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Nov 23 2012

December Covers: The Many Faces Of Kate Moss

With December marking Kate Moss’ 25th anniversary as a model it is no surprise that magazines around the globe wanted her as their end of 2012 cover star – what did surprise me was how very different each cover made her look.

There is a blonde Kate shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot for Vanity Fair, a veiled Kate for Vogue Espana captured by Mario Testino, and then there is a vibrant Kate on the cover for Elle Japan snapped by Sonia Sieff who certainly doesn’t look 38 years-old.

Each cover is so very different, but each cover is equally as divine, and what I love is that Kate really is showcasing her model pedigree with these covers and accompanying editorials.

I was trying to decide which one was my favourite, I keep fluttering between the Vanity Fair and Vogue Espana covers, I adore Kate’s blonde blunt fringe on the VF cover but there is something mysterious and alluring about her close-up cover shot beautifully by Testino.

So which cover gets your vote?

[Pics: Vanity Fair/Vogue Espana/Elle Japan]

Aug 13 2012

Cover Loving: Kate, Lara and Daria All Wear The Same Dress For New Look Vogue Paris

I had been wondering how long it would take Emmanuelle Alt to place her own stamp on Vogue Paris it has been a staggering 18-months since she succeeded Carine Roitfeld as editor in chief and it seems she wanted to wait for a September issue to showcase a new fresh vibe for one of my favourite magazines.

The new cleaner, airier layout, with remodelled typography has taken its inspiration from Vogue Paris’ look in the Sixties and Seventies, I have a number of vintage Vogue Paris magazines from then and I am excited to see it in print.

To launch the new look Vogue Paris the magazine has shot three collectors’ covers, featuring three supermodels Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone, all snapped by Mert & Marcus, all wearing the same Dolce & Gabbana black dress, and all sporting the same slicked back hair and red lippy – yep identical covers. So basically it is a fashion face-off between Kate, Daria and Lara to see who can wear the dress best!!!

Vogue Paris September issue hits newsstands on August 23 – I think I will be reaching for Lara’s cover – what about you?

[Pics: Vogue.fr]

Feb 29 2012

Cover Loving: Kate Moss In Louis Vuitton For Vogue Japan

I have long admired Vogue Japan’s covers and I had to admit I am loving Kate Moss as a ball of sunshine in Louis Vuitton for the magazine’s April cover. Shot by Mert & Marcus, this cover has been getting a lot of stick for the weird lighting, Kate’s fake-tan overload and the decision to have it on a white background, I think it is just me but it is because of all those reasons that I like this cover.

First up the lighting really does project sunshine, it looks like it is radiating out that gorgeous feather-embellished Louis Vuitton dress from the spring/summer 2012 collection especially on a white background, and secondly I love how it defines Kate’s shrinking waist and shows off her iconic cheekbones. Plus how can you not love this dress – it is totally cover worthy – and works perfectly with the candy coloured captions.

For me it certainly is sweet and exotic. What do you think – love or hate Kate’s latest cover?

[Pic: Vogue Japan]

Dec 06 2011

Cover Loving: Kate Moss as David Bowie – Again

As you all will know by now I am an avid Vogue Paris reader, but I have to confess I am not sure about the December/January cover showing Kate Moss transformed into Ziggy Stardust. As a David Bowie tribute goes it is authentic, complete with the bright orange-hued mullet wig, but I kind of think that Vogue UK did a better job depicting Kate as Bowie on their May 2003 cover shot by Nick Knight.

One thing I do love though is the sparkly Balmain dress and her striking stare.

Also is Moss getting younger or have Paris Vogue gone a little crazy with the photoshop??

[Pics: Paris Vogue/Vogue UK]

May 10 2011

Cover Loving: Kate Moss For Vogue Brazil

I am not sure how I missed this amazing Kate Moss cover for Vogue Brazil’s May issue. The nude shot taken by her favourite photographer Mario Testino is one of the best I have seen of Kate, and I can’t wait to pick up this 36th anniversary edition.

Apparently the shoot which took place in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, took five days to shoot and used up around 60 pages of a monster 508-paged issue. That is one serious editorial. I will be picking up my copy from the Conde Nast magazine shop.

Apr 24 2011

Video Loving: Kate Moss Gets It On With A Rabbit

I have been holding onto this video  for a while as I thought it was perfect for Easter Sunday, mainly because Kate Moss dreams of bumping ugly’s with a rabbit. This is one serious weird advert starring the supermodel for Chilean fashion brand Basement, which I can only guess was Easter themed *but seriously I just don’t know*.

The concept behind the advert is to become part of the ‘Dream Collection’ by Basement – I am not sure when getting Kate Moss to dance in her underwear with a guy wearing a huge rabbit head, which to be honest is kind of scary, came from, but hey maybe that is what everyone dreams of in Chile.

I am also slightly confused by Kate’s closing comments, “good luck”, maybe to figure out why she did this, or even to understanding the commercial. I am just going to file this one under random Easter-related fashion-meets-weird.


Mar 13 2011

Video Loving: Kate Moss Faraway Film For Longchamp

Set in the magical Marrakech, Kate Moss looks stunning in this short film for Longchamp Paris. Entitled Faraway, the two-minute campaign was shot by Alasdair McLellan, and has a vintage quality to it.

I have posted other videos that Kate Moss has done for the brand before, but this is one cool shoot. Not only is Kate looking the best I have seen her in ages, with that heavy 60’s fringe and sun-bleached blonde hair, but each an every piece from the spring 2011 collection is amazing.

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