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Video Loving: Gorgeous Fashion, A Unicorn, & Elijah Wood – Can Only Be Rodarte


Normally when you get a fashion film you have close-ups of the pretty and very expensive clothes, there is a gorgeous model or actress involved, and generally the narrative is very limited – because really the film is just a way off adding a digital element to the print campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of fashion films, but I love that the Mulleavy sisters behind fashion label Rodarte are a more than a little kooky as this 13 minute short film is weird, beautiful and more than a little unexpected.

Teaming up with director Todd Cole and production company The Creators Project, the short flick ‘This Must Be The Only Fantasy’ is a clever, dark sci-fi-meets-fantasy masterpiece that goes beyond just selling the gorgeous spring/summer 2013 collection, which of course it does, but adds in newcomer Sidney Williams, a unicorn, a fairy and Hollywood actor Elijah Wood.


Granted it is a little odd, you might be thinking at the beginning what do a group of weird-looking teens in LA have to do with a fashion label, but I love how it develops into a fantasy role-playing game where the teens have to embark on a journey that leads to them discovering a unicorn in the garden, a cloaked horseman, and alien-looking hooligans in order to rescue Elijah Wood from a video-game throne with the aid of a fairy, played by supermodel Guinevere Van Seenus.

As well as loving the sci-fi fantasy filled narrative, the slightly spooky original music by Beach House adds to the suspense of the short film, and the clothing just adds to the beauty – I love Sidney’s warrior princess outfit for her sword fight with the fringed leather.


Check out the film below:

[Pics: Rodarte via ELLE.com]

Video Loving: Elle Fanning Strikes Gold In Rodarte

Elle Fanning: Rodarte’s Muse on Nowness.com.

I am big fan of Elle Fanning, as with Hailee Steinfeld she really does bring it when hitting the red carpet, so I was so pleased to see her in Todd Cole’s latest video collaboration with Rodarte, The Curve of Forgotten Things.

We’ve seen Elle in Rodarte before, in that gorgeous leather skater dress, but what makes this a great video is that she is digging for buried treasure in such a wonderful creation. The film highlights Rodarte’s spring/summer 2011 collection.

Seriously gorgeous short film.

Cover Loving: Britney Spears Graces Pop Magazine

Pic: Todd Cole/Pop

OK so I love POP magazine and I love Britney Spears so this cover is like made for me!!! The autumn/winter 2010 cover has been given art direction from Takashi Murakami and he has given Brits the Japanimation treatment.

I picked up my copy with her wearing the cute blue leotard, tiara and white wedding veil this week from RD Franks and it is a monster of an issue and it nearly killed me rushing back across London in my lunch hour.

This is another great get for Dasha Zhukova and I love the glossy feel of this cover and apparently Brits was chosen as she is “Pop personified” and I totally agree. The photoshoot inside with Brits in a Rodarte wedding dress is an amazing fashion spread and worth buying just for that.

I have only just done my flick through front-to-back *yep I have weird magazine reading habits* but I can already see that it is a cracking magazine, not only the fashion spreads, but it has an interview with Hillary Clinton by Barbara Bush, a Q&A with Martha Stewart and best of all it has cartoon stickers in the middle of the Britney feature *yep it feels like Smash Hits has come back into my life*.

Check out my POP sticker