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NYC Adventure: KAWS Companion At The Standard

I raved about The Standard, New York briefly in my HTC Inspiration Tour blog post, but after I got lots of response to a picture I tweeted of KAWS’ enormous installation I thought I would to a blog about it. I have seen crazy sculptures before but never as big as this in an urban area, and it also happens to be KAWS aka Brian Donnelly’s first outdoor sculpture. I just love that it is covering his eyes – so cute!

What is so amazing is this beauty has traveled from Hong Kong to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut, and now it stands guard outside The Standard until October. I don’t why but I think the Companion could sit here permanently it just so fitted into the Meatpacking District, and against the yellow and glass backdrop of the hotel.

There is even a video of the installation being put together:

Generally everything about The Standard, New York is cool, from the bright yellow revolving door, to the mirrored ceiling in the foyer, or how about the exquisite The Standard Grill with its cute doggie salt and pepper pots.

Thanks so much to Jules from HTC who got me this cute set below – so pleased that I managed to get them back to the UK in one piece, they are now smooching in my office.

So much fun to be had with that mirrored ceiling.

NYC Adventure: HTC Inspiration Tour – Part 2

I loved meeting the chef, the artist and the mobile phone designer, but I was so pleased that the HTC Inspiration Tour also featured a fashion element. The fourth stop on the tour was inside the swanky The Standard Hotel’s The Living Room bar to meet with jewellery designer Samantha House.

This was a perfect setting to meet Samantha, as the bar has a lounge-cum-surf shack feel about it, and Samantha in her bra-flashing wrap dress and cute girlie vibe is kind of a free-spirit of contradictions herself. I was really taken with the décor of floating lights and plants down the windows, and a surf board signed by Kelly Slater, as well as the fantastic looking cocktails.

I have to admit out of all the hosts I was completely mesmerised by Samantha, her confidence and attitude was amazing, and it was one of those meetings that I wish I had recorded rather than just took pictures. Not only are her designs stunning, she also has an amazing perspective on people and New York that was fascinating to hear, especially when it comes to how NYC can change peoples style.

Both Samantha and Hip Guide Syl were wearing her designs and they were spectacular. Working a lot with brightly coloured and luxurious polished stones and beads, Samantha also adds textures to her designs with wire and rope, each piece is handmade and very couture-like. I love that Samantha simply described her line as “pretty”. It is certainly more than that, the designs are exquisite and it is rare to find something that is luxurious while still being fun.

The lovely Aparna modelling one of Samantha’s designs, which we were lucky to receive as a special gift from HTC at the end of the scavenger hunt as our prize. The piece is called the Angelina, and Samantha said that the wire design represent the avenues of Manhattan and the clear beads the sparkle of the city, and I quite agree. Such a gorgeous piece that you imagine it weighs a ton, but it is so light that it makes it easy to wear. One of the girls wore it to the party in the evening and it looked fab under the disco lights.

One of the things that always inspires me is finding new brands to adore and obsess over, and I think that after meeting Samantha I will definitely have to keep an eye out for her new collections, I really do appreciate a crazy creative!!!

As well as meeting an amazing designer I was also taken back by the enormous sculpture standing guard in front of the hotel designed by KAWS.

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