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Tribeca Film Festival: Katie Holmes In Zac Posen

Who: Actress Katie Holmes

Where: At the screening of ‘Miss Meadows’ during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City

Wearing: A dark red duchess satin off-the-shoulder Zac Posen dress featuring a bustier-style bodice, structural detailing at the hips with an over-the-knee skirt from the autumn/winter 2014 collection, teamed with matching coloured pointy heels

Verdict: As soon as I saw this look I did a double take – I couldn’t believe my eyes that Katie Holmes was wearing such a sexy frock and I have to be honest I am not quite sure the actress pulled it off.

If this dress was on anyone else like Cameron Diaz, Diane Kruger or Dita von Teese I think I would have been floored, but with Katie it just feels forced and little uncomfortable to see.

I am not saying she doesn’t look good in it, she does, but the sexy shimmer pose isn’t really her is it, and what is going on with her hair and make-up. I get that she wanted to vamp up this structured dress but her tousled bedhead hair just doesn’t quite work for me, but it is her purple eye-liner that upsets me more – what was she thinking.

What do you think – does Katie pull off this sexy frock?