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The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How It’s Done!!!

Instagram: @RosieHW

Instagram: @RosieHW

Perfecting the art of a great selfie is something that I find a challenge, I either come out looking like I have an alien sized head, my glasses look 10 inches thick, or I get the shakes trying to reach out far enough to get myself all in the shot, and don’t even get me going on the popular #FromWhereIStand selfie, I can never seem to be able to do it without making myself look short and chubby.

OK, I am not saying I want to do a selfie every day, I wouldn’t put you guys through that, but it would be nice from time-to-time to show off my glasses, or my outfit without getting my boyfriend involved, and I am totally blaming all the celebrities in my Instagram feed for making it look so easy for my desire to perfect it.

Granted they generally are already flawless to start with, Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley I am talking about you, they have make-up artist and hair stylists on call, and have their pick of the most amazing clothes but I was thinking that maybe I could learn a thing or two from their shots.

My favourite celebrity for selfies has to be Rosie, she always looks incredible, just check out the great angle she is working to show off her perfect pout and those amazing sunglasses, seriously love everything about her. Another celeb to steal selfie tips from has to be Khloe Kardashian, I love her in the car shots, she always captures the light perfectly.

Then there are the celebs who are all about eye contact, check out Victoria Beckham, such a great shot of her, to the girls that just want to have fun, I am looking at you Miley and Lauren Conrad with a bow in your hair, and they are joined by a horde of models and actresses like Miranda Kerr and Jaime King all showing how it is done.

So here is what I came up with on how to master the selfie:

  • Find your angles, very America’s Top Model but come on if Tara was doing a selfie master class she would have so said it. I find the best shots are captured when your phone is slightly above eye level and away from you at a 45-degree angle, and I always tilt my face slightly away so no shine off my glasses.
  • Great posture really does make you look slimmer, especially in pictures, so stand tall and keep your chin down so we don’t all see up your nose.
  • Natural light is your friend, so head outside, if you are indoors head towards the windows and get the sun to illuminate your face, trust me it will look better than artificial lighting.
  • Get to know your filters, whether that’s in Instagram or another photo editing app, filters can really help make you look better. I find if I am tired or my skin isn’t looking too good then the black and white filters such as Willow can make all the difference, I also love the effect of X-Pro II.
  • But most of all I have realised to smile and have fun – it is only a selfie!!!
Instagram: @KhloeKardashian

Instagram: @KhloeKardashian

Instagram: @MileyCyrus // @LaurenConrad

Instagram: @MileyCyrus // @LaurenConrad

Instagram: @Jaime_King // @MirandaKerr

Instagram: @Jaime_King // @MirandaKerr

Instagram: @VictoriaBeckham

Instagram: @VictoriaBeckham

So a tough crowd to follow – but here goes – a #Selfie I prepared earlier in my office. This took 10 attempts, I have found not too close, natural light but not too much with my glasses, a great background – I couldn’t leave Barbie out, and smile!!!

Have you perfected the selfie? Leave me any tips you have below in the comments – as I kind of feel that I should have hashtag this pic #SelfieInTraining.

Cover Loving: Lauren Conrad Poses Topless For Glamour US

Wow, this is a side of Lauren Conrad that I haven’t seen before, there is an added confidence from her in this risky nearly nude cover for the May issue of Glamour US. Unlike other celebrity topless covers this one has a natural feel about it, LC looks fun and flirty without being trashy, and come on those are the cutest  Bluemarine floral applique briefs.

I really do think that the whole editorial shot by Peggy Sirota is just gorgeous, the use of Miu Miu, her own label Paper Crown, and Bill Blass is just cute and girlie, and lots of incredible bling from Tiffany’s.

In the accompanying interview that I can’t wait to read, Lauren discusses her love life, how she feels about her body, what really happens on reality TV, and what keeps her grounded.

One sneak peek that was on the Glamour website that caught my attention had to be the LC talking about her friendships on The Hills, “The show is what brought a lot of us together, and when it was gone, we didn’t have anything in common anymore.” Does this make anyone else sad? I still think that she meets up with Whitney in the fashion cupboard, goes clubbing with Audrina, and flirts away with Brody!!!

What do you think of the cover and fashion spread?

[Pics: Glamour US]

Golden Globes After Party: Lauren Conrad In Paper Crown

Who: Lauren Conrad

Where: At the 13th Annual Warner Bros. & InStyle Golden Globe After Party at the Beverly Hilton

Wearing: A navy silk dress from her own label Paper Crown, accessorised with an oversized Christian Louboutin clutch and caged Jimmy Choo heels

Verdict: Well we haven’t seen a lot from LC lately, a failed reality show and splitting from her boyfriend though has done her good as she looks amazing. I brought you details of her label Paper Crown a while back and this is a gorgeous-yet-simple dress from that line that works perfectly for the after party vibe.

As Lauren puts it “less is more” – I love that she is letting her accessories shine, that oversized clutch is clutch and has an elegance about it, which works nicely against the mini-length of the dress.

What I also appreciate from this look is that she understands that she is just there for the party, she isn’t involved with the awards so no need for a full on floor-skimming gown, and hasn’t gone for the shock-and-awe approach of wearing next to nothing like Erin Wasson. Seriously ‘less is more’ is a good style rule to go by!!!

[Pic: Lauren Conrad]

Cover Loving: Lauren Conrad In Paper Crown For Lucky

Lucky’s July cover star is the gorgeous Lauren Conrad, and what makes this cover even better is she is working her own designs from her new line Paper Crown.

I showcased some of her debut collection back in April, and now for her latest cover with the American magazine she is wearing a Paper Crown jacket, vest and leather shorts, teamed with Christian Louboutin heels, and she looks hot!!

In the exclusive interview for the magazine she discusses launching her fashion label, MTV not picking up her reality series, and her summer style essentials. As well as that LC is also taking over Lucky’s Tumblr page as guest editor from June 6-10, and you ask her anything you want, questions about Paper Crown, her new beauty website The Beauty Department, or whether she still sees Whitney, Audrina and Brody.