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Nov 20 2013

The Hunger Games: Elizabeth Banks In Versace

Who: Elizabeth Banks

Where: At the LA premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles

Wearing: A strapless orange Versace gown, featuring gold detailing on the bodice, teamed with a copper box clutch and Jimmy Choo heels

Verdict: So I was already blown away by Elizabeth Bank’s amazing red carpet choices so far on this Hunger Games promo tour and I thought it would be hard to top the stunning Elie Saab gown, but this vibrant figure-hugging Versace gown is breathtaking.

Everything from the silhouette to the colour to the exquisite detailing on the bodice this is one gorgeous gown and it looks incredible on her – it really does show off her amazing body and I love how she finished off her look with a modern and fresh hairdo.

Do you prefer this orange beauty or the metallic glitz of the Elie Saab couture?

[Pic: via facebook.com/versace]

Nov 18 2013

The Hunger Games: Elizabeth Banks Wows In Elie Saab & Alexander McQueen


So The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has taken on Europe ahead of its November 21 release, and we’ve already seen the stars hit London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome. For months I have been excited about the red carpet looks, Jennifer Lawrence completely wowed me when she was promoting the first movie in that gorgeous gold lame Prabal Gurung gown. But with Jennifer’s pixie crop, that I am not sure I like, and her constant need to wear Dior, for me the Catching Fire red carpet has all about Elizabeth Banks so far.

The actress who plays the flamboyant Effie in the film has completely blown me away with her red carpet fashion choices – from the gorgeous custom-made Jason Wu gown that she wore to the London premiere to the stunning embellished silver maxi in Berlin and the Alexander McQueen beauties in-between.


My favourite look so far has to be this metallic embellished Elie Saab Haute Couture gown from the autumn/winter 2013 collection. Everything about this dress is just perfection. Presented as a bridesmaid dress in the Haute Couture runway show, this gown is stunning – I love the ombre-effect to the embellished detailing and the sexy elegance of the sweetheart neckline. What I also adore is that the look is finished off perfectly with gorgeous drop earrings and wavy hair.

Another great look had to be her Paris premiere gown, a striking Alexander McQueen gown featuring colourful embroidery and beading to the neckline and waist with a feather belt. Not quite as glitzy as the Elie Saab but just as striking – I love the colourful neckline and the feathered detailing around the waist. Simply gorgeous.

What are your thoughts so far on The Hunger Games promo tour – have you been impressed with Elizabeth Bank’s red carpet looks?

Elizabeth-banks-Alexander-mcqueen-[Pics: facebook.com/BrandMcQueen & facebook.com/eliesaab.fashion]

Oct 10 2013

Barbie Loving: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Dolls – Including Katniss & Effie


It isn’t long now until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits cinemas, I have even started rereading the trilogy to prepare, and Barbie has done a followed up to the amazing Katniss doll from the first film, with the leading lady being joined by Peeta, Effie and Finnick wearing costumes from Catching Fire.

Of course I’m excited to be adding another Katniss doll, the first one sits pride and place in my office next to Bella from Twilight, but as they didn’t go for one of Jennifer Lawrence‘s characters more flamboyant looks from the film – like her wedding dress - the one I most want to add to my collection is Effie Trinket.


As you would expect Effie is one striking Barbie doll, wearing a metallic blue dress accented with black feather sleeves and gold detailing around the collar and waist – it is a complete replica of one of her extravagant Capitol fashions worn in the film. I love that the bold design also captures her signature hair style, striking make-up and finishes off the look with OTT shoes and glitzy tights. For $24.95 she is a real bargain.Barbie-hunger-games-effie Barbie-hunger-games-effie-Barbie-hunger-games-katniss

The Catching Fire Katniss doll is great, but just doesn’t have the wow factor of Effie as it is too similar to the first doll. Once again she is carrying her bow and wearing her hair in a side-braid, the only difference is the leather jacket has been replaced with her fitted black bodysuit with knee and elbow pads that she enters the arena of the Quarter Quell in.

As well as the two favourite female characters, Barbie has also moulded Peeta and Finnick into dolls, with both wearing their Tributes outfits for the 75th Annual Hunger Games. Peeta’s of course matches Katniss in black, while Finnick carries his signature trident.

