vivier shoes

Verdict: When I heard that Jennifer was wearing gold again, so soon after that breathtaking Prabal Gurung gown, I was a little worried that it would be a little bit déjà vu for her. I have to admit I am still a little undecided.

I love this gown, which apparently took more than 800 hours to hand bead, the shimmering snakeskin effect worked perfectly under the flashbulbs, and the silhouette of this column halter-neck gown is super flattering on her athletic body, but I have to admit it didn’t wow me as much as it could have done if this wasn’t the second metallic number of the week that she had worn.

I wonder if her stylist has arranged another gold number for her trip in Europe? I am hoping to see her in a pop of colour.

What do you think do you like her second gold gown in less than a week?

[Pic: via Twitter]

Friends With Kids: Megan Fox Refined In Elie Saab

Who: Megan Fox

Where: At the Cinema Society & People StyleWatch’s screening of ‘Friends With Kids’

Wearing: A nude-coloured embroidered Elie Saab Haute Couture dress from the spring 2012 collection, with a delicate, bow belt and full skirt, teamed with nude YSL heels and Neil Lane jewels

Verdict: Wow, wow, wow!!! Refined elegance really does suit Megan Fox, I love this sparkly Elie Saab gown on her, not only is it super flattering, the colour works perfectly with her gorgeous wavy dark brown hair – old Hollywood glamour at its very best. Don’t get me wrong I love it when Megan gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money with sultry, thigh-high splits, but this is a great girlie look on her and I love it.

Elie Saab is the master of elegance, glamour and sparkles and this prom dress is perfection that I wouldn’t have thought Megan would have gone for but I am glad that she did. The one thing I would change though has to be the chunky heels, nude works fine but I would have gone for strappy rather than platform pumps or maybe a peep-toe – these YSL are just a little heavy for this elegant look.

As well as a refined dress, it seems Megan took it down a notch on her make-up, which I was pleased to see – I loved her smoky eye paired with a nude lips – this look really did show of her immense beauty.

What do you think – do you like this look on Megan?

[Pic: Elie Saab]

Bag Lust: The Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote

I do lust over designer handbags a lot and my latest obsession is Yves Saint Laurent’s Cabas Chyc leather tote that just exudes Parisian chic. Why am I loving this bag so much? Well for a tote I want a classic shape, something that it is sturdy and roomy, has a touch of elegance, and most of all something that can bridge the gap between casual to smart and everything in between *not asking for a lot then!*. Plus it is essential that a day tote is versatile.

The YSL Cabas Chyc certain is that. This roomy bag has a class about it, I love that the logo is a subtle ‘Y’, which doubles up as the buckle. I also appreciate a tote that can work in some many colours – this bag comes in every shade from the classic black, dark brown and beige, to vibrant red, magenta and ocean blue hues, and even has a subtle black leopard print and a very youthful black denim tote, which has a certain charm about it.

Don’t just take my word for it, this gorgeous tote seems to be the latest celebrity ‘It’ bag, seen on the arms of the likes of Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester, Aussie popstar Kylie Minogue, as well as Rihanna and the always stylish Sienna Miller. It also seems to be the go-to handbag for Hollywood elite as well as the Cabas Chyc has also been spotted with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Salma Hayek.

The celebs may all go for the black and brown versions, which are great wardrobe staples and if you are going to spend over a thousand  pounds on a designer bag that then is probably the best to go for. But for me, I am just so in love with the midnight blue shade above, I don’t know why but this colour just looks so gorgeous against the gold accents, also I think it would work nicely with black, vibrant prints as well as a camel trench for the ultimate Parisian outfit. But at £1,195 from Net-a-Porter I better get saving!!!

[Pics: Yves Saint Laurent Facebook/Net-a-Porter]

In Pictures: My Desk Eye View

I have been freelance for about a month and I can tell you no matter how much I am enjoying it I have to admit it has taken some getting used to. Now instead of having to cram onto a packed train into London I make my way to the next room to my office, or as it is more happily known my tiny corner of heaven.

Here you will find my Barbie’s, well some of them I do have a lot; my trinkets, again only some of them – I am a hoarder!; my magazines – only the best stay out on the shelf, again I have so many that some sadly have to be stored behind closed doors; and generally pieces that I love and lots of gifts from my mum, Paulie and friends.

My Nicole Richie autograph sits next to my Barbie trinkets, including my B@arbrick Barbie’s from Japan, my limited edition pen that Paulie bought me in France, and one day I hope to take that cool mask to an actual masquerade ball rather than it being a cute prop in my room.

Three of my favourite Barbie’s, my two Hard Rock Cafe Barbie’s I bought * well Paulie did* in Paris, alongside my 1977 SuperStar Barbie who has the best hair!

These are two pads that came free with my French Glamour amazing aren’t they, it also remembers me of my time in Paris for fashion week, I hope that come September I am able to go again. I also love Barbie’s pink poodle keeping an eye on them!

I have loved badges since I was little, when I used them to decorate my denim jacket, they are like postcards if I see one I haven’t got I have to snap it up. Like these YSL badges I picked up in Paris when I went to the exhibition. They may be my only Yves Saint Laurent pieces but they fit perfectly with my Chanel badges.

This Chanel advert was an insert into Vanity Fair that a friend knew I would love, the brand made a huge one that sparkled on the side of Paris’s Musée d’Orsay, and I felt that I would follow suit and use it to decorate my room.

My Cath Kidston straw bag, a bargain I picked up from the sample sale that I attended while at their autumn/winter 2011 press day. I haven’t used it yet, I think because the weather hasn’t really been good enough, but soon I hope it makes a great accessory in one of My Style posts.

I saw this Japanese figurine in a National Trust shop when we were on one of our weekend culture day trips, I just thought it was cute, and it even opens up so if you wanted you could store a ring or something special inside.

Barbie showing us all how flexible she is!!

What inspires you in your room?