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My Style: Punting In Cambridge In My Mou Boots

This weekend I did tourist things as my good pals Mat and Becky came to stay with my cutie of a Godson Sebbie, so for the first time in five years of living just outside Cambridge I finally went punting. Admittedly it did take some convincing, but I am so glad I did it as it was so much fun, and it was lovely to see Cambridge from the river, plus the sunny weather was the perfect backdrop.

Unlike last week when it was scorching yesterday in Cambridge was the right amount of sun and heat, cold enough for me to still wear my new tall Eskimo Mou Boots, but still warm enough to not have to wear a coat. I am much more of a layering autumn/winter doll, I love wearing sheepskin-lined boots, gloves, and wrapping up in a funky scarf, but I do prefer not to have to hide my look behind a winter coat, so yesterday was perfection.

As it was a Sunday and a day of fun with friends I went for something comfortable, and generally that means layering my simple black H&M skirt over my leggings for warmth, and teaming with a plain black tee, and then an added pop of colour with my cardigan and scarf, and generally that means some hue of pink, yesterday’s shade was light but sweet, which sat perfectly against the bright pink from my Ice-Watch.

As you already know I have a lot of sheepskin-lined boots of various colours, heights and styles, and these beauties are my ninth pair, and my first black and my first Mou boots. What I love about them has to be the crochet wool seams, it just makes them a little bit different, and a little bit smarter than the standard Ugg boot. I can imagine getting a lot of use out of these boots, as well as working with a skirt or jumper dress they also go perfectly over my skinny jeans, and with their double-face sheepskin I can’t wait to test out later this week if the reported snow comes!!!

My Style: Black tall Eskimo Mou boots, c/o Mou Boots; Light pink chunky knitted cardigan, New Look; Pink zebra print scarf, New Look; Black skirt, H&M; Black tee, Primark; Black leggings, Primark; CK sunglasses, and F*** I’m Famous Ice-Watch, c/o Ice-Watch.

**Thanks to Mat and Paul for taking my snaps and humouring my fashion blogger needs**

Fashion: New Boots Always Make Me Smile

I love it when a surprise parcel is delivered, especially when it is knee-high boots sized, and I was thrilled to see Mou Boots inside.

These beauties will get a proper style post outing soon, probably when the weather changes back to the normally cold March, but I just couldn’t resist sharing.

Winter Warmers: Afternoon Tea With Mou Boots

As you all know, I love boots, I really love comfortable shearling lined boots, and I was completely blown away by Mou boots, which are kind of a luxurious alternative to Uggs and EMUs, when I was invited for afternoon tea with the brand’s founder, Shelley Tichborne before Christmas.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect from this boots brand, other than the fact that celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson are fans, which to be honest is good enough for me; but I was in love as soon as I put my foot into the sheepskin lined Eskimo suede boot.

Not only were they super comfortable, but for the first time ever I actually found sheepskin boots that came up to my knee, yep that’s right tall people Mou caters for all as the Eskimo style comes in 24cm, 40cm and 50cm heights. I also loved that the double-face sheepskin has gorgeous contrasting crochet wool seams and there are tons of colour combinations to choose from – I love the navy and metallic shades.

For autumn/winter, the collection is full of a lot of stand-out pieces including biker-inspired boots with brushed metal buckles, the divine knitted bandeau cuff knee-high style, and even cowboy style boots. What I love most about this brand other than the amazing styles, the gorgeous colours and how soft the lining is inside, has to be that the premium footwear brand ensures that all of its natural materials are ethically sourced.

soft to the touch (tissu, tige)

Thanks to the Mou team, Shelly and Modus for a great afternoon – it was lovely to be introduced to the brand.