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London 2012: What Fashion Should Take Away From The Olympics

For the past two weeks or so I have generally been confined to working from my laptop on my knee so I could slob out in front of the TV to catch every last bit of action from the Olympic Games. I’m not sure how it happened but I was truly and utterly swept away by London 2012 and everything Team GB. I watched nearly all the sports on the schedule, at least once even the random events like wrestling and handball, and I have come away with a new found love of gymnastics, the dreams of wanting to be a beach volleyball player, and one day owning a Gold medal-winning horse.

Now that the Olympics are over I have put together a few things that I spotted while watching that I reckon fashion bloggers around the globe could adopt.

1. We should high-five and hug each other – in the style of beach volleyball players after every photo taken we should embrace and fist pump

2. Give at least one inspirational speech a day – make sure to include phrases like ‘it has been an experience’, ‘I just came out to do my best’, ‘I gave 110%’, or how about a classic ‘it has been a long hard journey to get here’

3. Get inked to belong – instead of the Olympic rings why not take your favourite fashion week invite – anyone for a floral bloom on their shoulder? Or how about getting an iconic fashion logo – maybe the double Cs or Gs??

4. We should embrace the scrunchie – well it seems everything else from the 90s is coming back in fashion – who would have thought that it would be the scrunchie in the hair!!! It seems it is the hair product of choice for nearly all gymnasts but it is Serena Williams who makes it cool, well as cool as a scrunchie can get!!!

5. Wear your name with pride – whether on your back, arm, leg or even your arse, just think how much easier it will be come fashion week for the street style photographers to identify you

6. Make a statement with Kinesio tape – It seems when athletes enter the Olympic Village they are issued with as much coloured Kinesio tape as they can use to piece themselves together to compete. Well why not use the funky coloured tape to hide bruises, freckles or even as a way of decorating a pattern on your legs instead of tights – plus just think you wont strain any muscles wearing ridiculous heels

7. Are your style posts getting a little stale? Well why not work in a few key Olympic poses – how about the Bolt, or the Mobot, or if you are being very daring why not do the Gymnast. Please be warned doing in a public place might get a few weird stares!

8. Get yourself a pair of yellow trainers pronto – it seems that the athletes and Nike thought it would be hilarious for viewers to go slightly crazy watching fluorescent yellow flashes whizz across the screen

9. Medals are the new goals – Forget about page impressions, average number of visitors per month, and Alexa rankings – from now on it is all about getting a medal. For instance to win Gold you need to collaborate with a brand, star in an ad campaign, or get a bag named after you, Silver is more about getting a page dedicated to you in a national magazine/newspaper or gracing the street-style snaps on Vogue, and for Bronze you will need to hit 10,000 followers on Twitter or snap a piccie that makes the popular page on Instagram.

10. Not something I technically saw while watching the Olympics but when considering what would make it into a fashion Olympics I was inspired by the marathon. Instead of the 26 miles, how about taking in 26 of London’s most famous stores – from Selfridges to Harrods to Liberty’s and even Hamleys, all within an afternoon – now that sounds like a challenge.

But it isn’t all about fashion being inspired by the Olympics – did anyone notice that the British cycling team had turned to Alexander McQueen for their visors? Very autumn/winter 2012 of them!!!

In all seriousness I have thoroughly enjoyed being consumed by sport the past few weeks, I am going to miss those 24 extra channels that the BBC gave us, and the hours of trying to understand handball, but what I truly hope is that the London 2012 games really do inspire a generation as they certainly captured my heart.

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Omega House Party: Nicole Kidman In Azzedine Alaia

Who: Nicole Kidman

Where: At the launch party of the opening of Omega House in London, as part of the brand’s celebrations for being the Official Timekeepers of the London 2012 Olympics, the venue will be open until August 12

Wearing: As an Omega brand ambassador, Nicole wore one of her ‘Ladymatic’ Omega timepieces, teamed with a navy patterned fit-and-flare Azzedine Alaia dress, chandlier earrings, and finishing off her look were Manolo Blahnik laser-cut lace up heels

Verdict: There is always something gracefully and glamourous about Nicole Kidman that I love to see, and for the Omega launch the actress really showcased her beauty and her watch with this elegant look.

First off, I love, love, love this Azzedine Alaia patterned dress, not only is the silhouette exquisite, I love the colour – navy is a great alternative to black and it works perfectly against her porcelain skin – but most of all I just adore the feminine look of the dress.

I have to be honest I am not sure about the laser cut, lace up Manolo Blahnik’s, I get that she wanted to give her feminine style an edgy finish, but I think I would have preferred strappy silver heels. But what I do love about her accessories other than that gorgeous gold watch has to be those striking statement chandelier earrings, they kind of add a touch of old-Hollywood glamour to the look.

What do you think of Nicole’s look – do you love it from head-to-toe or would you like to have seen her wear different shoes?

[Pics: Omega]