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Boot Loving: My Customised ‘Skyline’ Timberlands


Every time I wear my Timberland boots or spy them in my shoe closet I can’t help but sing ‘these boots are made for walkin’, the Jessica Simpson version of course and dream that one day I will look as good in a pair of Daisy Duke tiny shorts as she did in the music video.

My poor music taste aside, there is something about the yellow Timberland boot that instantly makes me think of music, more hip hop than Jessica Simpson, but music stars over the years really have championed this fashion classic, which I still can’t believe is over 40 years old.

When I was a teenage, many, many years ago in the 1990s nearly every US hip hop star wore them, they were the boot to have, I sadly wasn’t cool enough for them so these beauties are my first ever pair and I love them. I have to add, I am probably still not cool enough to wear them, I am no Rihanna or Rita Ora, who have both been spotted sporting Timberlands, but they are so comfortable to wear with slouchy jeans and a jumper.

Just plain yellow they really have a masculine vibe, they are the footwear of choice by most builders, but with my personalised New York skyline, literally sketched on in a matter of minutes by illustrator Mister Millerchip with a couple of pens it instantly makes them more me, add in the black glittery laces and they are simply more girlie.

I promise an outfit post in the future, but for now just check out how incredible they look, the detail in the skyline complete with stars, and how by adding a pair of different coloured laces the boots look transformed.

Are you a fan of customising footwear? Like with my personalised Converse I think these beauties will become firm favourites.

Timberland boots can be a little like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, which side are you on?

Timberland-boots-4 Timberland-boots-8 Timberland-boots-6 Timberland-boots-2 Timberland-boots-9 Timberland-boots-3 Timberland-boots-5

**I was gifted my Timberland boots at The Apartment during LFW, but I chose the design and as always my opinion is my own**