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Feb 03 2014

My Style: Winter Wedding Florals

My-style-winter-florals-1This weekend I went to the wedding of our good friends Tim and Katie in Bristol, not only was it so much fun catching up with friends who looked so much in love, it got me even more excited about my big day coming up in November.

As we were staying at the venue, the stunning Berwick Lodge, I could wear something that didn’t need a coat and that wasn’t too warm as I didn’t need to go far in the awful stormy weather. I always find weddings in general hard to buy for, as you want to be comfortable, smart, but your outfit can’t really be too over powering, which is why this gorgeous floral fit-and-flare dress from Karen Millen is perfect. I love the intricate detail around the neckline, as well as the sheer cap sleeves and the pleated skirt is so flattering.

I was torn between this and another dress, but after seeing Diane Kruger rocking Erdem winter florals I just had to give the look a go, OK granted it isn’t the same print, or even the same colour, but the trend is still the same and I love how the yellows and pinks really stand out on this dress.

With an all-over print I played down my accessories opting for a black clutch and my black Asos shoes, which I call my disco shoes as not only can I dance in them all night long but the heel sparkles like a disco ball. I just added a touch of colour to my bracelets and my nails to complement my dress.

Have you tried the winter floral look? 


My Style: Dress, Karen Millen // Clutch, Topshop // Shoes, Asos // Jewellery, Monica Vinader, Dower & Hall, & Vintage // Watch, Fossil // Glasses, Karen Millen (c/o) // Nail Varnish, OPI //

My-style-winter-florals-8 My-style-winter-florals-5 My-style-winter-florals-4My-style-winter-florals-6

Mar 05 2013

Beauty: The WAH Nails Experience

wah nails, poison ivy, nails, nail art, beauty, topshop

As you may have gathered if you follow me on Twitter is that my Mum was down for the weekend, hence the lack of blog posts, and we generally did lots of fun, touristy things in London like going to art galleries, enjoying afternoon tea, a spot of shopping, you know Mother/daughter fun, and I also took my Mum to get her first real nail art. We tried it up North, but a flick and a diamante crystal doesn’t quite count, I wanted her to have a full-on crazy experience so I took her to WAH Nails in Topshop.

Granted I think going from a flick to full-on craziness at WAH Nails might have been a little too much, watching my Mum’s face as she looked at the giant menu of options which included having nails decorated with bananas, ‘pows’, skulls, and happy faces, was hilarious – she was a little overwhelmed to say the least.


But the beauty of nail art and especially somewhere like WAH Nails is that they basically let you have what you want, whether that is just one statement nail, a couple of different designs mixed together, or full-on magic – you choose your colours and the design.

I was toying with the idea of getting the pop art ‘pow’ design on every nail, or the fade away leopard print something bold and a little OTT, but I decided to go for something more subtle, more me, which meant pink, bright pink, and a statement print, and in WAH Nails standards might seem a little boring – but I just love that it was still fun, bright, but not straight off the menu!!!


Choosing my varnish was hard, they literally have a wall full, and lines and lines of pink shades, but I finally opted for OPIs ‘Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot’ a gorgeous neon pink that would work perfectly with black ‘Poison Ivy’ nail art. I could have had the design on all my nails, and I saw some that had and it looked amazing, but I just wanted my thumbs and a vine of poison ivy on my ring fingers and I think it came out beautifully.

wahnails-leaf wahnails-me-4wahnails-mum-ssMy Mum was a little terrified by the concept of a print, smiley faces, peace signs and basically everything on the menu, well that was until I suggest branding her nails with her initials. We both like things to be symmetrical and well with her initials being SS it was kind of perfect to have them drawn on her thumbs and I think the deal was sealed when she found a deep purple shade for the base, which in some lights looks black. I just love how the ‘SS’ design really stands out against the bold colour.

wahnails-mum wahnails-mum-tree wahnails-mum-2

What do you think of our tame WAH Nails? Would you have been more daring?


Dec 14 2012

My Nails: A Fun, Colourful, And Random Manicure

beauty, nails, opi

I must have over a hundred different coloured nail varnishes and I love getting my nails done and I am very lucky that most press days have amazing nail artists on hand to make my nails look pretty.

Last week I was invited to a breakfast preview of Olivia Rubin‘s spring/summer 2013 collection, more coming on that next week, and I course couldn’t resist getting my nails beautified by the very talented Mercedez aka Miss Merx Mani’s who you might remember did my amazing ball of wool nails early in the year.

Nails_olivia_rubin_dressInspired by Olivia Rubin’s ‘Fence’ Gate Dress, Mercedes painted my nails with similar shades starting with OPI’s ‘Do You Lilac It?’ as the base coat and then she drew on random shapes – from stripes to wavy lines, French tips, dots and splodges in OPI’s ‘Red My Fortune Cookie’.

I wouldn’t have thought about putting purple and red together but this combination really works and stands out and over the past week I have had some lovely comments about my nails. I love that each nail has a different pattern, Mercedes said it reminded her of sailing signal flags and I quite agree.

What I love about this manicure other than its randomness, is that each design isn’t difficult to achieve at home, granted a steady hand is needed but with a nail art pen I am definitely going to try this myself.

