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Fashion Or Art: Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst Scarf Collection

McQueen-damien-hirst-1Can you believe that the iconic skull scarf from Alexander McQueen is ten years old? I have to be honest I didn’t. There is something about the skull design that has made it a signature style associated with McQueen and it is due to the popularity that it has spawned a thousand replicas on the high street.

I sadly don’t have a gorgeous Alexander McQueen scarf in my collection, one day I hope, but I can’t help but smile at the dark beauty of the incredible skull motif. To celebrate the iconic accessory, the fashion houses has teamed up with artist Damien Hirst on a special 10th anniversary collection and it is spectacular.


Consisting of 30 one-off designs, the collection of scarves has been adapted from Hirst’s famous Entomology series of butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects that have been worked to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif.


If that was beautiful enough, photographer Sølve Sundsbø has brought the collection to life with the campaign imagery and a short film featuring a model draped in the silk scarves moving in an ethereal and haunting way.

The scarves will be available from November 15 in chiffon, pongé, twill and cashmere and prices range from £315 to £715.

Can’t wait until November 15? Why not check out some of these incredible Alexander McQueen skull scarves available now:

Inspiration: How Hermès Ladies Wear Their Scarves


The addition of a scarf to an outfit is one of my favourite accessories, I might not always master it, and I certainly don’t have a gorgeous Hermès silk scarf in my collection, but while at their Festival des Métiers exhibition in London I couldn’t help but notice how stylish all the Hermès ladies looked.

Whether it was the artisans or their translators, each Hermès woman had an effortless style about them, and the scarf really added an individual flair to their uniformed white shirt. Whether it was worn as a rosette scarf, just simply wrapped around the waist as a belt, tied in a bow, or slung around the neck with effortless chic – I just couldn’t help capture their looks.

I think that the colourful Hermès scarf helps – but I love how a scarf is timeless and suits everyone – I will certainly be trying out some of these looks.

hermes-ladies-scarf-6 hermes-ladies-scarf-5 hermes-ladies-scarf-10 hermes-ladies-scarf- hermes-ladies-scarf-1 hermes-ladies-scarf-4 hermes-ladies-scarf-7 hermes-ladies-scarf-9 hermes-ladies-scarf-11 hermes-ladies-scarf-2 hermes-ladies-scarf-3[Pics: All taken by me, Fashionista Barbie – please don’t use without crediting]

My Style: My Continuing Scarf Drama

OK, I love a good scarf, I am constantly admiring people wearing scarves whether it is a quirky printed number or an oversized wooly one, but it seems that I just don’t have the chic scarf tying gene, which is such a shame as I have some beauties in my collection.

At the weekend I tested out my new Barbie pink bird printed scarf from New Look, first attempt looked like I was strangling myself, second attempt kept coming up around my face, and my third attempt courtesy of an iPad app that my boyfriend found me to allowing me to leave the house was just – OK.

Am I the only one who struggles with this? I understand that Hermes do a how to tie a scarf guide so I am currently on the hunt for it as I really want to overcome this as one of my 2012 style resolutions.

Video Loving: Liberty London Scarf Masterclass

Pink Comic Relief Liberty Print Silk Scarf - £12.99

I love scarves, I buy lots of scarves, but I don’t generally wear them unless they are of the woolly variety to keep me warm or adorned to my handbag.

I know such a waste, I wish I was more like my friends Gen and Shanina who really work scarves most days to work, well now I can be with the amazing scarf masterclass series from Liberty London.

The London department store have an amazing scarf stylist, Lauranne Plat, and she takes you through how to tie a scarf in so many ways.  From a Chiffon Knot *below – my favourite*, to a head scarf, bow tie, an oversized scarf, turban and flower headband. There are two seasons, and each are worth a look – I love each one and it has made me obsessive with looking at their scarves online.

Trust me take in Season 1 and season 2 and learn how to be stylish and Parisian. Below is my favourite the Chiffon Knot using the gorgeous scarf designed Meg Mathews.


But for a more purse friendly scarf, why not pick up the Comic Relief silk scarf featuring the Bourton and Wiltshire Liberty prints, which has been given a red nose twist. Not only is it for charity, it is also only £12.99, and at least £4 will go to Comic Relief, get in quick though as it is limited edition.

One scarf that has been added to my wishlist has to be this gorgeous Red Skull Chiffon Scarf from Alexander McQueen, £140, great colour, cool print and would jazz up my many little black dresses.