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Mar 11 2014

Boomf: Insta-Memories On Marshmallows

boomf Boomf: Insta Memories On Marshmallows %tag

I am a sucker for anything personalised – whether that’s mini photobooks, canvas prints, cookies, or even cute stickers – well it seems that I can now add marshmallows to the list. I was introduced to Boomf during London Fashion Week, I think I must have eaten a good box or two of their delicious vanilla flavoured marshmallows that the team said that I could put together my own box of memories using snaps from my Instagram feed.

So I set about selecting which of snaps I wanted to eat, which I totally didn’t think about too closely as each picture I chose from my Dad to my engagement ring and even my wedding venue to my kittie JD came out looking too good to eat. I know Boomf bill themselves as the edible selfie but I just couldn’t eat them – silly I know.

The process of selecting is easy – Boomf literally pulls the images you select directly from your Instagram feed, plus if you want to make these as a gift you can also select images from your Instagram followers. With Mother’s Day coming I think it might be nice to get my mum some bite sized goodies of her pictures, with a few of my face of course!!!

You get nine marshmallows in each box and I would recommend going for Instagram snaps with mainly light backgrounds – my raspberry heart was one of the best to come out – plus remember that they aren’t going to come out perfect they are printing on marshmallow treats!!!

What would you print on your marshmallows?

Jan 01 2014

Dear Diary: Bye, Bye 2013…Hello 2014!!!

engagement ring Dear Diary: Bye, Bye 2013...Hello 2014!!! %tag I’m sure I say this every year, but wow 2013 went by quickly, and any bad feelings of the past year have just faded away after the most amazing Christmas ever – as I only went and got engaged!!!

My now fiancé really surprised me, I know for some 10 years seems like a long time to wait, but not for me – Paulie has always been the best thing in my life and to be honest I was more than content as things were – when people say “about time” I am just going to respond – “no – more like the right time”.

Paulie really did good, not only did he ask my Mum, she cried bless her, he designed the ring based on the one out of my favourite Christmas movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, exactly what I would have chosen for myself. But the way he proposed was not only so romantic but absolutely perfect – he had me running around the house on a scavenger hunt solving clues.

It wasn’t until I got to the final clue 10 and looked under the angel at the top of the Christmas tree that it registered to me that this was a proposal – I was so giddy that I think I jumped around for about 10 minutes. I nearly knocked the tree over and was screaming with excitement while Paulie asked me “Will you marry me” and then jumped about so much he couldn’t even put the ring on me. To say that it was a magical Christmas morning is a little of an understatement – it is one that I will never forget.

paulie and 1 Dear Diary: Bye, Bye 2013...Hello 2014!!! %tag

It is weird how different it feels to be engaged, not only am I completely mesmerised by my beautiful ring, I can’t stop smiling, and I have been blown away by the fabulous response from our family and friends – I’m not sure why but I didn’t think that anyone would care that much and knowing that they are happy has made me even more giddy and excited for the future.

So I am not sure if the wedding will be this year or next, I can tell you it won’t be traditional, it will be a winter wedding and take place in New York as well as here in the UK, and basically it will include all the things we both want to include and things we don’t want like the sit down meal won’t happen. I of course will be blogging my wedding planning, I have already started with pinning ideas on my Pinterest boards, as well as buying up every wedding magazine in the newsagents – the pressure is on and I only got engaged a week ago – but no matter what it will be a great celebration.

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I was planning to do a proper 2013 round-up, but basically getting engaged has made me too giddy – so I put together a little Flipagram of my favourite moments off Instagram – which includes lots of food, snaps of my cats, fun at London Fashion Week, a few outfit pics, press day mania, festive treats, as well as a bit of arm candy, trips down memory lane and laughter with friends.

2013 has been great – here’s hoping that 2014 is even better – Happy New Year!!!

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Jul 04 2013

The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How It’s Done!!!

rosiehw The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How Its Done!!! %tag

Instagram: @RosieHW

Perfecting the art of a great selfie is something that I find a challenge, I either come out looking like I have an alien sized head, my glasses look 10 inches thick, or I get the shakes trying to reach out far enough to get myself all in the shot, and don’t even get me going on the popular #FromWhereIStand selfie, I can never seem to be able to do it without making myself look short and chubby.

OK, I am not saying I want to do a selfie every day, I wouldn’t put you guys through that, but it would be nice from time-to-time to show off my glasses, or my outfit without getting my boyfriend involved, and I am totally blaming all the celebrities in my Instagram feed for making it look so easy for my desire to perfect it.

