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Oct 10 2013

Barbie Loving: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Dolls – Including Katniss & Effie


It isn’t long now until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits cinemas, I have even started rereading the trilogy to prepare, and Barbie has done a followed up to the amazing Katniss doll from the first film, with the leading lady being joined by Peeta, Effie and Finnick wearing costumes from Catching Fire.

Of course I’m excited to be adding another Katniss doll, the first one sits pride and place in my office next to Bella from Twilight, but as they didn’t go for one of Jennifer Lawrence‘s characters more flamboyant looks from the film – like her wedding dress - the one I most want to add to my collection is Effie Trinket.


As you would expect Effie is one striking Barbie doll, wearing a metallic blue dress accented with black feather sleeves and gold detailing around the collar and waist – it is a complete replica of one of her extravagant Capitol fashions worn in the film. I love that the bold design also captures her signature hair style, striking make-up and finishes off the look with OTT shoes and glitzy tights. For $24.95 she is a real bargain.Barbie-hunger-games-effie Barbie-hunger-games-effie-Barbie-hunger-games-katniss

The Catching Fire Katniss doll is great, but just doesn’t have the wow factor of Effie as it is too similar to the first doll. Once again she is carrying her bow and wearing her hair in a side-braid, the only difference is the leather jacket has been replaced with her fitted black bodysuit with knee and elbow pads that she enters the arena of the Quarter Quell in.

As well as the two favourite female characters, Barbie has also moulded Peeta and Finnick into dolls, with both wearing their Tributes outfits for the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Peeta’s of course matches Katniss in black, while Finnick carries his signature trident.

What do you think of the new The Hunger Games dolls? Are you happy that they included Effie this time?

Barbie-hunger-games-4 Barbie-hunger-games-1[Pics: Mattel]

Oct 01 2013

Cover Loving: Jennifer Lawrence Is A Vision For Harper’s Bazaar





With the second Hunger Games film hitting cinema screens in less than two months, I’m not surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence on the November issue of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, and I think we will be seeing a lot more of the Oscar-winning actress before the year is out.

Not that I am complaining as this is another stunning cover of Jennifer, I actually think I prefer it to her recent US Vogue cover. Shot by Ben Hassett, this is the subscriber cover and I adore everything about it – the Dior Couture dress, the OTT rings, and the dramatic red lippy – but why does it look a little over airbrushed, she seriously didn’t need it, and what is she actually leaning her arm on???

I am being uber-picky, this is a gorgeous cover and I even love the phrase that Jennifer is a “reckless beauty” – I can’t wait to see the accompanying editorial and the newsstand cover.

Do you like Jennifer Lawrence’s latest cover?

[Pic: via TFS]

Sep 06 2013

Ad Campaign: Jennifer Lawrence For Miss Dior


For her first Miss Dior campaign, Jennifer Lawrence was very couture, statuesque and elegant, for her follow-up it seems that the French fashion house has simply just gone with the star’s natural beauty for a more relaxed, stripped-backed vibe.

There is something about Jennifer that appeals across the board, she is beautiful but not in an OTT way, she is hilarious, she seems very grounded and doesn’t court the craziness of fame – plus she has the talent. For me her second campaign for Miss Dior really sells the qualities that everyone loves about the actress, her personality, while also helping the French label appeal to the average woman. I think it is a clever move as every woman wants a designer handbag.

I’m captivated by this campaign shot by Dan Jackson. Jennifer looks gorgeous with minimal make-up on, her hair is cute, and I love that chic-yet-simple grey woollen coat that lets the Miss Dior quilted handbag with chain-strap really shine. I think the blush pink one has been added to my handbag wish list!!!

What are you thoughts on a nearly bare-faced Jennifer Lawrence in Miss Dior’s latest campaign?

Miss-Dior-AW2013- Miss-Dior-AW2013

[Pics: Dior/Dan Jackson]

Aug 10 2013

Cover Loving: Jennifer Lawrence For Vogue

So the September issues have been a little hit and miss this year for me. I loved Katy Perry’s ELLE UK’s subscription issue but wasn’t taken with her flamingo pose on the newsstand version, I thought Glamour US played safe putting Jennifer Aniston on the cover I much preferred the Chloë Moretz editorial, and while I was a little bored seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in another gold dress on Harper’s Bazaar US, I did quite like Nina Dobrev’s awkward pose for Cosmo.

It has to be said though, other than the new-look Lucky magazine with Blake Lively in that exquisite blue Gucci coat, I haven’t really been blown me away – until I saw the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Vogue US.

