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Exhibition: Tim Walker – Story Teller

This week I finally got chance to visit Tim Walker’s incredible exhibition at Somerset House. I am not sure what took me so long, but after I couldn’t make the press preview I kind of just kept forgetting but with the exhibition coming to an end this weekend I just couldn’t let it end without looking around.

Tim Walker, famous for his incredible Mulberry campaigns, is much more than just a photographer, this creative-but-tiny exhibit really shows off the lengths he goes to in his shoots with the use of gorgeous and generally oversized props. Everything from giant bugs, skeletons, musical instruments, planes, crumpled up newspaper and my favourite the giant rag doll, which is kind of creepy-but-adorable.

tim-walker-dollSadly you aren’t allowed to take pictures, crazy right when they have been everywhere on Twitter, Instagram and the Internet, but I just couldn’t resist taking a few sneaky snaps with my mobile *here’s hoping Tim Walker doesn’t mind*, but come on beauty like this needs to be shared with more than just words right?


The exhibition closes tomorrow, so if like me you kept forgetting, and thought you had loads of time – you don’t and for a free exhibition I would certainly recommend checking out if you are in the Somerset House area this weekend.

tim-walker-planetim-walker-beach tim-walker-swansomerset-house

Tim Walker: Story Teller runs at Somerset House until January 27, 2013 – open 10am until 6pm.

Winter Fun: Ice Skating Fun At Somerset House

Ice Skating at Somerset HouseLast week, or maybe it was the week before, seriously time flies when you are having fun, I went to Somerset House not to attend a fashion show, a press day, or even take in an exhibition but to check out their ice rink with my pals SherinMarin and Kathryn *check us all out below – HOT!!!* just to have some fun.

Ice Skating at Somerset House

I am a sucker for ice skating, I don’t know why I think it is because it reminds me of Christmas, and I love that there are so many rinks dotted across London and the rest of the country until the end of January.

We went around lunchtime on a Thursday, which meant we pretty much had the ice to ourselves, which was a lot of fun and I totally recommend if you aren’t that confident, but trust me your skating feet soon kick in and you will be whizzing around.

I can’t remember when I had so much fun, it was just nice to relax and have a giggle with friends for an hour, while attempting not to fall, which I didn’t so I was pretty proud of myself.

Below are a few of my fav snaps of the day: proof that I skated, Marin showing who’s the star, Sherin loving the camera, Kathryn hugged the rail, and of course the obligatory shot of all of our skates *it is like bloggers taking a snap of themselves in a mirror, has to be done!!!*.

What’s you idea of winter fun? Do you love ice skating as well?

Ice Skating at Somerset HouseIce Skating at Somerset HouseIce Skating at Somerset HouseIce_skating_somersethouse_5Ice Skating at Somerset HouseIce Skating at Somerset HouseIce Skating at Somerset HouseSkate at Somerset House runs until January 6.


Exhibition: Valentino – Master Of Couture

Last week I went to a preview of the Valentino: Master of Couture exhibition at Somerset House, and if you have already been to see the amazing exhibition I am sorry it took me so long to post. I have been debating whether or not to post as I couldn’t take my own images, and I have to be honest the ones provided are just a little blah and don’t show off this fantastic exhibition as I would have liked.

This is the first time I have been to an exhibition at Somerset House, which is strange really as I spend a lot of time there for fashion week and events throughout the year, but I have been looking forward to this exhibition celebrating Valentino’s 50 year career for a while, and it might not have wowed me like I would have liked but there were elements that really captured my interest.

Split into three sections, the first is a room sharing personal photographs of Valentino, his couture invites, and letters from the likes of Anna Wintour sharing how much they love him, while it was interesting to see I did find it a tad boring – I didn’t take anything away from it about Valentino, just that Anna Wintour like me has huge handwriting!!!

However, the second section ‘The Catwalk’ is incredible, showcasing more than 130 of Valentino’s hand-crafted haute couture designs, I loved the reversal of the visitors to the exhibition taking the place of the model and walking along the 60-metre catwalk to view the designs, which are sat like they are the audience.

It wasn’t just the layout that impressed me, it was nice wandering down the catwalk, but what I loved was that Somerset House resisted the urge to place these delicate couture gowns behind glass, instead you can get up close with the pieces, see the hand-beaded embroidery and really get a feel for the hours of work that went into each piece.

It was also nice to see the designs colour-coded by decade, ‘Mint’ for the 1950s, ‘mustard’ for the 1960s, all the way up to Ice for the 2010s, I did think they might have organised it in theme of clothing for instance an area for red carpet, day wear and bespoke, but the way the designs were curated together was refreshing.

However, the grouping and the numbered circles of the mannequins wrists did mean that I relied a little too much on the free brochure, which with its red-print I could barely read under the dimmed lighting, instead I made a note of the number and went back to the book over a cuppa.

There are a number of highlights from the exhibition, top of my list had to be seeing Julia Roberts Oscar gown from 2001, the classic black number has been turned away in the exhibition so you can see all the white ribbon detailing to the back. Another must see look is Princess Marie-Chantel of Greece’s pearl-encrusted ivory silk wedding gown, which has its own section it is so grand, seriously gorgeous. Also keep an eye out for designs worn by Anne Hathaway, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy.

Overall, if you love couture, love Valentino, and generally love getting up close with red carpet worthy looks then you will really enjoy this exhibition, if like me you also wanted to take a sense of who Valentino is then you might be a little disappointed, but I would say just for the catwalk section this exhibition is worth a trip.

Valentino: Master of Couture runs at Somerset House until March 3, 2013.

[Pics: courtesy of Somerset House/Peter Macdiarmid]

Outdoor Art: Field Of Ceramic Flowers

Today it may have been raining, lots, and I might have been running around to lots of press days, but the sun did shine on Somerset House for me to check out the amazing Out of Synch installation by Fernando Casasempere featuring more than 10,000 ceramic daffodils. Totally amazing and the perfect backdrop for such a gorgeous display signally the beginning of spring. Be quick the display isn’t on long, come the end of the month they will all be gone.