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Fashion Week Technology

Fashion Week Technology

I remember my first fashion week, I carried around a heavy laptop and was glued to my blackberry, there wasn’t an iPad in sight and there was no urgency for me to get my photographs edited to share with the world. Thankfully, in part, things have changed and my gadgets have got smaller, lighter and definitely a lot smarter. 

I wouldn’t dream of going to fashion week now without technology, my mobile is in constant use, my DSLR is required to snap the fashion, and each season I seem to add extra gadgets to make life easier, more productive, and most importantly to stay connected, so I’m sharing my favourite gizmos that have helped me through this season. I have everything from photography aids to charging cables and even those pieces of fashionable wearable technology that I recommend. 

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Technology: HTC One M8 Pink At Carphone Warehouse


Way back when, one my first ever mobile phones was pink, it was of the flip variety, and I loved it, then came crazy phone covers, who could forget my love of Hello Kitty, and now it seems that smartphone companies are incorporating a little personality into the handsets themselves by offering them in various colours.

The latest to be added to my collection is the HTC One M8, which has been given a feminine makeover with a dusky pink matte shell that is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse. Everything else about the phone is the same as the original HTC One M8, a spruced update to the HTC One that I absolutely loved.

I have only been using this pretty pink phone for a few days but I am already impressed with its large screen, not quite as big as the Samsung Note 3 but still impressive, excellent resolution, as well as a super fast quad-core processor. But as always what always makes a great HTC device, other than the sharp, sleek, all-metal design, has to be the camera, which has a unique duo Camera that lets you create 3D-like photos, and the addition of its UltraPixel technology means you can capture your photos in nearly any light, which I love.

I have to be honest not much seems to have change, it just looks more glossy and put together, it still has HTC Zoe to create cool mini movies, still utilises the very best of the Android system, puts all your social media and news in one place thanks to the HTC BlinkFeed, and it has the best speakers of any mobile I have owned with its HTC BoomSound. But hey if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!!!

I don’t have any negatives about the colour, I do love the matte finish, and I think no girl can have too much pink, my only downside about the HTC One M8 has to be the weight, its sleek all-metal design comes at a cost that you instantly feel it weighs more than your previous smartphone.

What do you think of the pink version of the HTC One M8 – would you buy it over the standard silver?


**I was gifted the HTC One M8 Pink by Carphone Warehouse, but as always my opinion is my own**

Technology: Samsung Galaxy Tab S


I am currently on my finally countdown to my wedding, constantly compiling to-do lists, pinning styling ideas to my secret Pinterest boards, reading wedding magazines just to build on the excitement, as well as munching on candy meant for my wedding guests, I promise there are lots left. One thing that has made the experience a lot easier this month has been the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Samsung’s latest Android-based tablet.

First up this is my fourth tablet, I have an iPad, which I basically just use as the house Spotify controller, then I have a mini Lenovo Windows 8, which is so perfect to take anywhere in my handbag, then I also have the Acer Iconia A1, which is a similar size to the Samsung Tab S but nowhere near as good. What makes this Samsung tablet stand out from the rest has to be the incredible screen quality, the colours are so vibrant that searching for the perfect finishing touches for my wedding has been really easy – as it really does offers true-to-life colour reproduction.

As well as the screen being a perfect size and colour, I am also loving the slim, lightweight design, it is 6.6mm thick, which is super skinny in technology terms, and it has a great battery life, similar to my Samsung S5, which is probably down to it being on the Android platform, which is just another of many plus points for this great tablet.

Like my Samsung S5 and Note 3, the tablet also offers the multi window feature for multi-tasking, so I can make orders via the Internet and check on my e-mails with my wedding suppliers all at the same time, and it really does make it easy to compare items I have found on Etsy with the ones I have squirreled away in my Pinterest folders.

The tablet can also connect with the S5 using its SideSync app allowing you to view your smartphone screen and control it, as well as make and receive calls on your tablet, which comes in handy when you left your phone in the other room. It can also connect to your PC so you can easily share files and documents, features that I love about my Windows tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S also has a fingerprint scanner to unlock the device, so you simply swipe your finger on the sensor and it unlocks, which I think is much easier and quicker than adding in a PIN code, plus you can also add other family members so they can get in as well.

There really are a lot of cool features that I love about this tablet, I have to be honest there isn’t anything yet after a short spell of using it that I have been disappointed with, some people have said that the storage is a little on the small side but you can add extra with a MicroSD, and I can’t really comment on the camera as I haven’t used except to Skype with, but then again I don’t really take many pictures with my tablets.

What I will say is, if you are looking at tablets and think all there is out there is an iPad think again, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a great alternative and in my opinion better.

Are you considering buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S? 


To launch the Galaxy Tab S the geeks at Samsung constructed a rainbow installation built entirely out of the tablet device, and I think you will agree it really shows off the amazing picture quality I have been raving about, plus the London skyline isn’t a bad backdrop!!!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is available in a number of versions, including Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and LTE, and in 16/32GB* + MicroSD (up to 128GB). You can also choose between the 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch versions, in Titanium Bronze or Dazzling White. The 8.4-inch Wi-Fi version is priced at £319, and the 10.5-inch Wi-Fi version is priced at £399.

**I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, but as always my opinion is my own**

Technology: The Knomo Knomad Organiser


I am a big fan of organisation, especially when it comes to fashion week, there is enough craziness without my essentials being a mess, and that is where this cute Knomo Knomad Mini comes in very handy. It basically keeps all my gadgets in one place and when laid flat becomes a mini office desk.

So what have I got in my Knomad for fashion week?

First up is my Lenovo Windows 8 tablet, a little bigger than the iPad Mini this beauty still fits perfectly into the cotton-canvas holder in its own special shockproof section for added protection. This tablet is great for fashion week as I can take notes, write up show reports when I have a spare moment, and unlike lugging my laptop it hardly weighs a thing.

There is also space for my 4G mobile wi-fi device, which comes in handy when I need to post a story and the LFW wi-fi is being really slow, plus my tablet charging cables and my earphones just incase I need to transcribe an interview after a show, or if I just want to listen to music.

In front of the tablet pocket are a few sections for you to put a slimline battery charger, I have a Monster credit-card size device, which I highly recommend, a notebook or two, and even a slot for your mobile, which is great when you have all your stuff laid out on the train.

There are also numerous other pockets to store an SD card, I know it is hard to fill them up but I have had a few that have somehow corrupted and needed to buy another one, a USB stick, your Oyster card, and those all important business cards as fashion week is a great time to network.

Finally there is also a place to keep a pen handy, I have found with a lot of technology organisers that old-school writing implements aren’t a priority and I am still a lover of writing lists so I am so pleased that Knomo added it in.

The only thing missing off this picture are my tickets, which can easily rest in the middle once the organiser is closed. I don’t think I am going to have any excuse this fashion week when I can’t find something in my bag!!!

The Knomo Knomad Mini comes in four colours – black, blue, sand and olive and costs £45.

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Knomo-organiser-black-5 Knomo-organiser-black-2 Knomo-organiser-black-6 Knomo-organiser-black-1**I was gifted the Knomo Knomad Mini – but as always my opinions are my own**