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Doll Loving: Barbie Gets A Tim Gunn Makeover

The man with the smoothest voice in fashion, Tim Gunn has given a makeover to my favourite doll, Barbie for a new limited-edition line of dolls and accessory packs coming this August.

Best known as the Project Runway mentor, one of my favourite fashion shows, Tim has joined forces with Mattel to create Barbie a new line of wardrobe-essential clothes. The collection features two new dolls, which will be around the $30 mark, as well as two clothing and accessory packs for $25 each.

Covering all the essential wardrobe needs for a doll, the line features separates perfect for swapping between casual, office and evening looks, as well as option for rain. Basically, Tim has given Barbie her capsule wardrobe – some skinny jeans, a blazer, a pencil skirt, a classic white shirt, a patent leather trench, a smart black top, a flirty patterned skirt, as well as must-have accessories such as statement jewels, sunglasses,  buckled booties, strappy heels, as well as classic handbags from metallic to fiery red and even a black clutch for the evening. I am also loving that the accessory packs include tiny magazines, a coffee cup and even Barbie’s smartphone!!!

The new Barbie’s will be available from Barbiecollector.com and Target from August 1, so American followers snap them up, British dolls hit eBay and all your American contacts as I think these beauties deserve to come across the pond!!!

As Tim would say – Make It Work!

“Barbie was my behind-the-closed-bedroom-door secret crush,” Tim Gunn.

[Pics: Mattel]