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Jun 13 2012

My Nails: Neon Pink From Nails Inc

I am going through a bit of a neon nail varnish phase at the moment, if like me you aren’t so sure about working the neon trend in your clothing, I find jazzing up my nails a great alternative.

This is part of the same Nails Inc collection that the neon orange Westbourne Grove shade is from that I wore a couple of weeks ago. I loved that one for its cheerful vibe that it gave me, however this neon pink once again named after an area of London, Notting Hill Gate (£11) is Barbie pink if ever I saw it and I love it.

Granted this neon pink shade isn’t for the faint hearted, it is very bright, or as my boyfriend said you can probably see your nails from space, but hey that’s why I loved it so much.

Have you been working the neon trend on your nails? I am thinking I need to try the neon blue next!!!

*Notting Hill Gate vanish c/o Nails Inc*

May 31 2012

Shopping: All About The Jubilee

I love a good celebration, whether it is my birthday **hint, hint it’s this weekend**, a wedding, or an anniversary, so The Queen’s DIamond Jubilee is right up my street. Not only am I becoming a little bit of a royalist but I am loving that so many fashion brands have got behind the Union Jack, which if I do say so myself is by far the prettiest flag!!!

There are so many cool Jubilee-related items out there and I am loving places like Selfridges and Liberty’s that have put together dedicated Jubilee pop-ups and gorgeous window displays. It was hard narrowing down my choices for this special Jubilee shopping edit, but here are my 15 must-have/wishlist purchases:

1. Tatty Devine Crown Tiara, £66 exclusive to Selfridges – this is the perfect finishing touch to any Jubilee outfit.

2. Thomas Sabo Crown Charm, £59 – I am a Thomas Sabo addict, I love a good charm and this beauty complete with a real diamond would be the perfect addition to any bracelet.

3. House of Holland Tea Towel, £25 from Browns – leave it to Henry Holland to bring cheeky to the Jubilee – I love this slogan tea towel.

4. Ice-Watch Union Jack Watch£75 – put together my new fav watch brand and a patriotic face and I am there!!!

5. Nails Inc Jubilee Crystal Colour, £15 – inspired by the Union Jack this is a fun nail varnish featuring red, blue and silver glitter, it also comes with a crystal cap and a patriotic British themed gift box.

6. Aspinal of London Jubilee Clutch, £595 – OK granted very pricey but very pretty, this clutch is limited to just 50 and each one is numbered. I love the studded Union Jack and the iconic queen’s head silhouetted in vibrant colours.

7. Topshop Corgi Shopper, £10 – well I couldn’t miss out including The Queen’s favourite dog now could I – plus if you are a little fed up of the red, white and blue colour-scheme this could be perfect for you.

8. Stella & Dot Elizabeth Bracelet, £26 – this bracelet is not only cute but 20% of the proceeds will go directly to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

9. Simeon Farrar Great Britain Kitten T-shirt, £45 – I am a big fan of Simeon Farrar and this is the cutest Jubilee-inspired piece that I’ve seen a cool kitten with punk rock on his paws – seriously, what’s not to love!!!

10. Filofax Jack Vintage Personal Organiser, from £17 – want something patriotic and practical? Well this Filofax is perfect, comes in two sizes pocket or personal – I love the matt finish.

11. Pretty Ballerinas Commemorative Crown Slipper, £189 – love these suede slippers that pay tribute to The Queen with an elegant crown motif on the toes.

12. Maggie Angus Silver Queen’s Jubilee Crown Necklace, £20 – I have to admit I didn’t realise how pretty crown’s were until looking at all the Jubilee pieces, this quirky silver-mirrored acrylic necklace is fun. It also comes in gold but I think I prefer the silver.

13. Ted Baker Lowbow Purse Union Jack, £79.20 at John Lewis – bows, Union Jacks and a dachshund I am sold!!! How sweet is this leather purse?

14. Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Shell Patchwork ‘God Save McQueen’ Scarf, £445 – want to rebel a little against the monarchy? Well not work this Union Jack-printed McQueen scarf.

15. Barbie Collector Royal Wedding William and Catherine Doll Set, £66.19 – I am sad that The Queen doesn’t have her own Barbie, I would have loved to add that to my collection, but Mattel did do one to celebrate Will & Kate’s wedding. I felt at £99 it was a little pricey but not you save over £30 I think I might need to buy it.

Are you as excited as me for the Jubilee?

May 30 2012

Beauty: Fashionista Barbie Varnish By Nails Inc Couture

Have you ever wished you could personalise your favourite nail varnish? Well Nails Inc have answered your prays with their ‘Couture’ service where you can create your very own personalised nail polish, choosing the cap, colour, packaging and even the name of the polish itself, which of course meant at the Nails Inc press day I had to make my very own ‘Fashionista Barbie’ shade!!!

Through a simple app on the Nails Inc website you go through four steps:

1. Choose your cap – bejewelled, studded or just plain silver

2. Pick your colour – everything from pink to sparkly polish, there are nearly 90 to choose from

3. Name your varnish – you have 12 characters per line so make it count

4. Jazz up your packing – choose the stickers to adorn your ‘Couture’ packaging, there is everything from Happy Birthday to I heart Nails Inc

For £20 I think this makes a great gift especially if you have any nail polish addict friends. I love my Fashionista Barbie shade that came in the post, which if anyone wants to know is just the neon Nottinghill Gate polish, but I do feel like it is extra special with my blog name on it.

