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Apr 28 2014

Interiors: Inside Grace Coddington’s Apartment


My obsession for Grace Coddington is high, more so now that I also know she is a collector, sorry I meant to say fellow hoarder!!! Whereas my walls and rooms seem to be filled with Barbie dolls, cows, elephants, stationery, delicate bone china and cats – it seems everyone’s favourite Vogue editor has taken her love affair with felines to a whole new level and I love it.

If you didn’t already know that Grace loves cats, one where have you been, and two you need to read her memoirs there is a whole chapter dedicated to kitties. Not only does she have the cutest cat ever, Bart looks pretty comfortable on that Chanel blanket, but I also love that she has cats dotted all over her home from kitty cushions to incredible ceramic cat-shaped tea pots, which have just gone to the top of my wish list.

As well as the kitty love, her love for English crockery is clear in her stacks of mis-matched plates, cups and jugs, and I adore how she has all her mainly black-and-white art work on display, especially in the bedroom on a ledge around the top of the wall – that idea is definitely going into my ‘forever’ house interior folder on Pinterest.

Check out the accompanying interview with the editor, who I can’t believe turned 73 this month, and find about her up-coming auction she is doing with Paddle8.com.

I wish Grace Coddington could come and give my little abode an interior makeover – I just love how eclectic her home looks while still being down-to-earth and lived in. 

WSJ-grace-coddington-3WSJ-grace-coddington-2 WSJ-grace-coddington-4

[Pics: via WSJ]

Mar 20 2014

Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue


The other day I was a very un-intellectual conversation with one of my good friends about Sean Combs aka P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy, yep the guy who has more name changes than Prince, about remembering how before Kanye West he was the hip-hop guy that fashion loved to hate, or in my friend and I’s case – just love, love, love!!!

You see we were kind of more obsessed with his swagger, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, come on I don’t think J-Lo would have worn that incredible tropical printed Versace gown if she hadn’t been with him, oh and I can’t forget how much I loved his MTV Making the Band show – come you remember Danity Kane.

Well all this reminiscing got me thinking back to an editorial Diddy starred in alongside Kate Moss in US Vogue styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Annie Leibovitz back in 1999 ‘Puffy Takes Paris’ – at the time I loved how the shoot mixes Haute Couture pieces from Chanel and Christian Dior with the gorgeous Paris backdrop and hip-hop elements of the large furs, and bling, bling and more bling.

To be honest the whole shoot still looks amazing. As well as Diddy and Kate doing a great job – the editorial also features Karl  Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano in one of the pictures – just how Puffy rolled in Paris back in 1999 I suppose.

Does anyone else remember this editorial? Or is just me with my teenage crush on P Diddy’s swagger?

puffytakesparis-1 puffytakesparis-5 puffytakesparis-4 puffytakesparis-2[Pics: Vogue US via TheFashionSpot.com]

Aug 01 2013

Editorial Flashback: US Vogue ‘Beauty & The Beast’ Starring Drew Barrymore


I am a collector of magazines, which some might say I am a hoarder of magazines, but it is because of editorials like this that I can’t seem to get rid of any of my old magazines. Recently I re-organised my office and came across a lot of magazines stored in boxes, which of course meant I had to decide which ones stayed and which ones went, I have to be honest not a lot went to the recycling!!!

This fairytale editorial featuring Drew Barrymore featured in US Vogue’s April 2005 issue and is one of my favourite celebrity editorials, not only is it filled with incredible Haute Couture gowns styled by Grace Coddington – I love the Chanel dress she is wearing looking into the mirror, but it is an editorial with a story.

I have noticed over the years that the large drama-filled editorials like this one shot by Annie Leibovitz is a rarity, granted US Vogue’s recent magazine had a great Homeland set shoot, which was also captured by Leibovitz, but even that doesn’t have the Haute Couture glamour of this Beauty & the Beast inspire shoot.

I often wonder why more magazines don’t tell as many stories any more other than these are the trends, maybe its about budgets, lack of time, or access to great Haute Couture pieces, or even that celebrities don’t want to take part in a lengthy shoot like this – it is such a shame as Coddington proves in this editorial that when done well the concept really can make an impact years down the line.


Everything from the gorgeous Haute Couture gowns from Dior, Chanel and Christian Lacroix to the exquisite set design and the beautiful Drew Barrymore – this is simply one of my favourite editorials from US Vogue.

To see more of the editorial – check out my slideshow below:

Are you a fan of this dramatic editorial? And would you like to see more story-telling editorials in your favourite magazines?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Pics: via US Vogue and TheFashionSpot.com]

Apr 15 2013

Editorial Loving: Grace Coddington Styles Carey Mulligan For US Vogue


There is something about the roaring Twenties that just makes a fashion editorials look even more glamorous, I think it is all those sequins and beads, the decadence of the jewellery and the exquisite headpieces, I absolutely adore The Great Gatsby tribute in the May issue of American Vogue.

