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Love Jessica In This Tucker Butterfly Tunic

I am really enjoying Jessica Simpson’s new found confidence, The Price of Beauty show has really helped. Once again I’m loving an outfit of hers.

This time she is sporting an over sized denim shirt over this cute yellow silk-Georgette Tucker Spring 10 Mountain View Tunic with a multicoloured butterfly print – completely adorable.

Rounding off the outfit diva-style with some great shades, Miu Miu clogs and a bucket-style bag.

I must admit I don’t really know too much about the fashion label Tucker, so I put to use my research skills *nosiness* to good use and tracked down some information.

The label was founded and designed by Gaby Basora, based in New York, and she is know for her spirited prints and signature blouse. Apparently fabrics in each collection include a variety of florals, animal and abstract prints that strike a perfect harmony – and she has designed prints inspired by National Geographic magazines, novels and travel mementos. *OMG I love her*.

Come September 10, Gaby will be releasing a collaboration line with US retailer Target, following on from Zac Posen – the range will include a line of coats, dresses, and lingerie. So want to live in America – or maybe coordinate a well timed holiday to coincide with the launch date!!

If you’re as much in love with Gaby’s designs, look a little closer at Jessica’s tunic below – the pattern is gorgeous.

Pic: Tucker by Gaby Basora


Jessica Simpson Works Matthew Williamson

Who: Price of Beauty star Jessica Simpson

Where: Good Housekeeping 125th Anniversary party in New York

Wearing: Geometric Matthew Williamson print bustier dress teamed with Fendi heels and a Calvin Klein clutch

Verdict: OK I think I’m the only one who likes this outfit on Jessica, I’m loving her celebration of her curves – and come on her boobs look great in this dress. I also love the tulip shaped skirt and the folded detail on the bustier – a great dress.

What do you think?


Cover Loving: Jessica Simpson Goes Au Naturale

Pic: Marie Claire Magazine

It seems to be a new trend for magazines to highlight that they haven’t used any photo-shopping in their covers or editorial spreads. Earlier this month French Marie Claire didn’t use any technology – with all models untouched throughout the magazine, made me a little depressed so they are all naturally that skinny and beautiful!! Well now US Marie Claire have the beautiful Jessica Simpson completely au naturale.

They clearly state – no makeup and no retouching – and she still looks fabulous and wearing a Donna Karan sky blue drape front tank to add some glamour to the cover. At first glance I thought it looked like she was wearing mascara – but apparently that is just her naturally long eye-lashes *very jealous*.

The singer decided to appear on the front cover showing her natural beauty after filming her VH1 reality show ‘The Price of Beauty’. Check out more pictures of the real Jessica online at MarieClaire.com.

MTV Really Knows How To Make A Trailer

Most of my favourite reality shows have come courtesy of MTV, from the magic of Newlyweds with Jessica and Nick, to the craziness of The Osbournes, and then came Laguna Beach and a star called Lauren Conrad, which then spawned The Hills.

In May 2006, LC took on the might of Los Angeles with her pal Heidi Montag and The Hills was born. There was boyfriend drama, namely fellow Laguna cast mate Jason Wahler, and the friendship split over Heidi and Spencer; then there were new friendships with Audrina, Brody and Whitney; a couple of internships at Teen Vogue and People’s Republic; a wedding; a few house moves; an ongoing Justin Bobby hatred; and lots of drama, clubs, beach parties and a few fights along the way. But the nail in the coffin for my beloved show came when Lauren Conrad decided enough was enough, and so after one season without her this will be the last!

So enjoy the finale trailer – full of speculation of divorce and drug use, first glance at Heidi’s new face, an unhappy Spencer, and a look back of times gone by. It looks like it is going to be a great final year.