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Feb 15 2014

My Style: What I Wore To LFW Day 2


Day 2 at London Fashion Week was easy to get dressed for, after getting soaked yesterday I decided that my new waterfall mac from Next would be the best piece of clothing I could wear today. So this beauty, which is so soft that I wish my blog had touch-vision, was the best cover-up as it is drapes really nicely with the waterfall detailing to the collar and it is a great knee-length that it totally protected my uber-flattering geometric print dress, which is also from Next.

To brighten up my monochrome look I paired my outfit with red accessories – from my favourite glasses from Swag & Stare to the most comfortable shoes I own, my Dorothy flats from Topshop, which I really wish I had bought in every colour. The sparkle of this outfit though is that gorgeous Russell & Bromley handbag – the Gilt Edge.

I have borrowed this beauty from the closets of this seasons The Apartment, which is bigger than ever. I have to give it back tomorrow, but for today ‘Marge’ and I really bonded, yep I really have named my loaned bag, I love her that much. Everything from the vibrant colour to the trapeze shape and the spacious inside has me sold that this is the most perfect fashion week bag, which I will prove in a separate ‘What’s In My Bag’ post later in the week.

There is something about having a great bag that really does make an outfit and I think this coral beauty does that – it takes it from being comfortable to being chic and I love it.

Are you a fan of this vibrant bag?

LFW-day-2-Next-coat-5 LFW-day-2-Next-coat-3 LFW-day-2-Next-coat-4

My Style: Black waterfall mac, Next (c/o) // Black and white skater dress, Next (c/o) // Red shoes, Topshop // Gilt Edge bag, Russell & Bromley (borrowed from The Apartment) // Glasses, Swag & Stare (c/o) // LFW-day-2-Next-coat-1 LFW-day-2-Next-coat-6

**Pics snapped by Ngoni**

Jan 17 2014

Beauty Bytes: Make Up For Glasses Wearers


As much as I love beauty, stocking my bathroom with potions and lotions, acquiring so many nail varnishes my vases are overflowing, make-up is my major downfall. I am terrible at getting it right, which generally means I just do the bare minimum to get by, foundation, a little bronzer, mascara and the occasional lip gloss and hope for the best.

So being asked by the lovely Lauren and Fran to be star on their fab beauty channel ‘Made Up’ on YouTube was also an opportunity for me to learn a trick or two!!! What I love most, well except for how pretty Lauren made me, is that it is very rare to see make-up tutorials for glasses wearers who realise that we also want our eyes to shine – most are focused on adding blusher and lip stick, whereas Lauren really went for striking eye make-up that is easy to replicate.

I really love the Made Up Back to Basics series – everything from shaping eyebrows to covering spots and even easy contouring for beginners – if like me you are a lover of make-up but not very good I would recommend checking out their video channel to pick up some tips.

Let me know what you think of my makeover.

glasses-made-up[Top pic & Video – Made Up by Lauren and Fran]

Sep 13 2013

LFW SS14: Day 1 – Highlights, The Apartment & My Style


There is something different about London Fashion Week this season, even with the rain pouring down on Somerset House there is a positive up-beat vibe that I am loving.

Starting with the beautifully sunny Bora Aksu, the feminine sporty look of Fyodor Golan, and the utilitarian cool of Christopher Raeburn, and ending with a look around Topshop’s designer showroom and a fashion film presentation from River Island for their new collaboration with Eudon Choi.

Day 1 was a busy one.


What to wear on day 1 is always a worry – fashion week can be a little like starting high school – instead of wondering if the cool kids will like you its more like will a street style photographer want to take my picture. This would only happen in my dreams. My wardrobe for fashion week is always more about comfort than an outrageous style statement – I find the best way to embrace fashion week is to go as yourself and you can’t go wrong.

So for the opening day of shows I went for my new monochrome ASOS dress as I really wanted to wear my new Topshop red Dorothy shoes with a tiny heel, they are my geeky shoes and I love wearing red accessories with monochrome prints.


