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Video Loving: Alexander McQueen’s Trippy AW12 Campaign

I brought you the striking and futuristic autumn/winter 2012 print campaign for Alexander McQueen earlier this month, well the British fashion house has released the accompanying film, which has also been shot by David Sims.

I warn you, if you are a little hungover, have a headache from all this sun we’ve been having or not that keen on crazy motion films then possible this campaign isn’t for you – however, if like me you like a little crazy then you are in for a treat.

Featuring Finnish model Suvi Koponen and her gorgeous futuristic visor this is a psychedelic and colourful film that kind of has an 80’s vibe about it with the raving tripping motion, which I loved and it worked perfectly with the visor.

So, back to those visors that were a hit on the catwalk and they’ve been amazing in fashion editorials – but do you heart them enough to buy? Well, they are now available to buy online at Alexander McQueen’s website and in-store for £270. I wonder how many people will be wearing them at fashion week!!!

[Pics: courtesy of Alexander McQueen]

AW12 Campaign: Alexander McQueen’s Futuristic Adverts

If you’ve picked up the August issue of Vogue you will have seen the striking 2012 ad campaign from Alexander McQueen it really does standout on the page. I have to be honest when I saw the autumn/winter 2012 show with the futuristic visors, the gorgeous fuchsia tiered gowns, and the heel-less shoes I was excited to see how the ad campaign would turn out, and I am certainly not disappointed.

Shot by David Sims and starring Finnish model Suvi Koponen this is a gorgeous campaign. I just love the futuristic vibe, it is as if Suvi with her slicked blonde hair and visor is a beauty from outer space and has just landed on an origami planet.

Did anyone else flick back to it when they saw it in Vogue?

[Pics: courtesy of Alexander McQueen]