Granted they generally are already flawless to start with, Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley I am talking about you, they have make-up artist and hair stylists on call, and have their pick of the most amazing clothes but I was thinking that maybe I could learn a thing or two from their shots.

My favourite celebrity for selfies has to be Rosie, she always looks incredible, just check out the great angle she is working to show off her perfect pout and those amazing sunglasses, seriously love everything about her. Another celeb to steal selfie tips from has to be Khloe Kardashian, I love her in the car shots, she always captures the light perfectly.

Then there are the celebs who are all about eye contact, check out Victoria Beckham, such a great shot of her, to the girls that just want to have fun, I am looking at you Miley and Lauren Conrad with a bow in your hair, and they are joined by a horde of models and actresses like Miranda Kerr and Jaime King all showing how it is done.

So here is what I came up with on how to master the selfie:

  • Find your angles, very America’s Top Model but come on if Tara was doing a selfie master class she would have so said it. I find the best shots are captured when your phone is slightly above eye level and away from you at a 45-degree angle, and I always tilt my face slightly away so no shine off my glasses.
  • Great posture really does make you look slimmer, especially in pictures, so stand tall and keep your chin down so we don’t all see up your nose.
  • Natural light is your friend, so head outside, if you are indoors head towards the windows and get the sun to illuminate your face, trust me it will look better than artificial lighting.
  • Get to know your filters, whether that’s in Instagram or another photo editing app, filters can really help make you look better. I find if I am tired or my skin isn’t looking too good then the black and white filters such as Willow can make all the difference, I also love the effect of X-Pro II.
  • But most of all I have realised to smile and have fun – it is only a selfie!!!
KhloeKardashian The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How Its Done!!! %tag

Instagram: @KhloeKardashian

MileyandLauren The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How Its Done!!! %tag

Instagram: @MileyCyrus // @LaurenConrad

JaimeandMiranda The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How Its Done!!! %tag

Instagram: @Jaime_King // @MirandaKerr

VictoriaBeckham The Art Of A Great Selfie: Celebs Show You How Its Done!!! %tag

Instagram: @VictoriaBeckham

So a tough crowd to follow – but here goes – a #Selfie I prepared earlier in my office. This took 10 attempts, I have found not too close, natural light but not too much with my glasses, a great background – I couldn’t leave Barbie out, and smile!!!

Have you perfected the selfie? Leave me any tips you have below in the comments – as I kind of feel that I should have hashtag this pic #SelfieInTraining.

Jul 02 2013

I Instagram: June 2013 Diary

Instagram june 2013 I Instagram: June 2013 Diary %tag

I share so many moments via my many social media feeds, especially Instagram, that I thought it would be nice to start a monthly round-up of some of my favourite snaps. So here goes, this was my June!

It has been a busy fashion month: lot of brands held their autumn/winter 2013 press days, highlights being the Pri-mates at Primark and the ultimate arm candy jewellery stack at Astley Clarke; the sunny weather has inspired window dressers across London with my favourite being the pre-historic display at Louis Vuitton with the model sat on a dinosaur; and this month also showcased future fashion talent at Graduate Fashion Week, I have already blogged some of the winners but here is one of the more extreme menswear collections – complete with baby bumps and full bodysuits.

Instagram june fashion I Instagram: June 2013 Diary %tagInstagram june a beautiful  I Instagram: June 2013 Diary %tag

I also became a little, OK a lot, obsessed with the A Beautiful Mess app, which generally just makes any picture prettier, girlie and a whole lot more fun, which seemed fitting to show off these amazing heels from Primark, adorable flowers in my garden, and my birthday swag!!!

Instagram june cuties I Instagram: June 2013 Diary %tag

It wouldn’t be my Instagram diary without a few, sorry a lot of cute piccies – from my JD Kitty to cute cygnets, life-sized giraffes for the garden, and even a lost My Little Pony Unicorn toy – all together now – awwwwwww!!!!

The final selection is kind of a mix bag: a cool Mustang spotted at my village’s summer fête; my new toy the Canon PowerShotN; the cutest USB ever – a Revenge Wears Prada stiletto; a lion door knocker; my glamorous pals – Kate, Emily and Alex; a buttercup, just because; the eye of a Nissan Figaro my new favourite car; birthday chocolates from San Francisco; the most incredible chandelier made of skipping ropes, basket ball hoops, trainers and tennis balls; and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea at One Aldwych.

That was my June – was yours just as fun?

