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Victoria Beckham: “The Queen Is An Icon”

I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham, granted she wasn’t the best singer in the world, but come on I think we can all agree that fashion was certainly more her calling, and I am loving this insightful video that she has realised as part of her ambassador duties for the GREAT campaign, which promotes the UK abroad.

In this video Victoria shares her thoughts on what she believes makes Great Britain so special, discussing everything from fashion to music, yes she did put the Spice Girls up alongside names like Oasis and the Stone Roses, as well as sharing the fact that David can’t dance, and how Anna Wintour is the most respected British woman in fashion.

Victoria also shares her love and memories for Camden Market, why she wanted to become a fashion designer, why her line is based in Britain, and my favourite part is when she discusses The Queen.

“The Queen is an icon. She’s so appropriate and very very chic – I mean, she’s the Queen!”

Taking about her fashion line, Victoria added:

“I want to empower women, I want to make women feel good about themselves and for me to be able to achieve the quality that I want to give my customer, I have to do that in London. My brand is British, my team are all British, you can feel the energy as you’re driving through London.”

When it comes to the Great British fashion brands, I do think that Victoria Beckham deserves a place alongside these names:

“In Britain we have some incredible brands, when you look at Burberry, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Mackintosh, Hunter – we have really cool, quality British brands and I’m really proud to consider myself one of those.”

Looking amazing in one of her own designs this is most naturally I have seen Victoria in a video, and I love it when she giggles and asks “is that me?” when a drawing of herself in one of her hand-to-ear poses is shown. It is also nice to hear that even though she lives in America she is still very proud to be British!!!


So what makes you proud to be British?

Jubilee Fun: How About Doing The River Island Style Games?

If like me you are planning on going to a Jubilee bash over the long weekend, why not add a little fun into the festivities with the ‘Ice cream chow down’, ‘the coconut smoochie’ or how about the ‘hat throw’?

River Island have put together this very fun and very stylish video showing off their Summer collection, which if you haven’t been into store lately is full of very bright colours and lots of prints, and the coolest Jubilee collection around.

1. Blue Print Jubilee Blazer, £40

2. Blue Print High Waisted Jubilee Shorts, £20

3. Cream Print Jubilee T-shirt, £12

4. Blue Print Jubilee Prom Dress, £45

I think these tongue-in-cheek games could really catch on as the alternative Olympics – what do you think?

Shopping: All About The Jubilee

I love a good celebration, whether it is my birthday **hint, hint it’s this weekend**, a wedding, or an anniversary, so The Queen’s DIamond Jubilee is right up my street. Not only am I becoming a little bit of a royalist but I am loving that so many fashion brands have got behind the Union Jack, which if I do say so myself is by far the prettiest flag!!!

There are so many cool Jubilee-related items out there and I am loving places like Selfridges and Liberty’s that have put together dedicated Jubilee pop-ups and gorgeous window displays. It was hard narrowing down my choices for this special Jubilee shopping edit, but here are my 15 must-have/wishlist purchases:

1. Tatty Devine Crown Tiara, £66 exclusive to Selfridges – this is the perfect finishing touch to any Jubilee outfit.

2. Thomas Sabo Crown Charm, £59 – I am a Thomas Sabo addict, I love a good charm and this beauty complete with a real diamond would be the perfect addition to any bracelet.

3. House of Holland Tea Towel, £25 from Browns – leave it to Henry Holland to bring cheeky to the Jubilee – I love this slogan tea towel.

4. Ice-Watch Union Jack Watch£75 – put together my new fav watch brand and a patriotic face and I am there!!!

5. Nails Inc Jubilee Crystal Colour, £15 – inspired by the Union Jack this is a fun nail varnish featuring red, blue and silver glitter, it also comes with a crystal cap and a patriotic British themed gift box.

6. Aspinal of London Jubilee Clutch, £595 – OK granted very pricey but very pretty, this clutch is limited to just 50 and each one is numbered. I love the studded Union Jack and the iconic queen’s head silhouetted in vibrant colours.

7. Topshop Corgi Shopper, £10 – well I couldn’t miss out including The Queen’s favourite dog now could I – plus if you are a little fed up of the red, white and blue colour-scheme this could be perfect for you.

8. Stella & Dot Elizabeth Bracelet, £26 – this bracelet is not only cute but 20% of the proceeds will go directly to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

9. Simeon Farrar Great Britain Kitten T-shirt, £45 – I am a big fan of Simeon Farrar and this is the cutest Jubilee-inspired piece that I’ve seen a cool kitten with punk rock on his paws – seriously, what’s not to love!!!

10. Filofax Jack Vintage Personal Organiser, from £17 – want something patriotic and practical? Well this Filofax is perfect, comes in two sizes pocket or personal – I love the matt finish.

11. Pretty Ballerinas Commemorative Crown Slipper, £189 – love these suede slippers that pay tribute to The Queen with an elegant crown motif on the toes.

12. Maggie Angus Silver Queen’s Jubilee Crown Necklace, £20 – I have to admit I didn’t realise how pretty crown’s were until looking at all the Jubilee pieces, this quirky silver-mirrored acrylic necklace is fun. It also comes in gold but I think I prefer the silver.

13. Ted Baker Lowbow Purse Union Jack, £79.20 at John Lewis – bows, Union Jacks and a dachshund I am sold!!! How sweet is this leather purse?

14. Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Shell Patchwork ‘God Save McQueen’ Scarf, £445 – want to rebel a little against the monarchy? Well not work this Union Jack-printed McQueen scarf.

15. Barbie Collector Royal Wedding William and Catherine Doll Set, £66.19 – I am sad that The Queen doesn’t have her own Barbie, I would have loved to add that to my collection, but Mattel did do one to celebrate Will & Kate’s wedding. I felt at £99 it was a little pricey but not you save over £30 I think I might need to buy it.

Are you as excited as me for the Jubilee?