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Shoe Loving: Which Charlotte Olympia Kitty Are You? 


Charlotte Olympia Kitty & Co

I’m a lover of Charlotte Olympia, so much so I joined the gang recently with my first purchase – some gorgeous green beauties, but I think my heart will also belong to her Kitty flats.

Before you just had to choose a colour, I have the classic black on my wishlist, but now you can choose your personality with the new Kitty & Co capsule collection.

So are you feeling Clever, Pretty or in a Party mood? Or how about showing off your fun side in the Cheeky or Pouty Kitty flats. Or are you madly in Love, acting a little Hippy, or a totally Superstar? I love how each Kitty really does portray the personality perfectly.

There are eight in the collection, each of course in a luxurious velvet finish, and just look at those gorgeous colours, I think I want them all. Priced at £465 each I think you realistic have to choose one, but I have been told from lots of trusted sources that the Kitty flats are super comfortable, so you will definitely wear them all the time.


Charlotte Olympia Clever Kitty

I love the Pouty, because they are fun and so Charlotte Olympia, as well as the Love Kitty just because of the gorgeous hue, but I think my favourite has to be Clever as a girl who wears glasses what’s not to love!!!

So which Kitty best represents you?


Charlotte Olympia Pretty Kitty & Cheeky Kitty


Charlotte Olympia Love Kitty


Charlotte Olympia Superstar Kitty, Hippy Kitty, Pouty Kitty, & Party Kitty

[Pics: Charlotte Olympia]

Shoe Lust: Charlotte Olympia – Cruise 2015 ‘Down Mexico Way’


Lusting over designer shoes seems to be at the top of my to-do lists at the moment, I am searching for a pair for my wedding, and top of my wish-list has to be owning a pair of Charlotte Olympia, so I was in heaven this week when I got the chance to check out the British footwear designer’s Cruise 15 collection, Down Mexico Way.

Like with all Charlotte Olympia collections this is one fun line-up of statement shoes and clutches, filled with tequila references, maraca detailing, hibiscus florals, cacti prints, chillis, tacos, pinatas, and my favourites being the striking Day of the Dead designs with embroidered skull and skeleton appliqués. It is basically everything you can think of when it comes to Mexico in a kitsch, fun way, and I basically want it all.

The collection is huge, I am only sharing a small selection, basically my favourites – from the ‘It Makes You Happy’ tequila bottle-shaped clutch bag to the heart adorned ‘Sacred Pandora’ clutches, which have a Romeo & Juliet feel about them, and the gorgeous, wear all summer ‘Rachera Sandals’ with their colourful woven design that kind of makes me think of a Mariachi player. I  also really adore the chilli print, the ‘Fiesta Magazine’ clutch, and the ‘Tequila Sunrise’ court shoes with a tequila shot glass as the heel.

Then there is that one piece that is so impractical but cute as hell that kind of made me squeal a little – the ‘Nacho Bag!’. Like the name suggests it is a miniature nacho shaped clutch with a silk tassel, but to call it a clutch is a bit of a stretch as you can fit nothing in this beauty unless it is a triangle, I think you would be OK with a miniature lippy but that’s all. I think of it as more of an ornament, an instagramable delight, but I do hope that a celebrity sees its beauty and takes it on a trip down the red carpet.

With the Cruise 15 all about Mexico and AW14 all about Shanghai, I wonder where in the world Charlotte Olympia is going to land next.

Which shoe or clutch is your favourite? I am finding it hard to choose just one!!!

Charlotte-Olympia-C15-23 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-11 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-29 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-26 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-13 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-9 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-2 Charlotte-Olympia-C15- Charlotte-Olympia-C15-21 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-32 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-5 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-7 Charlotte-Olympia-C15-28

[Pics: All taken by me, Fashionista Barbie, do not reproduce without permission/crediting]

Shoe Lust: Charlotte Olympia AW14 ‘Shanghai Express’


I adore Charlotte Olympia, not only does she produce exquisite designer heels and clutches, but she does so with such fun and creativity. Previously I have gushed over her whimsical fairy tale collection, I still have my eye on the ‘She Wolf’ heels, I will forever have the ‘Gemini’ flats and clutch on my wishlist, and how cute would any little girl look in the adorable Incy kitty flats, also it doesn’t hurt that my girl crush Diane Kruger is a huge fan of the brand.

For autumn/winter 2014, the British footwear brand is inspired by the Far East, filled with gorgeous colours, textures and traditions including the Chinese dragon, ‘Ming’ vases, takeout boxes, paper lanterns, masks, lotus flowers and panda bears, even the kitty flats have been given an all-gold makeover as well as ones with Chinese knots for the eyes and nose.

Everything is so striking, if you are a fan of colour, embellishments and patterns you will not be disappointed with this AW14 collection, there is so many pieces that really stand out – I love the fun of the dragons and the panda, that black and white panda clutch is so cute, but for me it is the elegance of the lotus flower kitten heel, the hand-painted ‘Ming’ vase pumps and the Geisha t-bar peep-toes that really makes this collection stunning.

Which design from the Shanghai Express collection stands out for you?

AW14-charlotte-olympia-35 AW14-charlotte-olympia-11 AW14-charlotte-olympia-12 AW14-charlotte-olympia-42 AW14-charlotte-olympia-14 AW14-charlotte-olympia-34 AW14-charlotte-olympia-19 AW14-charlotte-olympia-5 AW14-charlotte-olympia-10 AW14-charlotte-olympia-9 AW14-charlotte-olympia-3 AW14-charlotte-olympia-26 AW14-charlotte-olympia-28 AW14-charlotte-olympia-36 AW14-charlotte-olympia-18 AW14-charlotte-olympia-33 AW14-charlotte-olympia-2

[Pics: All taken by me, Fashionista Barbie, do not reproduce without permission/crediting]

Shoe Loving: Charlotte Olympia for Kids The Incy Collection


Suri Cruise, Harper Beckham, and yummy mummies with young girls – get ready as Charlotte Olympia is launching shoes for children, yep the footwear designer has miniaturised six of her distinctive designs.

The collection called Incy, as in Incy Wincy Spinder, features her signature kitty flats, velvet Swarovski Crystal embellished spider-web slippers, leopard print Bisoux flats, colourful Pamela party flats, and the playful Tutti Fruitti design. Yep, all the designs on my wishlist!!!

Launching on August 12, exclusively at Charlotte Olympia Mayfair, Manhattan and Beverly Hills stores, as well as online at www.charlotteolympia.com – the adorable shoes each come with a colouring book and crayons so your kids can play while you shop.

As well as being cute and teeny, Charlotte Olympia will be donating 10 percent of the first months sales to Art Start, a charity dedicated to helping at-risk youth through art, which Kate Middleton is a patron.

Anyone else a little jealous about the colouring books? 

charlotte-olympias-incy-win[Pics: Charlotte Olympia]