Instagram june I Instagram: June 2013 Diary %tag

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Apr 09 2013

I Instagram: National Stationery Week

stationery week on instagra I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

If you follow me on Instagram you will already be used to seeing my many additions – Barbie, badges, my kitty monsters, flowers, and general pretty things, well all last week I celebrated National Stationery Week with a daily post on some of my favourite pieces of stationery, yes I do have favourites!!!

I have to be honest I only found out about National Stationery Week on Monday, so these daily snapshots into my very large collection of stationery weren’t planned, I just did as a bit of fun.

It was fun gathering together my favourite pens, having an excuse to buy new pieces for my growing collection, and generally a good way to feed my notepad and pen addiction. Sadly it did show my boyfriend how much I was actually hiding in my office!!!

stationery week day 1 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 1: “First up a pink affair – my Petit a Petit diary, my mini Flex by Filofax and my fluffy topped Barbie pen.”

stationery week day 2 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 2: “My love of Paris, colourful Bic pens and my continual search for all things Barbie.”

stationery week day 3 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 3: “Is beauty inspired thanks to my new Decades of Beauty notebook from Bourjois.”

stationery week day 4 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 5: “All about the slogan notepad – I love the ‘Upside Down Notebook.”

stationery week day 5 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 6: “Stripes, block colours and florals mixed in with a splash of Chanel and sparkles from Astley Clarke.”

stationery week day 6 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tag

Day 6: “Is with a French flair – fav magazines Vogue Paris & Citizen K surrounded by gorgeous pads, pastel pens & pansies.”

stationery week day 7 I Instagram: National Stationery Week %tagDay 7: “Did anyone ask for a spare pad? Yep, I’m an addict, and proud of it!”

So which day gets your vote?


Sep 26 2012

Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me?

FBInstagram1 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tagAs most of you will know I am a bit of a social media addicted, well mostly Twitter actually, but I now have a new vice, Instagram, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I was once a Blackberry girl so I admired everyone’s wonderfully filtered images from a far, but now I snap away with my HTC so I’ve have finally joined the gang, and I’m getting a little obsessed with framing the most perfect square-shaped image.

I know that some people have a favourite filter, I am partial to a lot – Lo-Fi really works well with fashion shots, I love scenery shots with a hint of Earlybird, Hefe always gives me the best complexion, I like the vintage feel of 1977, and just for fun I love the Kelvin effect, so basically I like to chop and change.

FBInstagram4 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tagFBInstagram7 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tag

Putting together this blog post I discovered that I do love showing off my arm candy, snapping cute piccies of my three kitty monsters, I’m like a bee to honey with floral displays, I am fascinated by street art, and I love to share shopping finds, as well as all of the cute, adorable and stylish things in my life. Basically I treat my feed as a photo diary.

FBInstagram5 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tagFBInstagram6 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tag

FBInstagram3 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tagFBInstagram2 Instagram: Are You As Obsessed As Me? %tag

But as well as enjoying snapping and filtering my own images I am also obsessed with following, I love being inspired by pretty things and Instagram is amazing inspiration.

Some of the many peeps I love following:

@agirlastyle – just like her blog, Briony has a gorgeous way of making you forget your troubles with her incredible snaps of her fabulous life, I think I’ve loved every snap she has ever done!

@whoisbobbparris – always the most gorgeous street style piccies

@spikethepunch_ – I love this jewellery designer, her feed is always full of gorgeous jewels that I want

@glitterguide – girlie, sparkly, and just perfectly pretty

@coachblkrwomen – if you like gorgeous handbags mixed in with cute snaps of dogs

@garypeppergirl – I didn’t read her blog before finding her on Instagram and now I am obsessed, every pic of her is always gorgeous

@nicolettemason – like A Girl, A Style, Nicolette posts gorgeous snaps, I always want her shoes

@wa_sabi – if you love cats like me you have to check out this feed of cafe cats each and everyone of them is adorable

@paperfashion – this feed keeps my dream alive of being a fashion illustrator, I love seeing Katie’s sketches

@styleslicker – like Kit’s blog, her Instagram feed is just as stunning, filled with her stylist outfit posts, DIY projects and lots of delicious food

@cocorocha – a behind-the-scenes look at a model’s life, and yes it is glamorous

@jimyp – a close friend of mine, so I may be a little bias, but I love Jim’s snaps he really is an amazing photographer

Oh and don’t forget to follow me, just to make it confusing my handle is different to my Twitter, so search for FashionistaBarbie. Also don’t forget to leave your handles below in the comments as I love finding new inspiration.


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