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Jan 02 2015

My Wedding: My Two Little Cats Bakery New York Cupcake Tower

My-Wedding-Cake-20littlecatsbakeryDeciding on a wedding cake was hard, especially as we had already chosen to go with a dessert station filled with our favourite cakes, think gooey chocolate cake, black forest gateau and a raspberry and white chocolate number that was to-die for, but I just felt without a cake that it wouldn’t feel like a wedding but just a regular party, and basically I like any excuse to eat cake!!!

The last thing I wanted was traditional, nothing else about our wedding had been and I think having a traditional tiered wedding cake would have looked plain wrong, but I knew that I needed something that could act as the centrepiece to the dessert bar. So after a marathon Pinterest session I decided that a cupcake tower would be perfect, and that having a New York theme would really tie-in with our destination wedding.

I had thought that going down the New York route was going to be easy, I was wrong, so many bakeries just want to do traditional and aren’t really interested in thinking of something creative as well as delicious, well that was until I found Two Little Cats Bakery, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, and even more miraculous they were local in Cambridge.

What I loved about Two Little Cats Bakery, other than the fact their cupcakes are heavenly, has to be their creative approach to each project they take on, they really took my ideas and used our wedding invitation to create something so cool, I nearly, I say nearly didn’t want to eat any of my cupcakes. They created little mini hotdogs, statue of liberty’s, big apples, as well as placing the New York skyline from our invite onto the top cutting cake. Stunning isn’t enough of a word, I was so blown away by the craftsmanship of our cakes.

As well as them looking magnificent they tasted amazing as we picked all our favourites from their extensive list of flavours, which I love as they are twists on classics. Like the lemon meringue, it is more than just a lemon cupcake it has lemon curd, crushed meringue pieces as well as the most dreamy lemon buttercream, oh my I am getting hungry just thinking back to this beauties. We wanted to offer our guests some variety so we also went with vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, Neapolitan, and cookies and cream, which everyone loved. To top it all off them we went for a carrot cake as our top cutting cake as it is the groom’s favourite.

With most bakeries I spoke to my order was considered so small that they didn’t really want to put the effort in, which is the last thing you want to hear when you are planning your special day, Two Little Cats Bakery was the complete opposite as they were so excited about being part of our celebration, and I really thinking that shows in their work as all our guests only had positive things to say about our cupcake tower.

If you are bride in the Cambridgeshire or Hertfordshire area you should totally head on over to Two Little Cats Bakery and check out their amazing gallery of work, which I love includes my wonderful tower, and trust me your guests will be pleased you did as their cakes are so incredibly tasty, I kind of wish we had given them our whole dessert bar to cater!!!

I know it is the New Year and I am suppose to be thinking healthy but I think after all that reminiscing I might have to order a cupcake box to keep the memories alive!!!

My-Wedding-Cake-2 My-Wedding-Cake-3[Pics: Fashionista Barbie / Two Little Cats Bakery]


Jan 03 2014

Wedding Inspiration: Kaley Cuoco’s Barbie Pink Wedding Gown


I know I have only been engaged just over a week, but it is amazing how quickly you actually get immersed into searching the internet for wedding ideas, and how much more interested you are to see actual wedding pictures. One real wedding that has caught my eye is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco who went for full on fairy princess for her wedding to tennis player Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve.

Like Kaley, I also don’t really want a white gown, I am thinking more like dusky pink, off-white or even dove grey, but I have to be honest I had been considering a Barbie pink one as it makes such a statement. Everything about Kaley’s custom Vera Wang gown is divine, from the petal pink hue to the strapless tulle ball gown silhouette and the gorgeous sweetheart neckline. Also if you look closely you can see hand appliqué Chantilly lace accents.

Even if you think the pink shade is too much you have to agree that she looks absolutely radiant and I can’t wait to see the official photographs as she apparently she accessorised her romantic gown with a nude tulle veil with pink hand appliqué Chantilly lace.

Kaley isn’t the only celebrity who has recently worn a pink wedding dress – Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon all went for the fashion-forward choice.

Would you wear a pink dress for your wedding?

Vera-Wang-Kaley Instagram-NormanCook-1 Instagram-NormanCook Twitter-kaleycuoco

As well as loving Kaley’s pink gown – I also noticed on her Twitter that she had an upside down six-tiered chandelier wedding cake made by The Butter End Cakery. This is such a cool idea, not only is it so original but wow what a statement piece for the reception. The cake didn’t just look amazing it sounds pretty amazing as the two-flavour cake was almond with toasted almond cream cheese buttercream frosting and chocolate almond cherry with cherry cream cheese buttercream frosting – sounds yummy!!!

I was actually contemplating not having a wedding cake and having more of a full-on dessert table with all my favourites but this beauty might have changed my mind to do more of a statement.

What do you think of this amazing cake? 


[Pics: Kaley Cuoco Twitter/Instagram, Ryan Sweething Instagram & Vera Wang]
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