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Sketch to Store: French Connection’s New Campaign

Sketch to Store: French Connection’s New Campaign

I love it when brands go for something innovative and edgy in their advertising campaigns, in fashion that is generally reserved by major fashion houses, but high street chain French Connection has put together something really creativity and cheeky for autumn/winter 2013 with the help of iconic photography Rankin.

Entitled ‘Sketch to Store’, the concept visualises French Connection’s design process, with naked models being covered by the clothing designs sketched by illustrator Jo Bird – such a fun but powerful idea that really translate well in the brand’s first black and white shoot.

I love the way it mixes style and design, with a provocative cheekiness, and how it is moving the brand away from its FCUK days with this quirky and some what fearless approach . I also think it is a great follow up to its This is the Woman campaign.

french-connection-rankin-1 french-connection-rankin-3

If you love the black and white photographs, you will love the campaign video, where you see the sketches being added to the models and the humour of the advert really comes out – plus the backing track by The Beaches is amazing!!!



french-connection-rankin-4Do you like French Connection’s latest campaign?

[Pics: courtesy of French Connection/Rankin]

Cover Loving: February Magazines Are All About Actresses


You can tell that it is award season as all the major magazines have gorgeous actresses gracing their covers. Vanity Fair has gone for Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, Harper’s Bazaar have an elegant looking Anne Hathaway, Glamour UK goes girlie with Emma Stone, and Victoria Beckham’s designs score two covers with both Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart wearing white on the covers of ELLE UK and V Magazine.

My favourite has to be the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence sporting her natural blonde locks in a fun cover for Vanity Fair. Shot by Ellen von Unwerth there is a softness in Jennifer’s face on the cover that is transformed into a complete vixen for the accompanying editorial and I love it. Sometimes Jennifer can be a little too serious – this cover is fun and relaxed and definitely brightened up my day.

Vanity-Fair-jennifer-lawrenemma-stone-glamour-magazineIt was close but my girl crush Emma Stone is my second favourite with her girlie cover for Glamour UK shot by Matthias Vriens-McGarth. Wearing a D&G botanical floral print, Emma is perfect for Glamour’s audience, I just wish they had gone for a different colour for the font – the orange is working for me. Anyone else was thinking this cover looks a little familiar? Well you would be right as a very similar shot from the same shoot was used for Glamour US back in May 2011.


Next up has to be Scarlett Johansson’s subscriber cover for ELLE UK’s February issue wearing a Burberry coat shot by Rankin. I like the newsstand version with her working a Victoria Beckham microbrush and lace dress but only from the ankles up, I am not loving those runway Manolo Blahnik for Victoria Beckham shoes. The subscriber cover is intriguing – I love the messy hair and seeing only one eye – Scarlett looks beautiful.


It was hard to decide who came next between Anne and Kristen, I am not blown away by either cover to be honest, but I think Harper’s Bazaar just takes it because of that gorgeous crystal-embellished Giorgio Armani strapless gown – all I can say about the rest is does Anne have a lazy eye?

Kristen doesn’t fair much better for me on V Magazine’s Spring 2013 issue. It isn’t that I don’t like the styling, the white Victoria Beckham vest with a black bra peeking out is fine, the make-up is grundy as you would expect from the Twilight actress – the problem I have is that I feel I have seen it all before – the wet hair, the moody look, the dark make-up around the eyes. Anyone else a little bored?

Kristen-Stewart-V-Magazine-So which actresses gets your vote? Jennifer, Emma, Scarlett, Anne or Kristen?

[Pics: Vanity Fair/Glamour UK/ELLE UK/Harper’s Bazaar/V Magazine]

Play With Bags: Kipling Gets Arty For 25th Anniversary

As a fan of the funky iconic-monkey brand, Kipling I was excited to see what they would do to celebrate their 25th birthday. Whereas some brands would probably just re-issue pieces from the archive, or release a crazy collaboration, I love that the Belgium brand got creative with their anniversary and commissioned eight international artists to play with their ‘Classic’ accessories.

America photographer Paul Graves created a Kipling totem pole, Belgium photographer Alex Salinas paid homage to the monkey by simply placing a bag over the head of a suit-wearing guy where its zips resemble the features of a monkey’s face, and my favourite has to be Rankin’s graffiti statement, using a heart-shaped rucksack that becomes the heart in I love K.

I was also lucky enough to chat with Kipling’s marketing director, Isabel van den Broeck, who was so passionate about the brand as well as the company’s home town of Antwerp, where I so want to visit as it sounds amazing.

FB: How did you choose which artists to collaborate with to celebrate your anniversary?

Isabel: We choose our eight focused countries and picked creative people we admired and connected with – people who we felt could surprise us with our iconic bag, with no restraints, just a deadline and we are very happy with the results.

FB: What changes have Kipling undergone in the past 25 years?

Isabel: The biggest change has been how Kipling has moved from being a product driven company to a brand driven one. We don’t have consumers we have ‘imaginistas’, those are the people who understand the spirit of the brand, nothing to do with age all about the way they live. Kipling has gone from just designing to sell to listening to what our ‘imaginistas’ want.

FB: I love the monkey accessory on every bag- why did Kipling choose a monkey?

Isabel: The monkey was chosen by the 3 founders while travelling and the decision to place it on every bag was to include a gift with every purchase. The monkey represents the playfulness of the brand perfectly – also each collection includes a monkey named after a Kipling employee.

FB: There have been some amazing fashion collaborations with the likes of Peter Pilotto and most recently JC De Castelbajac – can we expect any new collaborations for the 25th anniversary?

Isabel: There will be no new fashion collaborations for the anniversary year. In the future yes, and not just fashion, the collaboration has to make sense with a mutual respect and total openness. Collaborations are a great way to broaden our view on our products.

Do you remember your first Kipling purchase? Mine was a navy blue pencil case. My next Kipling buy has to be a funky colour rucksack – yes I want to step back into the 90s.

Video Loving: Rankin To Snap Ex-Smokers

World famous photographer Rankin is looking for former smokers, or people who are trying to quit the fags, across Europe for a new anti-smoking campaign. Where as most talk about the not smoking, this campaign to be photographed by Rankin will celebrate the ex-smoker for giving up.

To take part all you have to do is enter via the Ex-Smokers website, and if you are chosen as one of the 27 models, you’ll be brought to London on the weekend of the 13th & 14th of August for your session with Rankin. Good luck!!

I must admit I can’t wait to see how the campaign comes out, which is launched in September.

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