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Feb 16 2014

My Style: Day 3 At London Fashion Week


The weather this London Fashion Week has sucked, it has really thrown me off my outfit picking game, and has made me hate each and every look I have worn for a while. I think it is the fact that you have to rush to get the shot and the fact that the weather is making everyone so miserable – but I really wanted to share this amazing midi skater dress from ASOS.

Wearing this dress felt amazing, super flattering and was a great colour, I love navy, and it is a great length – plus at £42 is it also a great price – I will be wearing this beauty a lot. But for some reason it didn’t photograph as well as it felt, which is probably down to my poor posture and my current uncomfortableness in front of the camera than the dress.

To brighten up the dress I paired with my LFW Russell & Bromley bag – the Gilt Edge, as well as a cute pink watch from Fossil and some silver jewellery.

Nothing too showy, just simple and comfortable for a day of shows.

LFW-Day-3-Outfit-3 LFW-Day-3-Outfit-2

My Style: Midi skater dress, ASOS // Boots, Next (c/o) // Necklace, Primark // Gilt Edge bag, Russell & Bromley (borrowed from The Apartment) // Glasses,Retro54 // Watch, Fossil (borrowed from The Apartment) // Bracelet, Bella Jane Jewellery (c/o) //


**Thanks to Jaclyn for taking my piccies**

Feb 14 2014

LFW Diary: Day 1 – Dinosaur Jumper, Bora Aksu & A Nokia Skirt


There is a calm about this London Fashion Week, maybe it is because it is like my tenth or eleventh season, I really have lost count, or maybe it is just with the rain I know there is less pressure on my outfits because lets face it I am going to spend the whole five days soaked.

Today, I most certainly got soaked, it poured all day, so no proper outfit picture, just a crappy one taken on my mobile inside The Apartment, but I just had to share as I love this stripy dinosaur jumper from ASOS. I promise that I will share this beauty in another outfit post soon.


Day 1 at LFW has always been seen as filled with ‘lesser’ designers or ‘emerging’ talent, and some editors and writers even miss it out completely, I am not sure why as the Friday schedule is always packed, and I love the mix of the romantic nature of Bora Aksu with the demi-couture vibe at Fyodor Golan, to the exquisite tailoring at Eudon Choi, and the outerwear chic you always see at Christopher Raeburn.


Bora Aksu brings a touch of spring to AW14

Always a highlight for me is Turkish designer Bora Aksu, this season he presented a collection that was filled with his trademark femininity and a nod of nostalgia, with a line inspired by the letters his mother wrote while at boarding school. The uniformed school girl and the 1950s silhouette could be seen throughout the collection, which included Peter Pan collars, pencil skirts, high-necks and patchwork detailing. For the most part this seemed like a collection more suited to warmer climates than London, but it was nice to see girlie pinks and vibrant yellows alongside bold blues, oxblood red and monochrome. I can’t stress how much I loved this collection and I promise I will be sharing more images later in the week when I have edited them.


Hair trend – Plaits

I know it is only day 1 but I have already spotted plaits on the catwalk, from the Heidi meets milk maid vibe of the ribbon plaits seen at Bora Aksu to the edgy braids at Fyodor Golan, which were hidden under sporty hats, and even Jean-Pierre Braganza sent his models down the runway sporting a braid with a white and blue painted strands. I wonder if this will continue throughout all of LFW.

LFW-Day-1-FG-hair LFW-Day-1-JPB-hair

Technology Meets Fashion

Technology and fashion always seems to collide during fashion week, whether its Google glasses on the DVF runway or Burberry filming their show with iPhones, it seems everyone wants a piece of the fashion pie. Well this season, Fyodor Golan pushed the boundaries by creating a skirt made out of 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphones. The design was really cool to see as each mobile was broadcasting its surrounds so it looked like the colours fluttered when the model moved.


Pink Isn’t Going Anywhere

One of most coveted items this autumn/winter has to be the pink coat and it seems pink it still on the minds of LFW designers, as it is only Day 1 and we’ve already seen it on the catwalk of Bora Aksu in a soft hue, as well as vibrant bold pink colours at Mark Fast and at Fyodor Golan who added a sports luxe vibe with this textured bomber jacket and baseball cap.


