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Dec 17 2011

Festive Treat: Happy Doll-idays

I do love a family-portrait Christmas card and it doesn’t get any cuter than my pal Barbie with Ken. Check out their matching pink scarves and Ken’s festive jumper.

Now how do I convince Paulie that we need to recreate this look?

Mar 11 2011

Paris: Colette Go Crazy For Plastic Ken

Every time I go to Paris, one of my highlights has to be the Colette window display. Last year, it was an amazing super heroes celebrating DC Comics and this time round it was all about Ken Carson turning 50.

In collaboration with Cassette Playa, this window is like a mini exhibition as it features a display of Ken archive dolls spanning six decades, one of my favourite has to be Totally Hair Ken from 1992, it is the purple trousers and white shoes – very trendy!!

CP X Ken capsule collection features Cassette Playa’s signature oversized digital print silk t-shirts, pants and shorts, featuring printed 3D fold Ken torsos, roses, as well as text message and BBM symbols. My favourite piece of the collection has to be the Merino wool embroidered cricket sweaters, go for either white with blue and red stripes, or my personal fav the black teamed with red and blue stripes, yours for €240.

Don’t worry not all the pieces in the Ken shop are expensive, why not pick up this limited-edition Cassette Playa keyring, €15.

Love Ken? Love this collection? Then you have to check out the amazing shoot from Dazed & Confused – seriously cool clothes for a fifty year-old doll!!!

Mar 06 2011

Coming Soon: I Love Ken Coffee Book

Ken has not only won over Barbie, but also me, I wasn’t a big fan of the man doll, but this 50th anniversary drive for Mr plastic fantastic has really made me change my mind.

I am big fan of Barbie-related books and I have to get this colourful, ‘I Love Ken: My Life as the Ultimate Boyfriend’ by Jef Beck. Not out until March 31, the book offers up Ken’s fifty years’ worth of advice as the undisputed expert when it comes to dating. Ken tells readers how to be the perfect red carpet escort, which gifts to buy, and how to squeeze in some ‘me time’ at the gym between galas.

Hilarious I know, but the book features more than 200 images, and of course his girlfriend Barbie offers up a perfect introduction.

With Ken’s birthday coming this weekend, I am loving all the 50th anniversary related merchandise, and what’s really good is that it is only £8.09 from Amazon. My copy has already been pre-ordered.

Feb 17 2011

Barbie and Ken: We May Be Plastic but our Love is Real!

For weeks Ken has been stalking – sorry wooing – Barbie, well this week the plastic pair rekindle their romance when Barbie said yes!!

They’ve been apart for seven years, but after cupcakes, billboards, dating sites, and even adverts declaring his love, oh and the masses of fans who voted, Barbie just couldn’t refuse. Keeping up with the social trail of the wooing, Barbie aptly changed her status on Facebook to “in a relationship” and the couple even merged their Facebook pages, how very sweet!!

“Barbie and Ken have an epic love story that has stood the test of time,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Girls Brands. “As the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion, Ken knew just what to do to win Barbie back. The iconic couple is truly made for each other and this is just the beginning of their next chapter together.”

To celebrate their rekindled romance, Barbie and Ken dolls appear together in a limited edition ‘Together Again’ gift set. I am not sure if this is just available in America, but the gift set shows them sporting sun-kissed tans and modern fashions inspired by their original 1959 and 1961 swimsuits, as they go for a romantic date in Malibu.

Not only is this a cute set, the limited-edition set is only $5 – BARGAIN!!

Guys want to see what it takes to get back your doll? Well check out all of Ken’s romantic gestures on this amazing video:

Feb 17 2011

50th Anniversary: Ken Plans To Hit LFW

London Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and I am super excited as I love the drama and the beauty of a runway show, well this season just got better as Barbie’s boyfriend Ken is sponsoring the Cassettte Playa show. All part of Ken’s 50th anniversary, Cassette Playa are collaborating on a CP X Ken capsule collection, which will launch exclusively at colette in Paris during Fashion Week, several pieces of which will also feature in the London show.

How amazing does that sound. Not one normally for menwear catwalk shows, but come on maybe Ken might be

” Ken is the ultimate boyfriend – my ultimate boyfriend is fearless and intelligent, and has individual style; a warrior!.  I wanted to celebrate Ken’s history, while showing another side to him that maybe hasn’t been seen before.  Every girl loves a bad boy – even Barbie!” Carri from Cassette Playa

I am loving how Ken is so into fashion, last week he unveiled six designer looks during New York Fashion Week, and I think this is going to be one special collaboration with Cassette Playa – just look at golden Ken below.

Feb 06 2011

50th Ken: Should Barbie Take Ken Back?

These two love birds met for the first time in 1961, yep I know Hollywood would like you to think it was during Toy Story 3, but after a very public split on Valentine’s Day in 2004, are the two plastic beauties about to get back together?

It seems that Ken has been wooing Barbie in a big way over the past few weeks as part of his 50th celebrations, on TwitterFacebook and he even set up his own website where you can vote ‘yes or no’, on whether Barbie should take Ken back.

I have to give to Ken he really has tried hard over the past few weeks, he has even tried online dating with Match.com, only to realise that Barbie was the girl for him.

He even created the Barbie Cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, sadly only available in New York and Los Angeles, but it does look very tasty, he definitely gets points from me for this.

You have two choices, either a classic vanilla or chocolate cupcake iced with Barbie’s favorite shades of pink buttercream and sparkling sugar crystals, topped with a white chocolate heart inscribed with a special message from Ken, “You’re the one I love”. Get them quick though as they are only available until Valentine’s day.

The ultimate end I am sure will be that the two love birds will be back together, but also for Ken’s birthday Mattel are releasing the new Sweet Talking Ken, a doll which is described as ‘the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion.’ As this Ken doll can record up to five-seconds of sound, and play back the message in Ken’s voice, so basically he ‘says whatever you want him to say!’

Ken with his Bieber looks sells for $19.99 *not seen a UK price*. I collect Barbie’s, but I don’t have any Ken’s in my collection, but I do love his T-shirt which reads ‘The Ultimate Boyfriend’ in 10 different languages – it’s cute.

So what do you think – should Barbie take Ken back? Or will the heartbreak of 2004 continue?

[Pics: Mattel]

Dec 23 2010

Christmas Windows: Selfridges All About Festive Play

I have always loved Christmas window displays, I brought you the creative Harvey Nichols which were incredible, and I just had to share this amazing festive display from Selfridges – all about the nostalgic fantasy of childhood play. Just think of all your favourite toys, as I am sure they are represented in its Oxford Street windows, which is a series of ‘Christmas Days’. Of course, I had to lead with the amazing life-size Barbie and Ken looking all glam in their living room, complete with Barbie dolls decorating the white Christmas tree, a gorgeous pink display!! Then there is the Sylvanian family trailer park, Toy Story and Disney characters, cuddly toys, and lots of colourful baubles. Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!!

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