What do you think of the new The Hunger Games dolls? Are you happy that they included Effie this time?

Barbie-hunger-games-4 Barbie-hunger-games-1[Pics: Mattel]

Oct 01 2013

Cover Loving: Jennifer Lawrence Is A Vision For Harper’s Bazaar





With the second Hunger Games film hitting cinema screens in less than two months, I’m not surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence on the November issue of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, and I think we will be seeing a lot more of the Oscar-winning actress before the year is out.

Not that I am complaining as this is another stunning cover of Jennifer, I actually think I prefer it to her recent US Vogue cover. Shot by Ben Hassett, this is the subscriber cover and I adore everything about it – the Dior Couture dress, the OTT rings, and the dramatic red lippy – but why does it look a little over airbrushed, she seriously didn’t need it, and what is she actually leaning her arm on???

I am being uber-picky, this is a gorgeous cover and I even love the phrase that Jennifer is a “reckless beauty” – I can’t wait to see the accompanying editorial and the newsstand cover.

Do you like Jennifer Lawrence’s latest cover?

[Pic: via TFS]


Teaser Trailer: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire #TheSpark

Mar 09 2013

Hunger Games: The Capitol Portraits – Katniss’ Wedding Dress Revealed

Hunger Games might not be out until November but the marketing of the film has already begun and I have to be honest I am pretty excited after seeing these incredible Capitol Portraits featuring everyone from my favourite character the flamboyant Effie Trinket, to Katniss’ love interests Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne, as well as the first real look of English actor Sam Claflin as the Capitol’s golden boy Finnick Odair.

The most incredible portrait though has to be Katniss played by Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, who looks divine in her layered white wedding gown, which has the most exquisite Swarovski crystal-covered corset that sits under an intricate wire metal cage that is suppose to signify fire, while the features represent the mockingjay.

I love, love, love what costume designer Trish Summerville (you know, who did the costumes for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has done with these portraits, makes me more excited to see the film. I also love that the designer spoke to Hollywood Reporter and shared a few details about the dress – as unlike reported Katniss’ wedding dress hasn’t been designed by Alexander McQueen but rather a designer named Tex Saverio in Jakarta.

It is seriously dreamy and I am so hoping that Barbie does another Hunger Games collaboration – as I love Katniss in her hunting gear but I would pay a lot of money to have Barbie in a replicate of this wedding dress!!!!

Katniss isn’t the only one wearing designer clothes – her hubbie Peeta is wearing a cream suit by Korean-based designer, Juunj, who Summerville describes as “unbelievably talented” to the Hollywood Reporter. But what shines out on Peeta’s portrait has to be those kicks, which are by Rick Owens – seriously love them!!!


Alexander McQueen’s designs weren’t left out though as the fashion house dressed Effie Trinket in a red ruffled dress and matching shoes – loving the pink rinse and her gloves!!!Hunger-games-effie

To see the rest of the portraits head on over to my Facebook page.

[Pics: Lionsgate]

Apr 09 2012

The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen Barbie Unveiled

I know the fashion world is all talking about Raf Simons apparently being confirmed as the new Creative Director at Dior, but I am much more excited about the fact that Barbie has finally unveiled its Katniss Everdeen tribute, and it hasn’t disappointed me.

I blogged last month about how much I wanted to see Katniss working her bow and arrow, and sporting her signature side braid, and I am so glad that Mattel’s designer Bill Greening kept the spirit of The Hunger Games’ reluctant heroine.

Set to be released to coincide with The Hunger Games DVD in August, I am adding myself to the waiting list, as at only $29.95 this is one bargain Barbie, and I am expecting it to be a sell out.

I am seriously impressed with the Katniss Barbie doll, I love that she has been depicted in her arena uniform inspired by the film – her black hooded jacket with orange trim, teamed with a black t-shirt, army green cargo pants and utilitarian brown boots is perfection. But best of all I am so pleased that on her lapel is her mockingjay pin that is so important to the trilogy. I love it.

Now Mattel how do you feel about adding an Effie Trinket Barbie to the collection, come on she would be amazing in her amazing couture get-up and OTT hair.

I think she looks pretty good – what do you think?

[Pics: Mattel/The Hunger Games]
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