My Style: Black and white dress, ASOS // Red shoes, Topshop // Red belt, New Look // Red glasses, Swag & Stare (c/o) // Black bag, Osprey London // Watch, Lulu Guinness (c/o) // Bracelet, Monica Vindar // Bracelet, Dower & Hall (c/o) // Bracelet, Claire’s (c/o) // Make-up, Laura Mercier/Birchbox at The Apartment //

LFW-Day-1-My-Style-1 LFW-Day-1-My-Style-6 LFW-Day-1-My-Style-4 LFW-Day-1-My-Style-5 LFW-Day-1-My-Style-13LFW-instagram-5

Favourite Show: It is hard to choose between the bright and intricate detailing of Bora Aksu and the fun and change of direction from Fyodor Golan – both shows were a great opening to the spring/summer season.

I also really loved the prints at Jean-Pierre Braganza and the utilitarian chic at Christopher Raeburn, the shirt dresses, the sleevless parka and parachute cape – plus I also spotted a very talented drawer in the crowd doing live illustrations of the runway show.


The Apartment: As well as checking out the latest collections I also went by my friend Abi’s The Apartment, a retreat from the madness of fashion week where you can grab something to eat, have your hair and make-up done, learn a few tricks on Pinterest and generally hangout with cool bloggers. Look out for a post on this season’s The Apartment in the next couple of days.

To round off Day 1 at LFW I have put together a highlight reel using HTC Zoe on my HTC One:

For up-to-date LFW news follow me on Twitter // Instagram // Facebook and check out my fashion week board on Pinterest.

Jun 19 2013

Summer Staple: Working A Ripped Denim Skirt


How many denim skirts do you own? At the last count I think it was edging up to 10 – including a denim skater skirt, a micro mini, a maxi, a button down one, and too many shades of denim from faded to black to even describe, yet each summer I go in search of my next summer staple, and the 2013 version is this ripped beauty from Zara that only cost me £29.99 – serious bargain, so versatile, and I love the pencil skirt fit.

I wore this beauty at the weekend when I went into London to meet Sherin for our cupcake class and our trip to the cinema to see Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing and we did plan on taking fabulous style post piccies near Warwick Avenue, however it seemed to be raining every time we were outside so I only managed to get two snaps, which to be fair aren’t that bad considering they were super rushed.

What I love about denim skirts is that they basically work with near enough anything, you can make them casual with trainers and a statement jumper, you can dress them up with a sheer blouse and sky-high heels, and this weekend I went with a smart-casual vibe pairing it with a boyfriend style black t-shirt, chunky ankle boots and a pop of colour with my pink parka. Who would have thought that in June I would need a t-shirt, a scarf, a coat and an umbrella – seriously crazy weather?

Most denim skirts out there are either too short, too faded, or both, but this beauty is perfect – still working the 90s trend with the ripped patches, but with a pencil skirt fit, which I find super flattering as it kind of hugs all the right places and makes me feel skinnier, and it is that great in-between shade of blue, which is perfect for the summer.

As well as loving this denim skirt I also can’t stop wearing this pink parka that I picked up in Primark for £22. As well as being a serious bargain, it has been a godsend with this weather, as it isn’t too heavy and with rolled up three-quarter sleeves it is perfect to show off my arm candy – I really wish I had picked it up in every colour imaginable!!!

What are your summer staples? Do you love wearing a denim skirt when it gets warmer? 



My Style: Ripped denim skirt, Zara // Pink parka, Primark // Black & white scarf, New Look // Ankle boots, Topshop // Black boyfriend tee, Primark // Black bag, Jane Shilton (c/o) //  Panda watch, New Look // Tiffany’s bracelet // White gold bangle // Silver bracelet stack, New Look // Gramercy Red Glasses, Swag & Stare (c/o) // Heart ring, designed by me with Stephen Einhorn & HTC (c/o) //

my-style-denim-skirt-8my-style-denim-skirt-1my-style-denim-skirt-11**Thanks to Sherin for taking these two snaps before the rain came down**

Apr 14 2013

My Style: An Outfit To Make My Glasses Shine


On Saturday my new Swag & Stare glasses arrived so to celebrate I thought I would wear an outfit to show off my new specs. As I went for the Gramercy in red I decided to wear my new red River Island smock dress, which is kind of perfect for this in-between weather we are kind of having, as it looks good layered up with a chunky cardigan and paired with biker boots for a casual weekend look, and it matches perfectly with my red and black frames.

