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Feb 04 2015

Haute Couture SS15: 10 Beautiful Wedding Gowns

zuhair-murad-ss15-coutureThe beauty of Haute Couture is the glamour, the knowledge that the garments take hundreds of hours to produce, mostly by hand, nearly all bespoke, and always with no real budget in mind, it is why I love it so much as it is basically pure fantasy, and it’s the wedding gowns that inspire the most.

I think this has been one of the best Paris Haute Couture Week’s for a while, truly inspiring craftsmanship that really showcased the best in forward-thinking designs, and the bridal gowns were just exquisite. Elie Saab always inspires brides with his beaded beauties, but I’ve also included gorgeous, dramatic and sexy gowns by Zuhair Murad, Ralph & Russo, Versace, and a contemporary, quirky gown designed by Jean Paul Gaultier that if I had seen it before my own wedding I think I would have totally fallen in love with that tiered tulle skirt.

So if you are currently on the hunt for your perfect wedding gown, why not take inspiration from these 10 gorgeous bridal gowns:

Jean-paul-gaultier-SS15-Cou SS15-Couture-bridal-2 ralph-and-russo-ss15 SS15-Couture-bridal-1 stephane-rolland-ss15- SS15-Couture-bridal-3

Do anyone of these gorgeous wedding gowns come close to the dress you have pictured for your big day?

[Pics: Vogue]


Feb 02 2015

Runway: 3 Things I Didn’t Expect To See At Haute Couture


Haute couture is usually exquisitely crafted gowns, dripping in beads, sequins, Swarosvki crystals, and delicate embroideries, which have taken hundreds of hours to produce by hand – that is why I adore it so much, it showcases the brilliance of fashion and techniques that should be admired and promoted.

However, it seems that each season we get a taste of the ordinary reworked in an opulent fashion, maybe it is for shock-and-awe, maybe it is to bridge the gap between couture and ready-to-wear, or maybe it is just to make an elaborate statement.

Whatever the reason, here are three things I spotted this season that I never expected to see on a haute couture runway:

chane-SS15-couture-beanie-2#1: The Opulent Beanie

Chanel has given us couture trainers and cycling shorts in the past, but I think the reworking of the winter favourite beanie has to be my favourite ‘it’ item. I love the fact it shouldn’t work, a beanie scattered with jewels and appliquéd with chiffon flowers and butterflies, but how cool do these wacky hats look.

What I love more about these decked out beanies is that with a glue gun, some netting, and a pack of pearls and sequins is that you could have your own couture beanie in a matter of hours.

Will you be converting your favourite beanie into a couture masterpiece?

dior-ss15-couture-2: Plastic Fantastic

You expect to see silk, chiffon, and tulle being used in the construction of lavish couture pieces, so seeing plastic hit the haute couture runways at Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier was a little bit of a surprise. For Dior it was revamped plastic macs, which had printed flowers adorned on it, while at Gaultier it was more like cellophane wrapping, even being worn by Naomi Campbell didn’t make it look couture to me.

I am sure that the see-through plastic macs will be a big hit with the high street, especially come festival season, but just like with the beanie you too could DIY your very own. Take a pac-a-mac, come on you know you have one everyone does, invest in some flower appliqués and get hand-stitching them on. Start now you’ll be finished by summer for Glasto!

So who do you think will be first to wear this at Glastonbury – Alexa Chung or Kate Moss?



#3: Beekeeper Bride

At couture you expect to see wedding gowns, over-the-top spectacles that require 5 strapping male models to walk it down the runway, crazy beaded beauties, as well as those Princess gowns that make you gasp, but a beekeeper bride is a new one on me.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s entire SS15 couture show was wedding themed, including what the guests would wear to a couture wedding, but the piece that stood out for me had to be the blue jeans beekeeper gown that supermodel Lindsey Wixson took to the runway. First up it is denim, I know we expect jeans from Gaultier but on a bride, and secondly, what sort of bride would wear a beekeeping veil? Hey I suppose that’s what you call an alternative bride!!!

Did you see anything unexpected on the haute couture runways this season?

[Pics: via Chanel & Vogue.co.uk]

Apr 21 2014

Exhibition: The Fashion World Of Jean Paul Gaultier


Ever since the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition opened in Montreal I have been excited about its visit to London, not only is the French designer one of the most recognisable couturiers in fashion, but I knew that the exhibit would be very theatrical, filled with exquisite gowns as well as some of the costumes he has made for the likes of Madonna, yep the conical bra corset is on display, and Kylie Minogue.

