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Wedding Inspiration: Miss Piggy’s Vivienne Westwood Bridal Gown


OK, hands up who is a fan of Miss Piggy, what’s not to love she has great fashion sense, do you remember her shoot with InStyle a few years ago, and her looks in the Muppets movie as a fashion editor were impeccable, well she is topping all that with this preview of her up-coming flick wearing a Vivienne Westwood Couture wedding gown.

I am sure you are screaming with glee that it looks like Miss Piggy is finally getting Kermit down the aisle, but can we just focus for a second on that amazing custom gown – I am not going to lie I am a little a jealous, I don’t think this bride-to-be can out-do that!!!

Any bride-to-be knows that Vivienne Westwood makes a great bridal gown but Miss Piggy’s is a beauty, oh and it’s eco-friendly as the corset detailing and paillettes on the Long Ivory Court wedding gown are made from recycled plastic bottles. Finishing of the diva’s look is a gorgeous ivory tulle veil and some striking bling around her neck.

Admit it – you are a little jealous as well!!!

[Pic: Disney/Vivienne Westwood]

Movie Review: The Muppets – Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock

There is a charm about the Muppets that just instantly makes me smile. OK for sure there is a cheesiness about Kermit and the gang, but surely that is what totally makes the franchise adorable, and has made kids and adults a like excited for their return to the big screen.

What I loved about this flick is that Disney came right out and said it the Muppets are nobodies, with the troupe all disbanded, Kermit and Miss Piggy separated and their theatre crumbling away – they leave it to Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, his brother Gary played by Jason Segel and his girlfriend played by Amy Adams to rally the gang, stage the greatest Muppet Telethon ever, oh and save the day from an oil tycoon destroying the Muppets theatre.

No one said the story had to be complex, it is the simplicity that makes it work, and I loved that it was packed full of singing and dance numbers, a touch of adult humour, great celebrity cameos from the likes of Jack Black, Whoopi Goldberg and Mickey Rooney, and most of all the off-beat comedy that the Muppets are best known for.

My favourite scenes had to be the trip down memory lane introducing all the Muppets to a new audience with the road trip, from picking up Fozzie who now performs at a Reno casino; Gonzo who is a high-powered plumbing businessman; and the best bit is when they discover Miss Piggy as a fashion editor for Paris Vogue with Emily Blunt as her secretary, a nod to her role in The Devil Wears Prada – completely genius.

The Muppets hits cinemas today, and trust me if you don’t leave the theatre smiling there is seriously something wrong with you.


[Images: Disney]

Muppets: Spirithoods Fun – This Time With BunniPunch

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of the much-anticipated Muppets movie and was introduced to all the fab fashion, accessories, beauty and toy collaborations that are coming out to celebrate the film.

One of my favourites, that instantly caught my attention were the Muppets inspired head-gear from Spirithoods, and of course I couldn’t resist trying them all on, oh and roping my fellow-blogging pal Lois of BunniPunch!!!

My favourite has to be the very glamorous light pink Miss Piggy hood complete with a pearl chain and leopard print detailing. But I have to admit I have a soft spot for the main muppet himself Kermit the Frog, I love that his eyes are the ears – so cute. I also love that their faces are on the paws – want one.

Not really into furry head-gear? Well the Muppets have inspired a lot of fashion ranges – from retro Junk Food t-shirts, jewellery charms from Thomas Sabo, and funky Birkenstocks; and even Miss Piggy has her own beauty collections with MAC and OPI. Seriously something for everyone – want to see more check out Star Stylin’ with Miss Piggy:


**Thanks to Lois for snapping the pics of me, oh and humoring my over-excited nature when it comes to the quirky furry head-gear.**

One Hot Pig: Miss Piggy Is Hot To Trot

I have never really been a Muppets fan, well except of the exquisite style of one Miss Piggy, and I am loving that InStyle US are celebrating her first on-screen appearance in 12 years with an eight-page spread.

Hitting newsstands on Friday, the November issue Miss Piggy editorial is filled with custom-made designs by the likes of Prabal Gurung (pictured above), Jason Wu (below), Brian Atwoood, Suno, Opening Ceremony, and Giles & Brother. I love the white Prabal Gurung design as it is a classic, and the signature Jason Wu feathers, but the one there I am most excited about seeing has to be Suno, I am expected a vibrant print dress.

What I found really funny when looking at WWD’s coverage of this editorial is that they called Miss Piggy a ‘plus size’ how crazy is that – she is a muppet for god sake!!

Also keep your eyes peeled to InStyle’s Facebook page as they are releasing a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot on there later in the week.

I so can’t wait to pick up my copy.

The movie which hits screens in November sees Miss Piggy playing a Paris Vogue fashion editor, and designers including Zac Posen and Christian Louboutin have made her costumes. Is that enough of a reason for me to go see it?? Sadly, it probably is!!!

Also I am super excited about the make-up movie tie-ins as well coming in November: the Miss Piggy for MAC make-up collection, which will only be available online, features eye shadow in Miss Piggy Pink, black eyeliner, and faux lashes; and then OPI have created 12 limited edition nail shades, six shimmery reds and neutrals, plus six glittery shades, sadly though only three of them are named after Miss Piggy – they are the best ones though!! My favourite being Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It! a flamboyant glittery red – a pure diva colour!!

[Pics: InStyle/Disney/MAC/OPI]