What do you think of my random manicure?


Oct 27 2012

Beauty: OPI + Dancers + A Manicured Horse = Video Perfection

This week I went to a special preview of the new collections coming to OPI next year, trust me you are going to want every shade, but the highlight of the presentation had to be the screening of their first-ever short film, Instinct of Colour.

Regulars readers to Fashionista Barbie will know I love a good fashion film, well beauty brands seem to be showing fashion brands how it Is done lately, first we had dancing Chanel-clad fingers and now thanks to OPI we have a dance off between a manicured horse and four talented dancers.

Created by the award-winning film director Han Emanuel, the short film features four colourful OPI shades, ‘Pink-ing of You’, ‘Red My Fortune Cookie’, ‘Need Sunglasses?’ and ‘No Room for the Blues’, which are represented by a different style of dance – tap, ballet, modern and street, and each dances off against the real star of the film, Lady in Black, a dancing thoroughbred horse. It is truly mesmerizing to watch.

As well as loving the creative concept, seriously wow, I love the blues-electronic tune, ‘Down the Road’ by French DJs C2C, I need that on my iPod.

I wonder how OPI are going to top this – a dancing manicured horse was a great first film!

Jul 09 2012

Beauty: Emma Stone Gets Her Own OPI Nails

I am an avid nail varnish collector, I am easily bewitched by pretty colours and quirky names, work in my latest style crush that is Emma Stone and I seriously believe that OPI had created their latest collection just for me.

Fresh from the success of the Miss Piggy and Minnie Mouse collections, OPI have now release six new lacquers to get your Spidey senses tingling to celebrate Emma Stone’s latest flick, The Amazing Spider-Man that hit cinemas over the weekend.

The collection captures the vivid colours of the film and includes a stunning range of sultry dark green and blue metallics perfect for Peter Parker, but I am more drawn to the look-at-me brights of the pinky-red ‘Your Web or Mine?’ and the coral beauty made specially for Emma Stone’s character ‘Call Me Gwen-ever’.

I haven’t had time to try both my favourites yet, but I couldn’t resist working ‘Your Web or Mine?’ last week, I have a lot of pink shades from demure light to uber-bright neon, but this is more of a glam pink with a hint of red and I love that it really stands out.

I painted two coats as I wanted it to really stand out, but if you wanted a more subtle shade just do one and it will still have a great feel to it. I am not sure my images do it justice but I love the metallic finish of this colour, and I am excited to try ‘Call Me Gwen-ever’.

Will you be wearing The Amazing Spider-Man collection?

Apr 27 2012

My Nails: I Have Been Branded By Olivia Rubin

What I love about press day season, other than seeing what goodies I want to buy the following season, has to be the pampering whether it is a hand massage or even a facial, which I have to admit I have never had time to stop for, but one thing I love to have done is my nails.

The latest craze is for brands to commission nail artists to design complimentary manicures to go with the collections, and on Wednesday I had the pleasure of being branded at Olivia Rubin’s press day with a ball of wool, which features in her gorgeous autumn/winter 2012 collection **more to come on that next week**.

I got to choose my colours, I went for OPI’s Pink Friday as my base colour, because come on I am a Barbie girl it would be wrong not to add pink into the mix, and for my ball of wool I decided on the most gorgeous electric blue shade OPI’s Dating A Royal.

Thanks to Mercedez aka Miss Merx Mani’s who did an amazing job on the wool, this is all hand painted, no stencil here, which has surprised a few people this week, and best bit is Mercedez added the most amazing fast-drying top coat from Seche that left my baby pink nails chip-free.

So what do you think – will balls of wool nail art catch on? I hope so, I love mine!!!

Mar 27 2012

Pretty Nails: It Seems Like Barbie – I Love Pink Shades

I find nail varnish is a nice way to jazz up an outfit, change my mood, and basically is the only make-up that I actually find accessible. I am useless at eye make-up, lipstick and me has never sat well, and my hair does one of two things down or up in a ponytail, so I find nail varnish is a nice way to inject a bit of personality into my daily look.

I have to quickly point out I am not a whiz at doing my nails, sometimes it does take a few attempts, and I haven’t quite got to the creative advances of nail art of some bloggers, but I thought I would share with you my favourite pink, red and purple hues, which coincidentally Barbie seems to love as well!!!

My nail varnish collection is quite large, but for some reason it is always the pink that is my go-to shade no matter what I am wearing, I think it is because it cheers me up the most. I am not fussy when it comes to brands, I have pink hues in every brand possible from Nails Inc, Rimmel, Topshop Nails, OPI, Lil’ Bling, Fearne Cotton, Essie, Rituals…, and my new fav has to be Revlon’s mainly because it is scented.

What are your go-to nail varnishes?

My Nails (bottom left – bottom right): Nails Inc, Sun Goddess; Revlon, Bubble Gum; Lil Bling, Raspberry Beret; Lil Bling, Pink Champagne; Topshop Nails, War Paint; OPI, Overexposed in South Beach; OPI, light pink; Fearne, purple; Star Gazer, shade 503; Nails Inc, Shoreditch; Rimmel, Funtime Fuchsia; Toma, Fantasy; Rituals…, Smart Rose; and Essie, Really Red.

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