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Jul 22 2012

Cover Loving: Marion Cotillard Is The August Cover Queen

I thought August would have been a ‘cover-off’ between Spider-Man’s Emma Stone and Catwoman Anne Hathaway, as come on both make incredible cover stars and it would be the battle of the summer blockbusters, but it seems I was blindsided by the gorgeous French beauty Marion Cotillard who appears on no less than four different covers in four different countries for August making her a very in-demand actress.

The French star has taken covers on both American and Paris Vogue, as well as Marie Claire UK, and then this week another one was unveiled from ELLE South Africa, and what surprises me is that each cover is completely different but equally beautiful.

I have been trying to decide on my favourite, it is hard, I love the up-close beauty of the Paris Vogue, I love the Ralph Lauren Collection velvet blazer that she is wearing for American Vogue, and she looks incredible on both covers for Marie Claire – minus the fact that they have chopped part of her head off, that pink jacquard peplum top is divine, and then there is that exquisite Dior dress on the ELLE South Africa cover. How do you choose when they are all so good!!!

So were you surprised with Marion’s cover pulling power? And do tell me which cover is your favourite – I am swaying towards Paris Vogue just for the beauty of Marion’s face – but it is hard when that Dior gown looks as incredible as it does for ELLE!!!

[Pics: Paris Vogue, Marie Claire, ELLE SA, American Vogue]

May 15 2012

Paris Vogue: This Gisele Cover Will Make You Go To The Gym – You’ve Been Warned!!!

Do you have a fridge or pinboard filled with inspirational shots of your favourite actresses and models? Well, if you are like me and you do, clear a space now for this hot Gisele cover for Paris Vogue’s summer body special.

Shot by Inez & Vinoodh, Gisele Bündchen looks insane on the June/July cover and I have to admit she really is the perfect inspiration to get me to hit the gym!!!

Plus do you think that anyone other than Gisele could have pulled off that sand-covered arse? This has to be her hottest cover ever – I love it and this image is now my new body goal.

[Pic: Paris Vogue]

Mar 16 2011

Cover Loving: Gisele Fresh and Flirty in White

I do love spring magazine covers, and this is a great example of why.

This is the first cover from new Vogue Paris’ Editor Emmanuelle Alt, featuring the lovely Gisele, who looks striking in a gorgeous Dolce&Gabbana white lace mini-dress, for the April cover shot by Inez & Vinoodh.

No matter how much I love this dress, the model and the fresh white vibe, come on why did they need to photoshop her legs like that??

Check out a mini preview of this issue here.

Jan 23 2011

Cover Loving: Lara Stone Graces Paris Vogue – Again

Pic: Paris Vogue - February 2011

…and I Love It!!

Wow Lara Stone really was Paris Vogue’s favourite cover girl of 2010, and it seems that trend has continued into 2011. I couldn’t be more pleased by this.

Lara looks amazing on the February 2011 cover in a Gucci ensemble straight off the spring/summer runway. A purple long-sleeve top baring her midriff teamed with a red skirt and finished off with gold belt with tassles. After watching Aladdin for the first time today *don’t judge me people* it totally gave me vibes of Princess Jasmine.

What do you think? Are you in love with the gappy model as much as I am?

Dec 19 2010

Vogue Paris: Oh No Carine Roitfeld Is Leaving

This week one of my favourite magazines, Vogue Paris announced that its Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld is leaving, after 10-years she is leaving to focus on personal projects.

I am a huge fan of Vogue Paris, more so I think than the British and American editions, and I think in large it has to do with Carine’s influence on the magazine. For me it is the only Vogue that is completely chic in its editorial, taking plenty of risks and always seems to be one-step ahead of the competition!

Over the years, I have loved the special editions, the 90th anniversary issue with the gorgeous Lara Stone, the guest editors especially this month’s with Tom Ford, but for me it is always the one magazine I get excited about each month to see the fashion editorial spreads – always amazing styling, models and photographers.

“It’s 10 years that I’m editor of the magazine. I think it’s time to do something different,” explained Carine.

No word as yet on who will replace Carine, of course the rumours have already begun, maybe the former Russian Editor Aliona Doletskaya, but my money is on Vogue Paris’ Fashion Director Emmanuelle Alt. But whoever it is they have big shoes to fill!!

It is already a buzz across the internet:

Carine Roitfeld Resigns From French Vogue – Runway NY Times

Carine Roitfeld is striking a goodbye pose for Vogue Paris – Swide

Who Will Replace Carine Roitfeld at Vogue Paris? A List of Fantasy Suggestions – Fashionista

The All-NSFW Carine Roitfeld Retrospective – The Cut

Oct 03 2010

90th Anniversary: My Favourite Paris Vogue Covers

Pic: The Tease Begins

My friend over in France sent me this teasing picture of my 90th anniversary Paris Vogue. It was meant as a sweet, look I do have your magazine, but seeing it all bundled up with Lara Stone gracing the cover is the biggest tease of all. It is going to be the longest couple of weeks wait until I make it over to France to pick it up *don’t trust the postal service*!!

But while I was waiting I came across Paris Vogue’s 90 Years in 50 Covers and I thought I would share my top seven covers:

Paris Vogue: August 2004 - Madonna

Paris Vogue: May 1967 - Twiggy

Paris Vogue: Dec 2006/Jan 2007 - Drew Barrymore

Paris Vogue: February 1987 - Cindy Crawford

Paris Vogue: Dec 1994/Jan 1995 - Karen Mulder

Paris Vogue: April 2002 - Claudia Schiffer

Paris Vogue: June 1972 - Ursula Andress

Do you have a favourite Paris Vogue cover?

Oct 02 2010

Masquerade Ball: Dita Von Teese Teases In Mr Pearl

Who: Dita Von Teese

Where: Paris Vogue’s 90th Anniversary Party at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo in Paris

Wearing: A custom-made 18″ corseted riding coat by Paris-based couture designer Mr Pearl paired with lace stockings from the Dita Collection Secrets, a Fendi clutch and Christian Louboutin heels

Verdict: Every ball needs Dita to bring something different, I love that she didn’t go for a gown like everyone else she teased us with a gorgeous tailored coat dress. Of course she kept true to her style, showed off her tiny waist, showed us her stockings and finished it off with striking red lippy.

The only thing, and it is a very slight thing *actually being very picky*, I think I was expected a more amazing mask. I get it a black mask framed on a handle is a classic look – but how cool would Dita have looked with an extravagant feathered number? She has the attitude that something outrageous needs to pull off. But hey I still love the outfit – Dita looks gorgeous.

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