Blue, Blue, and a bit more Blue

As well as pink, blue hues from baby blue to cobalt blue strutted down the catwalk. At Eudon Choi, the blues were bold, and seen on ruffled dresses and boxy knits, while at Christopher Raeburn the blue hue was more of a pastel share and looked more casual paired alongside khaki on chic outerwear. Dark blue was also used at Bora Aksu, for its cord two-pieces, as well as at Mark Fast for his knitted creations, while a sophisticated blue was seen on tailored pieces at J JS Lee.


I will be back tomorrow with my Day 2 round-up, and fingers crossed a proper outfit post.

Nov 11 2013

SS14: Sophia Webster Is Supa Dupa Fly

SS14-sophia-webster-13During London Fashion Week one of the most talked about presentations had to be Sophia Webster’s secret garden in the middle of Regent’s Park for her spring/summer 2014 collection entitled, Supa Dupa Fly. I sadly missed it, and was uber jealous of everyone that attended as I love Sophia’s quirky accessories – from the incredible crafted heels to her speech bubble clutches.

Last week I had the chance to see her collection up-close and it was everything I was expecting and more after falling in love with the pictures of her presentation. Granted it wasn’t the same as standing in the middle of the secret garden being serenaded by Katy B, and seeing the models frolicking with the flowers, but I did get to see the incredible attention to detail in each piece.

There is something about Sophia Webster that gets me a little excited – maybe it is the fun girlie vibe of the brand or the kitsch elements, but I can’t help but love her pieces. The SS14 collection is no different, filled with butterflies, ladybird polka dots, bumblebees, with a hint of hilarious 90s attitude on her signature speech bubble clutches – every-time I see the BugABoo clutch I can’t stop singing Destiny’s Child to myself.

My favourite pieces had to be the butterflies, I am slightly obsessed with the fluttering beauties, and her laser cut leather flats and sandals with butterfly wings on the heels are divine. I also adore the cloud perspex heels and the ‘Killer’ heels.

Oh how I would love to flutter into spring in a pair of her heels!!!

SS14-sophia-webster-9 SS14-sophia-webster-8 SS14-sophia-webster-11 SS14-sophia-webster-3 SS14-sophia-webster-1 SS14-sophia-webster-10 SS14-sophia-webster-6 SS14-sophia-webster-4 SS14-sophia-webster-5 SS14-sophia-webster-12 SS14-sophia-webster-7 SS14-sophia-webster-2

Oct 15 2013

LFW Details: Erdem – Spring/Summer 2014


One designer I love seeing evolve is Erdem, there is something about his romantic wearable-couture that makes me smile and dream to wear. For some, Erdem is all about romantic floral prints and ladylike silhouettes, I wouldn’t disagree but he isn’t just that, and for his spring/summer 2014 he proved that with an almost entirely monochrome collection.

There were still touches of Erdem though, his signature embellishments were present with cut-out flowers, beaded embroidery and gorgeous ethereal feathers seen on jackets, dresses and sheer pencil skirts. This collection subtly inspired by the idea of boarding school uniforms was filled with so many gorgeous pieces – my favourite being the white sheer shirt dress featuring floral appliqués and an ‘E’ crest.

For some this collection might not have had the wow factor of his previous collections, the absence of the colour for spring/summer is a bold move, but for me it is the details of this collection that really draw you in. When I saw the collection on Vogue in motion I was wowed, when I saw Erdem’s Facebook filled with close-up shots of the floral detailed shoes, the textured dresses with sheer organza overlays, and the floral embellishments I was blown away – for me it just felt a touch Parisian and I loved it.

This season I didn’t do any backstage, mainly because my schedule was so packed, after seeing how these images capture a different side of Erdem’s collection I think I will have to make sure next season to rework my coverage.

Were you a fan of Erdem’s monochrome collection? 

LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-1 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-5 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-3 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-8 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-6 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-9 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-18 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-4 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-16 LFW-Erdem-SS14-close-up-17[Pics: Erdem Facebook]

Sep 30 2013

LFW SS14: Maria Grachvogel – Youthful Innocence





















One of my final London Fashion Week shows was Maria Grachvogel at Somerset House. A designer for me that always creates gorgeous pieces, generally flowing gowns and jumpsuits with strong prints, but always leaves me wanting to see more.

For spring/summer 2014, there did seem to be more of a focus on silhouette than on her signature prints, which were still out in force in this collection. Citing an unnamed ‘young artist’ as her inspiration, this collection was born out of her expression of “youthful innocence and creative freedom” according to the shownotes, which was showcased in the fluid, free-flowing garments and a brush stroke-inspired swirl print.