As we had friends over this weekend we went into Cambridge to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine, yes for most of the day it was warm, the sun was shining, and it was actually spring-like, it sadly changed towards the end of the day into rain showers, but hey a couple of hours of sunshine is better than none.

While in Cambridge we just had a chilled out day, took a walk along the river, saw some fluffy baby geese, messed around on a huge log, oh and nearly fell off, wandered around Corpus Christi College, so I could admire the architecture, oh and stopped now and then for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks.

Is there any better way to spend a lovely sunny day than catching up with friends over a walk and a few drinks?My-style-river-island-1 My-style-river-island-dress My-style-swag-and-stare Corpus-christi-college-2 Corpus-christi-college-1 swag-and-stare- My-style-river-island-2

My Style: Gramercy Red Glasses, Swag & Stare (c/o) // Red printed smock dress, River Island // Skinny black belt, New Look // Biker boots // Black cardigan, AllSaints //


Apr 05 2013

For Glasses Wearers: Buying Online At Swag & Stare


I have been wearing glasses now for the past few years, it started off just for driving and somehow, seemingly overnight, not sure when, I started wearing them all the time, it just felt right. My first pair of glasses were slim, thin frames, you know the ones I mean, the glasses you think no one can see – they can and they look terrible. It wasn’t until I started wearing them more often that I realised that my glasses could be as stylish as the rest of my accessories, which meant I started looking around for cool frames, and I now have about four pairs – two black, one purple, and a brown tortoise-shell pair that I adore – each are comfortable, each a little different, but at the same way kind of the same – retro with slightly larger frames.

But each of these pairs of glasses I have either got them from Specsavers, they have a great designer selection and my Karen Millen beauties are the lightest glasses I own, or Tescos, don’t mock it, they sell Retro54 glasses that I love and always have a great 2 for 1 deal. Buying glasses online has always scared me a little, maybe it is a case of not being able to try them on, or worried about the quality, but something has always held me back – well that was until Swag & Stare reached out and asked me to try out their site.

First thing, lets discuss the name, Swag & Stare, anyone else thinking that it is genius – I love how it makes wearing glasses cool. But even though it is the name that draws you in it is everything else that converts you from the amazing selection of vintage-inspired frames to the bargain price, you get designer glasses for £95 including frames, lenses, coatings and shipping, and then you find out that it is also a company that loves to give back as 10% of its profits are donated to British eye charities – kind of reminded me a little of Toms.

Even with the price and the charity angle most of my friends still said they were worried about buying glasses online – so I thought I would take you through how easy it was to use Swag & Stare – I promise it is easy, plus you will get a great pair of glasses!!!


There are two ways in which to decide whether they are the right frames for you – either use the online virtual try-on feature using your webcam, which is surprisingly accurate, or what I did and would recommend is to do the home try-on, where you get to choose 4 pairs of glasses, keep them for 5 days to try them on at your leisure and then send them back in the free pre-paid – so easy.swag-stare-glasses-1

Having four slots sounds a lot, but I loved so many of the styles, but I finally settled on four very similar shaped frames, but instead of black I actually went for a little colour. First up we have the Gramercy in red, Astrid in pink, Bohannon in a honey shade, and Duval in a navy blue hue – yep I couldn’t resist modelling them all.

From just looking online I thought I would go for the Duval, I am going through a blue moment, but actually the feel just wasn’t right, in the end my favourites were the super lightweight Gramercy that are made from the durable and flexible Flexpex, and the Bohannon, which kind of surprised me a little, they were my wildcard addition but actually love the honey colouring of the frames.


In the end I went for the Gramercy, I think the light frame just helped it win over the Bohannon, plus I love the subtle colouring of the red as it is looks darker and brighter dependant on the lighting and the black arms were so comfortable. I can’t wait for them to arrive with my prescription in – I think these beauties are going to be my new everyday glasses.

What do you think – did I go for the right frames?

Have you ever bought glasses online? I am interested to know your views and also recommendations for other great sites – leave me a comment below.

swag-stare-glasses-gramercy swag-stare-glasses-3

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