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Echo Falls: The Best Nights Are Unplanned

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Think back to your best night out and I bet it was one that was one that was totally unplanned. I have found over the years nights out that are planned, scheduled and uber-organised, like every New Year’s Eve ever, never quite live up to expectation, instead it’s those nights that start off with a casual drink, a shopping trip or a bite to eat with friends that turns into something amazing.

Some of my best unplanned nights have seen me take on the crazy pub golf crawl challenge, be tipped upside down by a Z-list celebrity, lose one boot, spin too many shot wheels, as well as meet new friends, so I have to be honest I was super excited and a little nervous when Echo Falls asked me to join them on a night of surprises – all I knew is the time and location of where to meet.


So at 5.30pm I joined Sherin, Ashanti and Laura, as well as the Echo Falls girlies before we were greeted with our own limo, with its music blaring, and a selfie-calling mirrored ceiling, I just couldn’t help myself. It was in the limo, while singing along to tunes that we were given our first clue to solve, which equalled a shopping spree in Warehouse. We had 30 minutes to buy something fabulous to wear for our night out and as I stupidly left my jacket at home I decided to added a gorgeous blue quilted number to my jeans and shirt look. I realised that while I was having so much fun I totally forgot to get a picture of me in the jacket, I promise it will make an appearance on my blog soon.


Next clue, head to Carnaby Street for a mini Benefit makeover, and on our way we bumped into our very own ‘Echo Falls’ busker, who included all of our blog names into our own song – it was hilarious, it had us dancing and even got the tourists snapping, they really will take pictures of anything.

After giggling with our busker, who I wish we could have taken with us for the rest of the night, the Benefit girlies got to work on our make-up and gave me a fab night out look, before we headed over to Kettners for dinner.

Echo-falls-6 Echo-falls-5


Dinner at Kettners is always special, even more so when you have your own private dinning room, waiter and a special menu. I went for the soup to start, which was lovely, and then I went for the pan roast guinea fowl breast served with wild rice, confit garlic and tarragon cream sauce. I was a little nervous as I have never had guinea fowl but it really did taste like chicken and was so delicious, and I adored how it was presented.

The best bit about dinner, other than the fab company of course, had to be pudding – I went for the fruit topped pavlova and it was incredible, everyone else went for the chocolate tart, which I also got to taste thanks to Sherin being stuffed and I can tell you this is a great place to come for dessert!!!

Echo-falls-2 Echo-falls-1Echo-falls-4

An unplanned night out, wouldn’t be a night out without making at least one new friend along the way – I couldn’t resist posing with the Benefit doll.

Want to check out our fun night out watch this cute film that the Echo Falls put together. Thanks Echo Falls for a great unplanned night out!!!

Visual Diary: The Joys Of Spring


I love it when the clocks go forward, not only do I get to enjoy an extra hour in bed, but I know that the long sunny nights are on there way. I am a lover of all seasons, I adore the snow in winter, the changing of the leaves in autumn, and that summer brings my birthday as well as the UK’s best weather, the occasional heat wave, but there is something special about spring.

I not sure whether it is because it follows the cold, not that this winter has been as cold as previous years (I am still waiting for the snow), or that it brings out the flowers, I especially love daffodils all lined up in a row, or that the fields surrounding my village are dotted with adorable lambs bouncing around the field playing. There is just something so giddy and playful about spring that always makes me smile.

We have had a great start to spring, this weekend was gorgeous, it was nice just to spend time in the garden watching the butterflies fluttering around enjoying the blossom on the trees and listening to all the birds chirping away – it is hard to think of a better way to spend a Sunday to be honest.

As well as enjoying the sun, my surroundings, and outside brunches with friends, I also love that spring means lightweight knits, fun lovely flats and peep-toe heels, and if you are really lucky – no coat at all. Plus it is always the time of year that I love to do a revamp of my wardrobe – out with the old and in with the new.

What does spring mean to you? 


My Style: Jumper, Peter Pilotto for Target via Net-A-Porter.com // Glasses, Retro54 // Floral print nails done at the Next press event //

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Visual Diary: Remember, Remember The 5th Of November


“Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!”

It might be less about the assassinate plot, or even the lighting of bonfires, but fireworks night is a big draw in my house. I remember as a kid going to professional displays in Salford with my family, famously calling the Roman Candle firework a Roman Catholic – it has stuck and still makes everyone giggle, becoming obsessed with bonfire toffee lollies, and getting completely giddy making patterns in the air with my sparkler.

Now each year my boyfriend does a big display in the garden and the family come to stay, and each year it is bigger and better than the last, goes on for longer – this year was close to two hours and we had to do food in the interval.

Each year I attempt to take pictures, sometimes they’ve come off, but none have come out as well as these taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone/super-duper camera. Not only did I not miss out on the action messing with the settings on my SLR, but I came out with some incredible shots thanks to the fireworks setting in the camera’s pre-set Smart Modes.

I can’t believe how well the patterns of the sparklers came out or how vivid the mini explosions of colour are and I was so surprised that it managed to capture the red streams of one of the finale rockets. That 10x optical zoom and low-light sensor were working on overtime!!!

Are you a fan of fireworks?

2013-fireworks-9 2013-fireworks-2 2013-fireworks-12 2013-fireworks-8 2013-fireworks-7 2013-fireworks-6 2013-fireworks-10 2013-fireworks-11 2013-fireworks-4 2013-fireworks-1