For me this collection was more sophisticated and mature than youthful, but not in a negative way, Maria Grachvogel knows who her audience is and this collection will certainly appeal to her affluent customers.

My favourite pieces had to be the slouchy designs, from the loose jumpsuit with wide trouser legs to the billowing sleeveless shirts, and the gorgeous floaty swirl printed dress towards the end. I also adored the details in the draped panels, the cross-panel neck detailing, the deep sensual V necklines, and the kimono-type sleeves.

As with most of the collections this fashion week pink played a part, this time the hue was more dusky and transparent like a watercolour, and worked perfectly against the neutral tones of the clay and putty.

I don’t think this collection will take many people’s breath-away, it is what it is, but there did seem to be more about her latest line than prints and draping, which was nice to see – also it was good to see Chloe Nørgaard’s bright green hair on the runway!!!

LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-19 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-4 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-10 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-15 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-17 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-9 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-2 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-29 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-14 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-11 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-6 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-22 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-1 LFW-SS14-Maria-Grachvogel-5 LFW-SS14-MariaGrachvogel-21

Sep 27 2013

LFW SS14: Ashish – Sequins And Coca-Cola


There is something about Ashish that gets everyone excited, maybe it is all the sequins, maybe it is the loud, fun soundtrack, which this season included Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’, or the fact this label never seems to take fashion too serious – whatever it is this is one of LFW’s most anticipated shows among the cool kids.

Like with all their collections, the spring/summer 2014 drew the fashion pack in like shiny things to a magpie, with its fun and sparkly luxe sportswear pieces that were inspired by the corner shop, Arabic writing, and Coca-Cola, with a tribal/Viking mash-up.

The items that got most people talking had to be the sequinned grocery bags with Ashish’s humorous take on supermarket logos from striped carrier bags covered in sequins, to a green version with ‘S&M’ for ‘M&S’ and ‘Disco’ rather than Tesco. These were teamed with ripped and torn denim, which of course were dipped in sequins, studded slippers worn with mismatched socks, and lots of chunky jewellery.

My favourite pieces other than the Coca-Cola clad sequinned vests, which were in reference to Ashish’s ultimate hangover remedy for his party girl, had to be the sporty-glam striped sequinned polo T-shirts, the oversized tops with Arabic writing spelling out ‘Thanks for coming’ and ‘Love’ and the striped white shirt with draped open back with ‘Best Wishes’ around the cuff and hemline.

It was OTT, very colourful, and saw Ashish continuing his aesthetic joke on consumer culture – but was it anything new – I don’t think so – but it seems the cool kids don’t care.

What do you think of Ashish’s latest collection?

LFW-SS14-Ashish-1 LFW-SS14-Ashish-4 LFW-SS14-Ashish-11 LFW-SS14-Ashish-15 LFW-SS14-Ashish-14 LFW-SS14-Ashish-17 LFW-SS14-Ashish-12 LFW-SS14-Ashish-2 LFW-SS14-Ashish-9 LFW-SS14-Ashish-10 LFW-SS14-Ashish-5 LFW-SS14-Ashish-19

Sep 26 2013

LFW SS14: The Orla Kiely Safari


Orla Kiely is always one of the most eagerly awaited shows of London Fashion Week due to the brands full on creative concepts, last year was a Mad Men-style typing pool and this year’s spring/summer 2014 was glamping in Africa.

The safari-themed set, with the camp backdrop and prop animals, accompanied to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ soundtrack really set the mood from the word go, it was like a scene out of a Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ movie and left me wanting to join the Orla Kiely girl guides!!!

The collection itself was as good as the set up with gorgeous safari prints, adorable statement tops featuring animal embellishments, lace skater skirts, and shirt-style dresses. It was feminine, playful and styled to perfection with knee-length socks, chic berets in black and soft pink, and cute animal shaped cross-body purses.

As with any Orla Kiely collection the prints are always the main focus, I adored the safari prints that included giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and lions, which looked incredible on 70s inspired silhouettes.

So Orla Kiely where do I sign up to become part of the troop?

LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-16 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-3 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-2 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-19 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-8 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-5 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-14 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-17 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-7 LFW-SS14-Orla-Kiely-9

Sorry for my pictures, last year it was calm and fun to see this presentation, this year it seemed everyone in London had an invite with a queue around the block and literally 10 people in front of me so I viewed thanks to my long arm reach!!! At times all I could see was this – so I thought I might as well as share my view!!!

To get a better feel for the collection and safari presentation view the short video that the BFC recorded:

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