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Pretty Nails: It Seems Like Barbie – I Love Pink Shades

I find nail varnish is a nice way to jazz up an outfit, change my mood, and basically is the only make-up that I actually find accessible. I am useless at eye make-up, lipstick and me has never sat well, and my hair does one of two things down or up in a ponytail, so I find nail varnish is a nice way to inject a bit of personality into my daily look.

I have to quickly point out I am not a whiz at doing my nails, sometimes it does take a few attempts, and I haven’t quite got to the creative advances of nail art of some bloggers, but I thought I would share with you my favourite pink, red and purple hues, which coincidentally Barbie seems to love as well!!!

My nail varnish collection is quite large, but for some reason it is always the pink that is my go-to shade no matter what I am wearing, I think it is because it cheers me up the most. I am not fussy when it comes to brands, I have pink hues in every brand possible from Nails Inc, Rimmel, Topshop Nails, OPI, Lil’ Bling, Fearne Cotton, Essie, Rituals…, and my new fav has to be Revlon’s mainly because it is scented.

What are your go-to nail varnishes?

My Nails (bottom left – bottom right): Nails Inc, Sun Goddess; Revlon, Bubble Gum; Lil Bling, Raspberry Beret; Lil Bling, Pink Champagne; Topshop Nails, War Paint; OPI, Overexposed in South Beach; OPI, light pink; Fearne, purple; Star Gazer, shade 503; Nails Inc, Shoreditch; Rimmel, Funtime Fuchsia; Toma, Fantasy; Rituals…, Smart Rose; and Essie, Really Red.