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Venice Film Festival: Diane Kruger In BOSS

Venice Film Festival: Diane Kruger In BOSS

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a celebrity red carpet look, there just hasn’t been anything that has wowed me of late, so you can imagine my excitement when Diane Kruger stepped out on the Venice Film Festival red carpet wearing this gorgeous bordeaux velvet and satin dress.

There’s always something about Diane Kruger, you all know by now of my girl crush, but come on who else could work velvet while it’s still technically summer. There is something special about this custom BOSS gown that I just love, its sleek and modern, and fitted to her body perfectly, and I do love the off-the-shoulder style.

Inspired by Italian actresses from the fifties and sixties, I really love what creative director Jason Wu did with this gorgeous gown, it really is a knockout movie-star look for me and I adore the addition of the flamboyant bow and train, it adds a glamour and elegance to the sultry look. 

I really can’t fault her look. I love it from head-to-toe.

What do you think about Diane Kruger’s red carpet look?

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[Pic: Hugo Boss]

Can We Please Say Bye To The Sheer Trend?

Can We Please Say Bye To The Sheer Trend?

The red carpet of late has been very hit-and-miss, I’ve been loving Cannes with all the Old Hollywood Glamour, but the Met Gala and the recent Billboard Awards really fell short for me, in part because it seems that stars are just interested in all the shock-and-awe styles, more flesh the better. 

It seems that the red carpet has moved on from displaying exquisite fashion and pleasing fashion critics to achieving the most likes on Instagram. It isn’t about being best dressed, but rather being the most popular, which in turn means more flesh than dress it seems. 


We saw it with Beyonce in Givenchy at the Met Gala, the singer posted her sexy uber-sheer gown on her social media channels before she’d even stepped foot on the red carpet. Gone are the days where suspense was a good thing that you didn’t know who was wearing what until they stepped out of the limo, Instagram it seems has become a pre-requisite to any big event. We’ve been seeing behind-the-scene snippets of the hair and make-up for a while, I like that it adds to the excitement, but now the stars go one step further and post their looks from the hotel lobby. It makes me wonder whether instant social media is taking the fun out of the red carpet.

I’m getting a little off topic, saying bye to sheer, but I think these celebrities really understand the power of social media, they can control the narrative, how the look is presented, even discuss the who and the why, it is as though Instagram and Twitter are becoming the new red carpet correspondents, E! must be getting a little worried. 


But do Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, two of most stunningly beautiful women on the plant really need to resort to daring bare-all looks. Just check out J-Lo in this tummy-baring custom Charbel Zoe gown at the Billboard Awards. Is it just me who thinks this gown looks cheap? I get it she is sexy, she is comfortable in her own skin, and her body really is slamming, buy do we need to see it, each and every time? Where’s the mystery, the restraint, the understated glamour for a change?


I get it these words aren’t often associated with J-Lo, just take her Versace Met Gala gown for instance, another gown all about the sheer, but for me this dress didn’t even look that flattering on her. This isn’t about hating on Jennifer Lopez, I have a serious girl crush on her, so beautiful, and I do love the sexy vibe she exudes, but I really think she is better than these shock-and-awe sheer gowns she has been wearing of late.

Do you remember when she wore Elie Saab to the Oscars early this year? I loved how elegant and refined that look was, I’m hoping that she will start to embrace glamour and elegance over this overt-sexiness that she has been giving us, maybe she could leave that for her stage shows. 

What are your thoughts on all the sheer happenings on the red carpet?

[Pics: via Versace, J-Lo Instagram, Beyonce Instagram]

Cannes 2015: Opening Ceremony – Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore

Cannes 2015: Opening Ceremony – Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore

There is something special about Cannes, maybe even more so than the Oscars, and that’s because everyone gracing the red carpet really does go big, always glamorous, and most importantly very over-the-top. The film festival really does deliver great red carpet magic for nearly 2-weeks, it is pure bliss for someone like me who is obsessed by gorgeous gowns, and the opening day really did set a high standard. 

As always Cannes attracts all the top actresses, some of my favourite Diane Kruger moments have been in this French Riviera town, I still get goosebumps when I look at this Jason Wu Barbie pink dress from 2010, and do you remember this stunning Dior Couture gown and gorgeous Giambattista Valli Couture gown both from 2012, so I’m more than a little excited to see her later in the festival to support her film ‘Maryland’.

As well as Diane Kruger, the festival red carpet will also host Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Stone, Salma Hayek, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Emily Blunt, and Marion Cotillard, to name a few, all know how to rock a red carpet and I can’t wait to see what they wear. 

Last night was the Opening Ceremony of the 68th International Cannes Film Festival and the premiere of ‘La Tete Haute’, and it was one hell of a red carpet with Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and Fan Bingbing really shining out. Click through to see their stunning looks and who they were wearing. 

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My BAFTA Red Carpet Makeover

My BAFTA Red Carpet Makeover

Ever wondered what it is like for your favourite actresses to get red carpet ready? To be honest I probably think about this way more than I should, and thanks to BAFTA and House of Fraser I’ve experience a little of the fun, the pampering and the divine dresses and jewels, thanks to their amazing style suit preview. 

This happened a few weeks ago, I have sadly been waiting for the pictures so wasn’t able to share with you earlier, but the preview was basically a run through for the BAFTA TV Awards that took place on Sunday night. Did you all watch? I thought Graham Norton was hilarious as ever, but the red carpet was less than inspiring.

But hey back to my red carpet experience, without the red carpet, where I was given the A-list treatment from BAFTA’s style partners – from red carpet ready hair by Mark Hill to a makeover by MAC, and I was even styled up by House of Fraser, they have a gorgeous red carpet ready collection of gowns, and the final touch was to be bedazzled by the stunning pieces from Carat London. Each stop was like a fairytale dream, I don’t think I have been that pampered since I got married. 

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