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May 20 2014

Exhibition: Pradasphere At Harrods


When it comes to store takeovers Harrods has the competition beat, last year they allowed Dior to move onto the fourth floor of its Knightsbridge department store, the year before that it was Chanel, and this month is Pradasphere, dedicated to the diverse passions of Miuccia Prada and her amazing Prada collections.

As well as taking over 40 of Harrods iconic windows, Pradasphere also includes a cafe and a pop-up boutique, but for me it was all about the exhibition on the fourth floor charting the history of the 101-year-old brand that blew me away. First up, you have to remember this is a department store not a museum, I think Harrods could teach the V&A a few things about how to put together a great fashion exhibition in a limited space, and secondly unlike most other fashion exhibitions taking place in London, the Paul Smith retrospective, the Italian Glamour, the Wedding Dresses and Jean Paul Gaultier this showcase is free, yep and they do free guided tours.

Trust me it is not to be missed, you don’t have long as it is only open until May 29, but you will be under Miuccia’s spell by the time you leave as it really does showcase what makes Prada so great, with its gorgeous 40s silhouettes, exquisitely crafted bowling bags, fun heels and playful arty prints that the Italian fashion is really known for. I really did love the way the exhibition was set out and styled, it was instantly recognisable as Prada, there was a colour of explosion encased behind huge glass cabinets that spanned the length of the room displaying ready-to-wear and accessories that fit into Prada’s key concepts from “Modernity” to “Figuration and “Animalia”.

I just really loved that all of Prada’s greatest hits were mixed together as it meant that I bounced about the exhibition from case-to-case finding my favourite pieces that I have added to a mental list of vintage pieces that if I ever saw and could afford I would just need to buy, no matter what!!!

As well as fashion, the retrospective also reflects Prada’s non-fashion loves such as art, architecture and film, I loved relaxing in the screening room and watching the specially commissioned films by the likes of Wes Anderson and Roman Polanski, it really shows that this Italian fashion house is much more than just clothing and accessories.

Are you a fan of fashion exhibitions?

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Mar 29 2013

Dior At Harrods: The Miniature Dior Fashion Theatre


This week I finally got the chance to head on over to Harrods to check out the fabulous ‘So Dior’ experience, an exhibition honouring Christian Dior through the ages and it is amazing.

The pop-up exhibit on the Fourth Floor displays everything from Haute Couture to its impressive fragrances, I particularly loved the Charlize Theron J’adore display, as well as illustrations drawn by Monsieur Dior, a section dedicated to its iconic Lady Dior handbag complete with a giant Lady Dior display and piccies of the late Princess Diana, and of course you can’t have a Dior exhibit without displaying the gorgeous gowns as worn by the fashion houses’ celebrity fans – you can get up-close to Dior dresses as worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Audrey Hepburn and Marion Cotillard.

It really is a breathtaking, informative, and beautifully laid out free exhibition, that was so good to be honest I would have paid to go around. I know there has been a lot of images of the exhibition out there, and I don’t want to bore you, but there was one particular section that I know Barbie fans would love to see and that is the miniature Dior Fashion Theatre.


If ever there was a section that seems to have been made for Barbie herself it was this one, as the Fashion Theatre features more than 40 of Dior Haute Couture’s most symbolic silhouettes recreated in miniature form to tell the history of the Couture House on Avenue Montaigne.

There are scaled-down creations from everything from the iconic Bar suit created in 1947 to Jennifer Lawrence‘s Golden Globe gown as designed by Raf Simons from the autumn/winter 2012 collection.


I was simply in awe looking at these creations, they may be miniature but they are no doubt any less detailed that the originals – everything from the iconic Dior bow to the bustier detailing and the exaggerating draping to the tiny belts nipping in the Barbie-sized waists, this display was exquisite to see.

I have a Christian Dior Barbie in my collection and would love to see this animal printed halterneck gown below with the tulip hem released as a Barbie Collector Doll – seriously how amazing would that be.

So-Dior-fashion-theatre-11So-Dior-fashion-theatre-9 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-6 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-13 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-4 So-Dior-fashion-theatre-5So-Dior-dollhouse-5

There was even a doll-sized façade of 30 Avenue Montaigne, the fashion house’s Couture headquarters featuring Dior silhouettes lit up in the windows, and inside were miniature chandeliers  perfume bottles and tiny chairs – now that is the doll-house for me!!!

So-Dior-dollhouse-2 So-Dior-dollhouse-4 So-Dior-dollhouse-3

I will be posting more pictures from the exhibition on my Facebook page so don’t forget to head on over there – but if you get chance I would most certainly recommend it – for a free exhibition this is incredibly done and don’t forget to walk the windows – they are simply divine.

The ‘So Dior’ exhibition at Harrods runs until April 14.

[All pictures taken by me, Fashionista Barbie please do not use without crediting]

Aug 10 2012

Bag Loving: Bracher Emden For Bora Aksu Heading To Harrods

Fashion week always brings a lot of collaborations and one of my favourites from London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 had to be Bracher Emden for Bora Aksu. Regular readers will already know I am a big fan of Bora Aksu, the incredible detailing, the story telling, and the army of models that always finishes his show it is one of my highlights, this year’s collection was made even better with the addition of the gorgeous Bracher Emden bags.

