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Jan 28 2014

SS14 Campaign: Kate Moss For Alexander McQueen


When these pics of Kate Moss starring in the latest Alexander McQueen campaign dropped into my inbox yesterday I may have squealed a little, OK a lot, as not only does Kate look incredible with her cropped bleached yellow hair, but because her co-star is a mini Mossy, a replica doll version of the model.

When it comes to dreaming about designer dolls I would love to add to my Barbie collection, Alexander McQueen is top of that list, the drama and detail in the label’s designs would look amazing on my favourite doll, and now that I have seen this campaign I want to believe it might happen.

If the campaign wasn’t amazing enough, photographer Steven Klein has also directed a haunting short film inspired by the Sixties British cult thriller, Peeping Tom, and you see the film through the eyes of an unknown voyeur who follows Kate through a darkened street in East London.

As well as loving the eerie campaign, lusting over a mini Mossy doll, I can’t believe that this is the first time the British supermodel has fronted a campaign for the brand – that seems crazy considering what a supporter of the label she has been. All I can say is that it was worth the wait – I love this dark campaign.

Anyone else really want an Alexander McQueen mini Mossy doll?

SS14-McQueen-Moss-4 SS14-McQueen-Moss-2 SS14-McQueen-Moss-3 SS14-McQueen-Moss-5

[Pics/Video: Alexander McQueen SS14]

Jul 17 2012

Beauty: Is Gulliver’s Travels Lady Gaga’s Favourite Movie?

When it was announced that Lady Gaga was releasing her own fragrance I have to admit I was more excited to see what the campaign imagery would look like – and oh my words she certainly hasn’t disappointed.

Shot by Steven Klein, who has worked with Gaga before on her video Alejandro, it shows Gaga naked wearing just a black eye mask, oh and tiny men strategically placed climbing her body, check out the little man smelling her armpit, and the bottle of Fame is delicately place on her hand.

The image was released via Gaga’s social media site, LittleMonsters.com as well as on Twitter, which Gaga added:

Don’t get me wrong, she looks stunning, but come on surely the first thing we have to discuss is whether anyone else got a Gulliver’s Travels vibe from this image? Please say it isn’t just me.

After seeing this bizarre advert and the branded that claims it is the first ever black eau de parfum, and the crazy rumours from it smelling like blood and semen, which isn’t true apparently Grazia is reporting is smells more like an expensive hooker, which is much better. Even with all that I am intrigued to smell this scent, which launches in September, and I am sure will be a top seller.

Will you be buying Lady Gaga’s debut fragrance, Fame?

[Pics: via LittleMonsters.com]

Oct 10 2011

Video Loving: Armani and Rihanna Get Sexy

Seriously only Rihanna could make changing into jeans on the backseat of a car sexy!!! Armani have released a black and white film noir-inspired video shot by Steven Klein featuring their latest celebrity ambassador, Rihanna to celebrate the launch of their new global flagship, Armani.com.

Captured against a backdrop of garage walls and car seats in New York, this is one sexy and sultry flick, but what shines most for me has to be Rihanna’s Skin song as the backing track *need to download NOW!*.

I have to be honest, part of me is wondering whether it could have been any model doing a striptease for this video, I am not sure other than the fab backing track what Rihanna really brought to this, but on the other side I just love the sexy vibe and the drama of what’s in the bag!

What is clear is that it seems that Armani is sticking with its black and white, pull jeans over underwear approach as it is the same concept that previous celeb ambassador Megan Fox was seen doing for her campaign, which I actually preferred.

So which corner are you in RiRi or Foxy?

Jun 05 2010

Video Loving: Teaser – Alejandro by Lady Gaga

I love Lady Gaga, I love that she has re-invented the hype of the music video, for me much like Madonna. After Telephone I must admit I am extra excited by her next video collaboration, she has switched it up and teamed up with fashion photographer Steven Klein for Alejandro.

The full length video premieres on Monday – but I love this teaser that was released this week.

Mar 18 2010

Madge Designs Sunnies

Pic: Dolce & Gabbana

Madonna has gone all fashion crazy over the past couple of weeks, first she sets up her own company MDG, then announces her own junior fashion line for Macy’s and now she has been designing an eyewear collection with designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


The initial collection, the first co-branded collaboration for Dolce & Gabbana, features six styles of sunglasses planned for a May 2010 launch and each bears the MDG logo (Madonna and some tiny stars).

Of course Madge is the face of the ad campaign, shot of course by her pal (noted) fashion photographer Steven Klein, and she plays  the mysterious and sensual star of a noir film caught in the company of supermodel Tyson Ballou.

I do like the snapshots for the print campaign appearing like frames of a film, and I love the retro dark black plastic glasses.

Expect to see the shots in May magazines and shell out around $250.

Pic: Dolce & Gabbana

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