Spanning across two floors this is a large exhibition, covering his love of Breton stripes, double denim, punk street style, dramatic red carpet worthy gowns, as well as a boudoir dedicated to the corset. There are lots of highlights in this amazing exhibition from iconic pieces such as the ‘La Mariee’ wedding gown above styled with an Indian-style feather headress-train covered in ivory silk tulle to the specially designed wigs by hair stylist Odile Gilbert like the metre-high Union Jack Mohawk and the life-like sometimes singing mannequins that take a little getting used to.

This isn’t like an ordinary fashion exhibition, it isn’t displaying works in chronicle order or even by collection, it really plays upon Gaultier’s loves – his love of stripes, his love of bejewelled gowns, his love of the Punk era in London, his love of the corset and his love of sexuality in his designs. It really works with the designer’s personality.

What I adored about this exhibit is how close you can get to the pieces, I really feel that Couture fashion is an art form, and the Barbican obviously feel the same in the way they have laid out this exhibition of JPG’s work. The detail in some of the pieces is exquisite and I love that some of the information card tells you how it took to create, for instance the camouflage-effect ruffled tulle gown that Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the MTV Awards in 2000 took over 300 hours to make.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this exhibition if you love fashion and couture, give yourself a whole afternoon though to really take in the large exhibition, and download The Barbican’s free app that acts as a multimedia guide to his career.

JPG-Barbican-14 JPG-Barbican-34JPG-Barbican-5 JPG-Barbican-17 JPG-Barbican-35 JPG-Barbican-25 JPG-Barbican-39 JPG-Barbican-15 JPG-Barbican-16 JPG-Barbican-8 JPG-Barbican-13 JPG-Barbican-29 JPG-Barbican-21 JPG-Barbican-9 JPG-Barbican-6 JPG-Barbican-3

As well as getting an early look at the exhibition it was also amazing to hear from Jean Paul Gaultier in conversation with the exhibition curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot, hearing about how much London means to him, his inspirations, talking about how the film ‘Falbalas’ inspired him to pursue fashion, his tips for future designers, as well as his how his Gran inspired his love affair with corsets. He really was insightful and truly charming.

On his love of London, Jean Paul Gaultier said: “I feel more at home here than Paris. I am honoured to have 1/8th of English blood from my grandfather’s side. You, the roast beefs, embrace me the [French] frog – I’m proud to say that.”

Addressing future designers, Gaultier added: “I love that I get to do the work I love. If you have the passion it is worth it. If you truly love it you don’t feel like it is hard work. My first collection I did with no money, no sponsorship, I’m very proud I did it with no money. If you love it, no problem, if you just want to be known or be famous, maybe do something else.”


The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk’ is at the Barbican, EC2, until August 25. 

Jan 23 2014

Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride


I love checking out the couture collections from Paris, as I am always in awe at the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, and I adore that no gown is too big when it comes to couture. Normally for the spring shows I am pairing up beautiful gowns with gorgeous actresses and hoping that they will wear on the Oscars red carpet, this year however being surrounded with wedding magazines getting inspiration for my own gown I thought I would share some couture bride inspiration.

Top of my wishlist, if I won the lottery, would have to be getting a wedding dress designed by Elie Saab, this man is a genius and his spring 2014 collection was another stunning scene of decadent elegance, gown after gown was just beautiful and the bridal moments were stunning.

The final gown above literally took my breath away when I was watching the live-stream, everything from the off-white hue to the exquisite embroidered detailing and voluminous silhouette – simply stunning. Just imagine how magical it would be to wear a dress like this on your wedding day, you could rest assured that no-one would be stealing your spotlight!!!

Elie-saab-couture- Valentino-Couture

As well as Elie Saab, the ethereal musical Valentino gown really caught my eye, so it doesn’t scream traditional bridal gown but there is something about that I think would work for a wedding, especially if you have a love of music.

Other gorgeous dresses that I loved included Dior’s simple-yet-modern gown with its textured perforation dot design, the statement peplum gown from Alexis Mabille’s exquisite collection, and the delicate lace embroidered Valentino gown that will never go out of fashion. Also how divine is this heavily embellished white gown by Georges Hobeika – so swoon worthy!!!

Dior-alexis-mabille-valenti georges-hobeika

As well as the divine, couture weeks also showcases the flamboyant and more out-there of pieces, including some that could work for some very confident brides. How about the showgirl look from Jean Paul Gaultier or how about walking down the aisle in Stéphane Rolland’s white jumpsuit with wings?

If you won the lottery – which Couture bride would you be?