Bracher Emden is well known for creating futuristic-yet-feminine styles and the collaboration features two styles an elegant tote and a gorgeous leather clutch, featuring Bora Aksu’s signature organic swirl in a heart motif. Seriously dreamy and considering they are straight from the catwalk they aren’t priced badly either – £365 for the heart clutch and £565 for the tote.

Both styles will be exclusive to Harrods and will feature in the New Designers Accessory Space on the Lower Ground Floor from August 31 and will be available in seven colours – Aubergine, Butter Yellow, Pale Grey, Taupe, Ink Black, Forest Green and Coral Red. I have a feeling these beauties will be sell outs – so if you loved them at fashion week get in there quick!!!

Which one is your favourite – the heart clutch or the tote?

Jun 17 2012

Harrods Sale: Lily Donaldson Dazzles In Lanvin

I love how much glamour goes into opening Harrods sales, in the past we’ve had Florence Welch and Gemma Arterton, as well as Mischa Barton, Lily Allen and Eva Longoria, for this year’s summer sale the Knightsbridge store had model Lily Donaldson do the honours.

Arriving on a horse-drawn carriage, I told you Harrods go all out, Lily who has fronted campaigns for Burberry and Gucci looked stunning in a one-shoulder black and white Lanvin dress adorned with crystal embellishments from the label’s spring/summer 2012 collection, which was of course a sale item, teamed with jewellery by Boodles.

This dress is gorgeous, I love the monochrome, I adore the crystal embellishment detailing, but what I would have preferred if this was sleeveless or sleeved both sides, that bold shoulder makes it a little off-balanced for me.

The Harrods summer sale runs until July 8, in-store and online.

I had a quick peek at the handbags on offer and if anyone wants to buy me this gorgeous pink Lanvin Mini Happy shoulder bag, was £875 now only £429 – I would be forever grateful!!!

[Pics: courtesy of Harrods]

May 15 2012

The Mulberry Crown At Harrods

Today was an early start all about ballgowns and crowns at Harrods and the V&A and it was amazing. First stop was Harrods where they’ve transformed the store into a very patriotic scene to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee, think lots of Union Jack flags, and windows filled with crowns.

Everyone from De Beers and Tiffany & Co, to Paul Smith and Prada and even beauty brand’s Shu Uemura and Jo Malone have designed a special crown just for Harrods and they are all on display in the store’s windows.

It isn’t the best shot, the traffic is crazy so always reflects on the glass, but I just had to share this amazing crown covered in ‘hundreds and thousands’ candy pieces designed by Mulberry. As soon as I saw it I was in awe, don’t get me wrong I love the jewels of the traditional designed crowns, but come on this is fun and  different and I am loving the addition of the cushion designed like a classic English Victoria sponge cake for it to sit on.

The Harrods Brompton Road windows filled with crowns and ballgowns will be on display until June 15 so get down and check out them out.

Mar 19 2012

Fab Details: Gorgeous DKNY Garment Tags For The UK

I am a sucker for the details, whether it is a gorgeous print on the dress, the intricate embroidery on the collar, or in the case of DKNY the chic illustrations that will hang on each garment and accessory in UK department stores to identify its Limited Edition pieces.

I am assuming that these illustrations are from the fab Dallas Shaw who does a lot of work with DKNY especially her Twitter avatars,  as they just oozes the glamour and elegance of the brand. These beauties are frameable art in my opinion, oh and they are not helping with my dreams to be a fashion illustrator, if only I had these skills my blog would be extra pretty!!!

Selfridges and Harrods even have their own exclusive garment tags above, which are my two favourites – as well as the one below – that clutch is cute!!!

[Pics: DKNY]

Dec 28 2011

Harrods Sale Opening: Florence Welch In Chanel

Who: Florence Welch, front-woman of Florence & the Machine

Where: At the opening of the Harrods Winter Sale, Florence arrived on a Harrods Routemaster bus and performed an acoustic set

Wearing: A head-to-toe Chanel runway look from the autumn/winter 2011 collection. Underneath her black and silver floor-length knitted cape, Florence wore a sheer grey silk dress and black fingerless lace gloves, teamed with black velvet heels instead of the lace-up boots that were seen in the catwalk look.

Verdict: If anyone could pull this dramatic Chanel runway look it was going to be Florence, who looks incredible, that cape is just simply stunning. What I love most about Florence is her quirkiness, she has an awkward beauty about her that works really well with this gothic princess vibe, and the black and silver colourway is perfection against her fiery red hair.

I was also impressed with Harrods for picking someone a little different, in the past the iconic department store has had the likes of Jerry Hall, Mischa Barton and Gemma Arterton opening their sales, but this was the first time in the stores 177 year history that a sale has opened with a live performance – and what an amazing choice!!!

[Pics: via Harrods Facebook by Steve Finn]
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