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4 Spring Wardrobe Updates

4 Spring Wardrobe Updates

It’s this cross-over period in the weather, it isn’t warm or cold that I start to evaluate my wardrobe, what I would like to add, what I can get rid of, and what I would love to wear if the weather just made up its mind and stayed sunny.

There are four things on my hit list at the moment: shirt dress, I’m kind of obsessed with adding them to my saved items in Asos; retro button denim skirt, as if I need another denim skirt in my wardrobe; lace flats, I know everyone has them, and I want them as well; and a bomber jacket, well you’re probably going to need to keep the chill away as knowing our weather the sun isn’t always going to have its hat on!!!

Click through for some great spring wardrobe updates for all budgets.

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Visual Diary: The Joys Of Spring


I love it when the clocks go forward, not only do I get to enjoy an extra hour in bed, but I know that the long sunny nights are on there way. I am a lover of all seasons, I adore the snow in winter, the changing of the leaves in autumn, and that summer brings my birthday as well as the UK’s best weather, the occasional heat wave, but there is something special about spring.

I not sure whether it is because it follows the cold, not that this winter has been as cold as previous years (I am still waiting for the snow), or that it brings out the flowers, I especially love daffodils all lined up in a row, or that the fields surrounding my village are dotted with adorable lambs bouncing around the field playing. There is just something so giddy and playful about spring that always makes me smile.

We have had a great start to spring, this weekend was gorgeous, it was nice just to spend time in the garden watching the butterflies fluttering around enjoying the blossom on the trees and listening to all the birds chirping away – it is hard to think of a better way to spend a Sunday to be honest.

As well as enjoying the sun, my surroundings, and outside brunches with friends, I also love that spring means lightweight knits, fun lovely flats and peep-toe heels, and if you are really lucky – no coat at all. Plus it is always the time of year that I love to do a revamp of my wardrobe – out with the old and in with the new.

What does spring mean to you? 


My Style: Jumper, Peter Pilotto for Target via Net-A-Porter.com // Glasses, Retro54 // Floral print nails done at the Next press event //

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