**Thanks Nails Inc for sending me my very own Fashionista Barbie shade!!!**

May 15 2012

My Nails: Neon Orange From Nails Inc

As you know I picked up a lot of Nails Inc varnishes at their latest press event and I am slowly but surely trying them all out, I won’t bore you with them all but I wanted to share this very cheerful neon orange that I absolutely love.

This shade is called Westbourne Grove and is one of the brand’s new neon shades for spring and what I love is how true to colour this varnish is. I snapped it without flash and I haven’t edited the image other than to make it smaller to showcase that it’s as you see it in the bottle.

It was easy to apply and only took two coats, which I think is pretty good, but I would recommend adding a quick drying top coat, I tried out Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar top coat and I was super impressed with its ‘wet look’ I think it added to the neon perfectly.

If you like bright then you will love this neon shade – Westbourne Grove, £11, and I would totally recommend if you are looking for a shade to cheer you up!!!

May 01 2012

Beauty: Nails Inc Know What Makes A Great Shade

If there’s one thing I do love beauty wise, it’s nails. I seem to collect pretty shades like I do with fragrance bottles, I have ever known brand and generally a lot of pink, so it was nice to see what Nails Inc have coming out soon to mix it up a bit.

What I love about Nails Inc has to be how trend focused they are, each season I always seem to buy their catwalk inspired nail collections, which not only are they excellent value but the colours are always spot on. I can’t wait for the autumn/winter 2012 collection to hit stores in August as it features a gorgeous deep forest green shade based on Victoria Beckham’s show, as well as a navy glitter, a delicate nude, and a glossy plum seen at Paris Fashion Week shoes Chloe and Louis Vuitton, this is one gorgeous collection of varnishes.

The press preview was fun, I was introduced the to the classic shades, the gorgeous new neons with my favourite being Notting Hill Gate, a shocking pink, I like the idea of trying a neon and nude manicure with just the tips having a flash of colour, and I also loved the Sprinkles Collection, which adds a cool glitter effect to the nails, as well as the scented Juicy Sheers, a high gloss transparent colour that is actually fragranced with orange and strawberry scents, it has to be tried to be believed.

One of my favourite collection had to be the amazing new fishnet magnetic effect polish, which is pretty special for people like me who aren’t so great at creating their own nail art, as this polish does it all for you in a matter of minutes just by hovering over the magnet close to the polish, it was amazing and I can’t wait to try it out. The new shades are: Piccadilly a gold shimmer, Soho a chrome metallic, and Spitafields, which is an unusual green metallic that looks great with the fishnet pattern.

The there is the Nail Jewellery collection another favourite, it is a polish that adorns your nails like jewels without the mess of gluing diamonds to them. I can’t wait to try Princes Arcade, another pink shade over Black Taxi for a dramatic look.

The Nails Inc website already have a service where you can Pick & Mix your own colour collection, which is perfect for gifts, but I was able to test out the Couture by Nails Inc, which allows you to choose from a variety of embellished lids, your own colour, and you can also name the label, and customise the gift box with fun stickers from fashionista or simply Thank you.

Watch this space for my very own Fashionista Barbie, I think you can probably already guess but it is a shade of pink!!!

It was a great preview and thanks to Nails Inc’s generosity I came home with stacks of new shades to test out from their very own Pick & Mix stall, which I of course will be sharing when I use.

Mar 27 2012

Pretty Nails: It Seems Like Barbie – I Love Pink Shades

I find nail varnish is a nice way to jazz up an outfit, change my mood, and basically is the only make-up that I actually find accessible. I am useless at eye make-up, lipstick and me has never sat well, and my hair does one of two things down or up in a ponytail, so I find nail varnish is a nice way to inject a bit of personality into my daily look.

I have to quickly point out I am not a whiz at doing my nails, sometimes it does take a few attempts, and I haven’t quite got to the creative advances of nail art of some bloggers, but I thought I would share with you my favourite pink, red and purple hues, which coincidentally Barbie seems to love as well!!!

My nail varnish collection is quite large, but for some reason it is always the pink that is my go-to shade no matter what I am wearing, I think it is because it cheers me up the most. I am not fussy when it comes to brands, I have pink hues in every brand possible from Nails Inc, Rimmel, Topshop Nails, OPI, Lil’ Bling, Fearne Cotton, Essie, Rituals…, and my new fav has to be Revlon’s mainly because it is scented.

What are your go-to nail varnishes?

My Nails (bottom left – bottom right): Nails Inc, Sun Goddess; Revlon, Bubble Gum; Lil Bling, Raspberry Beret; Lil Bling, Pink Champagne; Topshop Nails, War Paint; OPI, Overexposed in South Beach; OPI, light pink; Fearne, purple; Star Gazer, shade 503; Nails Inc, Shoreditch; Rimmel, Funtime Fuchsia; Toma, Fantasy; Rituals…, Smart Rose; and Essie, Really Red.

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