Starring Carey Mulligan, this is one of my favourite celebrity editorials I have seen from Vogue in a while, I love that they have kept her in character as Daisy Buchanan, as it just makes me more excited for the film to come out next month.

Styled by Grace Coddington, I am in love with all the flapper fashion from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Chanel, Nina Ricci, and Oscar de la Renta, as well as the incredible set designs and location. Everything about the shoot, captured by Mario Testino, looks glamorous, expensive, and exquisite, everything you expect from the era and more.

The only thing that I am not too keen on is the cover, not the Oscar de la Renta gown, that is divine – I love the lime green colour, but Carey’s expression – she looks in pain.

What do you think of Vogue’s Great Gatsby editorial?

Vogue-carey-mulligan-6 Vogue-carey-mulligan-1 Vogue-carey-mulligan-2 Vogue-carey-mulligan-3 Vogue-carey-mulligan-4 Vogue-carey-mulligan[Pics: Mario Testino/Vogue.com]


Jan 20 2013

My Perfect Sunday: Tea, Cookies & Grace Coddington

tea-cookies-grace-10Sunday’s have and always will be, when I am at home, a time for relaxing and doing something I love, which generally includes drinking tea from bone china, eating freshly baked goodies, and reading a good book. Today, for the first time in a while, I did just that and it was perfection.

I got out my recently purchased vintage Salisbury Bone China tea set, which I acquired at a charity shop, it is beautiful with a subtle floral print and a gold trim, I just love its Granny chic vibe.

There is something special about tea sets that I just love, they are my latest obsession I love a bit of Wedgewood, but when I saw this beautiful set complete with two cups and saucers, a tea pot, a milk jug, a sugar bowl and a tiny side plate, I just couldn’t resist it and I am so pleased I didn’t as it was perfect for my Sunday afternoon tea party for one!!!

tea-cookies-grace-2 tea-cookies-grace-18 tea-cookies-grace-15 tea-cookies-grace-1 tea-cookies-grace-11

A tea party wouldn’t be complete without a cookie, and this double chocolate chip beauty was one I made earlier, and received high praise from my boyfriend who declared them my best ever, I think it was because for the first time my cookies actually came out looking round.

Then to make the setting perfect, I made my table all pretty by added some beautiful roses, I just love how flowers just seem to make me smile, and lit my favourite Osprey London ‘Dark Amber’ candle, it smells just like Christmas and is super relaxing, and then all I needed was a good book.

For Christmas I received so many fashion books to add to my growing library and I have slowly been working my way through them all and today I finally got a chance to start reading Grace Coddington’s autobiography. It is such a beautiful book filled with cute illustrations, can you spy Anna Wintour sat next to Grace below on the front row, and pictures of Grace when she was a model – I seriously can’t wait to get stuck into this book.

So what would be your perfect Sunday afternoon?

tea-cookies-grace-8 tea-cookies-grace-6tea-cookies-grace-14

Nov 17 2012

Cover Loving: Grace Coddington For i-D Magazine

Oh my, yes i-D Magazine, this is how you go out of 2012 with a bang by putting the amazing Grace Coddington on the cover of your Winter issue – I adore it!!!

I am a huge fan of Grace Coddington – from her amazing creative approach to styling photoshoots for Vogue to her adorable cat bags for Balenciaga, and even her fiery red hair makes me a little jealous that mine is just brown – there is something special about her that I am so pleased shined through in The September Issue for everyone to see.

Wearing an amazing vibrant Celine jacket, Grace looks stunning winking on the first cover of The Wise Up Issue of i-D Magazine, shot by Arthur Elgort.

There will be eight covers in total, but come on surely this is the only one we are all going to want – race you all to the newsagents on November 22!!!

[Pic: i-D Magazine]

Aug 22 2012

Bag Loving: Grace Coddington For Balenciaga

Put together one of my favourite Fashion Editor’s Grace Coddington with a handbag covered in kitties and I am sold. Add in a charity element and I am totally lusting over it – put a price tag of $1,000 dollars and I am just wishing from a far.

I am so in love with this limited edition handbag designed by Grace Coddington for Balenciaga, which has been named the ‘Pumpkin’ tote after her cat. The canvas and leather bag is not only the most gorgeous colour but it is covered in her sketches of Pumpkin wearing iconic Balenciaga looks from the past decade. Seriously cats are so hot right now!!!

I know $1,000 is a lot of money, but it is limited edition, and it is Balenciaga I don’t know why I thought I might be able to afford it, but best of all 20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. I know what you are thinking surely Hamptons cats are rich like on Revenge, but apparently Hamptons cats need funds as well.

The tote, along with two scarves also covered in cat sketches, will be available starting on Fashion’s Night Out at Balenciaga stores in LA and New York, where Grace is also making an appearance and will be drawing cats – seriously London needs to step up its game for FNO as I don’t think anything could beat that!!!

[Pics: Balenciaga]
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