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Outdoor Art: London Graffiti

I have a fascination with graffiti especially when it is jazzing up a building site – these are all over a building on Shaftesbury Avenue and I love how they all have hard hats and high-visible jackets on and this one outside Pizza Hut is eating pizza. Not quite as chic as French graffiti – but close!!!

Augouleme: Even French Graffiti Is Chic!

A couple of weeks back I went to France to see the in-laws and they took us to Augouleme, I hadn’t heard of it either – but I loved it even on a rainy afternoon. The town has a cute but quirky vibe because the whole town is surrounded by a wall, think lots of great architecture mixed in with seriously gorgeous views. But what caught my eye the most were the pieces of street art dotted about the place.

I took a few snaps of the ones I saw but apparently they do walking tours around the town as it is one of their main sights. Not really surprising when they have an international comic festival each year!! I wish I could get this masked beauty as a framed picture – LOVE her!!!

I can’t wait to go back to this town and spend more time here, I need more of this chic graffiti!!!