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Beauty Bytes: Make Up For Glasses Wearers


As much as I love beauty, stocking my bathroom with potions and lotions, acquiring so many nail varnishes my vases are overflowing, make-up is my major downfall. I am terrible at getting it right, which generally means I just do the bare minimum to get by, foundation, a little bronzer, mascara and the occasional lip gloss and hope for the best.

So being asked by the lovely Lauren and Fran to be star on their fab beauty channel ‘Made Up’ on YouTube was also an opportunity for me to learn a trick or two!!! What I love most, well except for how pretty Lauren made me, is that it is very rare to see make-up tutorials for glasses wearers who realise that we also want our eyes to shine – most are focused on adding blusher and lip stick, whereas Lauren really went for striking eye make-up that is easy to replicate.

I really love the Made Up Back to Basics series – everything from shaping eyebrows to covering spots and even easy contouring for beginners – if like me you are a lover of make-up but not very good I would recommend checking out their video channel to pick up some tips.

Let me know what you think of my makeover.

glasses-made-up[Top pic & Video – Made Up by Lauren and Fran]

My #LFW: The Ultimate Front Row

My #LFW has been because of the digital revolution and the art of live-streaming, real-time comments on Twitter and I’ve enjoyed it so much.

No need for me to stress out over my outfit – is it on trend, do I look skinny, will I fit in. Instead I have watched catwalk shows from the comfort of my bed, office chair and sofa – perfect front row view. I think on one occasion I may have even had make-up on – I know I really dressed for the occasion. But for me, (lets be honest – inviteless), this was the perfect way to get involved in the biggest fashion spectacle that is London Fashion Week.

So primed with my digital schedule, ok some what limited – but hey I took what I could get, I have taken in as many shows as possible. Except the 9am Betty Jackson on Sunday, which I slept through, but I did catch-up at a more sociable hour on YouTube.

That’s the wonderful thing about live-streaming it is also recorded and distributed either through the designers website or YouTube – the medium normally filled with babies biting their brothers finger or a lion being reunited with his rescuers, but YouTube has been embraced by the fashion world.

From the likes of Burberry, Calvin Klein and YSL, all of which have their own official YouTube channel to display their latest catwalk shows, behind-the-scenes footage, ad campaigns and even in the case of Burberry and Christopher Bailey a personal invite to view the live show.


This season’s trend seems to be to connect more with the consumer and widen their audience from the fashion editors, retail buyers, socialited and celebrities who all grace their front rows, fashion houses are thriving in this social revelution and I am loving every second!

This latest shift from the fashion houses has re-ignited my passion for fashion with its ability to draw me into its world with Facebook update status of the model fittings, or the photographer tweeting from behind the camera at an ad campaign, to displaying stills of their latest collection. Every tweet, status update, or promo teasers draws me in closer.

Then we have a mountain of iPhone and iTouch apps, both Italian fashion houses Gucci and D&G have gone the Apple route so fashionistas around the world can view their Milano catwalk shows from their phones. Then we have cool London-based fashion designer Henry Holland and his Blackberry application to buy his products straight from the runway and customised Blackberry back panels.

I’m enjoying fashion embracing technology, social streams and engaging with their consumers, fans and wannabee creative types like me!

London Fashion Week have taken the lead with a full schedule of shows on offer online through their own network, whereas Gucci and D&G are streaming through Facebook, and Armani partnering with Italian Vogue. But for me the fashion lover I will take it on any network – which means virtual Milano here I come!!!