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Metropolitan Opera IV: YSL Ladies in Black – Lindsey, Olivia, and Claudia

Who: Supermodel Lindsey Wixson

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: A black silk muslin dress with lace details, lace bustier with embroidered black crystal belt, finished with a black crystal ring, black velvet sandals and an ivory satin clutch with black velvet detail

Verdict: Lindsey is my best dressed lady in black, and a lot of it has to do with her sexy attitude in this dress, mixed with bold red lippy and slicked back hair. I love the sleeves, the cuffs, and the corset of this dress from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, but the stand-out piece of her outfit has to be that bling ring!!

Who: Olivia Munn

Wearing: A strapless black velvet Yves Saint Laurent floor skimming gown, teamed with a belt in black velvet with gold bow and piping details, and finished off with black suede gloves, black velvet heels and a black velvet clutch with embroidery detailing

Verdict: I always find that Olivia really knows how to work Old-Hollywood glamour to the full, and this dress really has an elegant glamorous quality to it that I adore. I love the addition of teaming it with slouchy gloves – gorgeous.

Who: Claudia Schiffer

Wearing: A black silk crepe Yves Saint Laurent halter dress with band details and open back, finished off with matching metal clutch and heels

Verdict: As always the German supermodel looked gorgeous and elegant, for some I am sure that this look is a little dull and boring, but come on Claudia is rocking this simply-yet-sleek floor skimming gown to perfection.

[Pics: YSL]

Metropolitan Opera IV: Rebecca Hall Goes Bold in YSL

Who: British actress Rebecca Hall

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: An orange silk crepe Yves Saint Laurent dress with long sleeves from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, teamed with a black crepe bejewelled belt, finished with black peep-toe heels and clutch

Verdict: Bold colour for a bold beauty, I love this dress from the colour, to the cut, to the slouchy belt, and the flowing locks. Divine from head-to-toe. Rebecca is really giving Emmy a run for the best dressed in my opinion. There was a lot of black, and Rebecca really stood out.

[Pic: YSL]

Metropolitan Opera IV: Emmy Rossum an YSL Emerald Beauty

Who: Emmy Rossum

Where: At the Metropolitan Opera Season IV premiere of Rossini’s Le Comte Ory

Wearing: An emerald silk muslin draped Yves Saint Laurent dress from the Edition Soir 2011 collection, with a violet satin belt with multi-coloured crystal embroidery details, finished off with violet heels and an emerald satin clutch

Verdict: Well, first up the colour is divine I love the emerald green with the violet, it really does work perfectly together. This really is a statement dress, and I adore it on Emmy, she has a quiet confidence about her that works this graceful look. Also her bouncy curls and fierce red lippy, really does complete this gorgeous look.

Emmy’s Verdict via Twitter: “Channelling 70s YSL/Lauren Hutton”

[Pic: YSL]