Since it was revealed last month that the Hunger Games star was going to be gracing the September issue I have been excited to see it – and I think Mario Testino has captured a gorgeous cover. Granted it is more of a ‘beauty’ than ‘fashion’ shot but I think it is perfection and she really is glowing.

I know for some there will be criticism that this isn’t a fashion shot, maybe a full-length would have been more appropriate for a September issue, to show off the fashion, but for me I adore the close-up shot of the actress, especially as it shows off her new shorter hair.

A few snaps of the accompanying editorial have also been spotted online, I am loving the vintage feel to them being in black and white and I can’t wait to see in print, as well as read the interview with the cover line “unguarded” I am expecting some juicy!!!

Are you a fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue US cover?

For more September issues head on over to my Facebook page.

[Pics: Vogue/Mario Testino via thefashionspot.com]


May 18 2013

Cannes Film Festival: Monochrome Starlets – Emma Watson vs Jennifer Lawrence


Monochrome isn’t just a huge trend on the high street at the moment but also on the red carpet. Just last week we saw Diane Kruger making her black and white statement and now is the turn of Hollywood starlets Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes.

Generally known for its ‘Go Big or Go Home’ attitude, Cannes has been a little subdue this year, there have been a few big moments thanks to Fan Bingbing and Sonam Kapoor, but on the whole it has been more of an elegant, sophisticated affair, and Emma and Jennifer are certainly leading the way.

Not only is it a battle of the franchise starlets – Hermione vs Katniss, but also between the French fashion houses Chanel and Dior, and I have to be honest I think it is too tight to call which actress/designer wins this round.

I love that Emma has returned to her Chanel roots, and this is a gorgeous off-white silk crepon dress with black embroidered sequins on the bodice. What makes this dress work is that it’s sophisticated without ageing her, thanks to the sparkly bodice, spaghetti straps and the open back – it really does give this dress a sexy and youthful vibe.

On the other hand Jennifer in Cannes promoting the next edition of The Hunger Games is continuing her love affair with Dior in this monochrome look to the Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian) premiere. Wearing a reworked look from the autumn/winter 2013 collection, I love how this strapless dress is simple  with a dramatic twist with the black asymmetric skirt and it works perfectly with her perspex Charlotte Olympia clutch and Chopard jewellery.

While I might be on the fence with who gets my vote for best dressed, I have to give hair and make-up to Jennifer as I am just loving her tousled do and red lips.

So who wins the battle of the monochrome for you – Emma or Jennifer?

cannes-jennifer-lawrence cannes-emma-watson[Pics: via Chanel and courtesy of WireImage for Electrolux, Cannes sponsor]


Teaser Trailer: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire #TheSpark

Mar 09 2013

Hunger Games: The Capitol Portraits – Katniss’ Wedding Dress Revealed

Hunger Games might not be out until November but the marketing of the film has already begun and I have to be honest I am pretty excited after seeing these incredible Capitol Portraits featuring everyone from my favourite character the flamboyant Effie Trinket, to Katniss’ love interests Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne, as well as the first real look of English actor Sam Claflin as the Capitol’s golden boy Finnick Odair.

The most incredible portrait though has to be Katniss played by Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, who looks divine in her layered white wedding gown, which has the most exquisite Swarovski crystal-covered corset that sits under an intricate wire metal cage that is suppose to signify fire, while the features represent the mockingjay.

I love, love, love what costume designer Trish Summerville (you know, who did the costumes for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has done with these portraits, makes me more excited to see the film. I also love that the designer spoke to Hollywood Reporter and shared a few details about the dress – as unlike reported Katniss’ wedding dress hasn’t been designed by Alexander McQueen but rather a designer named Tex Saverio in Jakarta.

It is seriously dreamy and I am so hoping that Barbie does another Hunger Games collaboration – as I love Katniss in her hunting gear but I would pay a lot of money to have Barbie in a replicate of this wedding dress!!!!

Katniss isn’t the only one wearing designer clothes – her hubbie Peeta is wearing a cream suit by Korean-based designer, Juunj, who Summerville describes as “unbelievably talented” to the Hollywood Reporter. But what shines out on Peeta’s portrait has to be those kicks, which are by Rick Owens – seriously love them!!!


Alexander McQueen’s designs weren’t left out though as the fashion house dressed Effie Trinket in a red ruffled dress and matching shoes – loving the pink rinse and her gloves!!!Hunger-games-effie

To see the rest of the portraits head on over to my Facebook page.

[Pics: Lionsgate]
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