Gaultier-rolland[Pics: Elie Saab, Valentino, Style.com]

Jan 07 2013

SS13 Campaign: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pop Icons

Jean Paul Gaultier, ss13, madonna

Jean Paul Gaultier knows how to make an iconic ad campaign and the spring/summer 2013 is no exception. Calling on pop idols – Madonna, David Bowie, Boy George and Grace Jones, this JPG campaign is more like a poster for the wall than an advert, and I absolutely love it.

Shot by Sebastian Kim, everything about the campaign works – from the in your face lights to the poses and most of all the models perfectly embody their characters, from Hannelore Knuts as David Bowie to Jeneil Williams as Grace Jones and Maria Kashleva has totally perfectly 80’s favourite Boy George, but for me this campaign is all about Latvian model Ginta Lapina as Madonna – seriously wow!!!

I am so hoping that there is more imagery from this campaign as I would love to see the icons solo as well.

What do you think of Jean Paul Gaultier’s pop icons campaign? Any musical legends you think should have been included?

[Pic: facebook.com/jean.paul.gaultier]

Mar 08 2012

Cool Collaboration Alert: Jean Paul Gaultier And Diet Coke

I am sure some people will be saying Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke that’s a little strange, but I adore a little strange, and I am loving this cool concept from the drinks brand. As well as starring in three short films for the brand, Gaultier has also been named as Diet Coke’s Creative Director for 2012, which means I get to add to my limited edition Diet Coke bottle collection, I have some that were designed by Karl Lagerfeld, and he will also be overseeing other projects, ad campaigns, and online content over the year.

We may have to wait until next month to see the bottle and can designs, which I am hearing will be on sale for four weeks in Harvey Nichols, but the brand is celebrating its new Creative Director with the launch of three fabulous short films that are being released on consecutive days – today, tomorrow, and Saturday via its YouTube channel.

In ‘The Night & Day Serial Designer’ films, Gaultier takes on different roles, from a therapist to a journalist and even a private detective, and helps the Diet Coke puppets the only way he knows how – by playing dress up and styling them in his own designs.

Episode one, features Irene a pop star, who Gaultier helps bring her rock chick persona to the surface just in time for her press conference – she goes from being dressed in an old tee to working a sexy leather number with lots of zips. The next episodes in the series will feature Eleanor needing a private detective in a 1960s black and white themed thriller movie, and Bernadette visits her therapist and ends up on a stunning gown – I can’t wait to see this one!!!

I love the first instalment with the added blue and white stripes that Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for present not just on his t-shirt but on his camera, Diet Coke really has incorporated a humour to its homage to the fashion designer that totally works.

One last thing, I do have to ask/beg Diet Coke to please release a JPG x Diet Coke puppet doll as I totally need Irene in my life!!!

[Pics/Video: Diet Coke]

Feb 13 2012

Grammys 2012: My Best Dressed – Rihanna and Katy

After being utterly bored by the BAFTA red carpet I wasn’t really in the mood to stay up and watch the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, I did however catch-up this morning and I have to be honest there were a lot of hits and twice as many misses – but this is kind of what I expected from the Grammys.

For me the best dressed has to go to either Rihanna’s show stopping black silk cady custom Giorgio Armani gown or Katy Perry’s sky blue Elie Saab gown from the spring/summer haute couture 2012 collection. If it came down to just the dresses I think Katy would win, but her Smurfette hair is really putting me off, but then again I am not that thrilled by Rihanna’s roots either.

What I love about Rihanna’s look, which she co-designed with Armani is that it fitted her body perfectly, everything about this dress is sexy from the plunging neckline to the thigh-high split, to the dramatic open back and the mermaid silhouette into an elegant train – taking inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface obviously works for RiRi as this is one great red carpet look.

On the other hand there is Katy Perry looking elegant in this exquisite fully-embroidered backless floral Elie Saab creation. Everything is divine from the colour to the simple ribbon belt, to the gorgeous floral appliqués, and I do love it when Katy does princess rather than quirky. If only her hair was elegant this would have be a clear winner for me.

A special mention has to go to both Fergie in this vibrant orange lace Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown from the spring/summer 2012 collection, hot off the Paris catwalk and Gwyneth Paltrow in a black cut-out Stella McCartney dress with gold belt from Stella’s Evening Collection for both looking absolutely incredible – seriously crazy hot bodies.

I know everyone isn’t going to love Fergie’s bold catwalk-to-red carpet look complete with black bra and big pants but I love that she totally went for it – and come on you all have to admit she is totally working this dress.

[Pics: Armani/Elie Saab/Jean Paul Gaultier/Stella McCartney]
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