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Feb 14 2014

LFW Diary: Day 1 – Dinosaur Jumper, Bora Aksu & A Nokia Skirt


There is a calm about this London Fashion Week, maybe it is because it is like my tenth or eleventh season, I really have lost count, or maybe it is just with the rain I know there is less pressure on my outfits because lets face it I am going to spend the whole five days soaked.

Today, I most certainly got soaked, it poured all day, so no proper outfit picture, just a crappy one taken on my mobile inside The Apartment, but I just had to share as I love this stripy dinosaur jumper from ASOS. I promise that I will share this beauty in another outfit post soon.


Day 1 at LFW has always been seen as filled with ‘lesser’ designers or ‘emerging’ talent, and some editors and writers even miss it out completely, I am not sure why as the Friday schedule is always packed, and I love the mix of the romantic nature of Bora Aksu with the demi-couture vibe at Fyodor Golan, to the exquisite tailoring at Eudon Choi, and the outerwear chic you always see at Christopher Raeburn.


Bora Aksu brings a touch of spring to AW14

Always a highlight for me is Turkish designer Bora Aksu, this season he presented a collection that was filled with his trademark femininity and a nod of nostalgia, with a line inspired by the letters his mother wrote while at boarding school. The uniformed school girl and the 1950s silhouette could be seen throughout the collection, which included Peter Pan collars, pencil skirts, high-necks and patchwork detailing. For the most part this seemed like a collection more suited to warmer climates than London, but it was nice to see girlie pinks and vibrant yellows alongside bold blues, oxblood red and monochrome. I can’t stress how much I loved this collection and I promise I will be sharing more images later in the week when I have edited them.


Hair trend – Plaits

I know it is only day 1 but I have already spotted plaits on the catwalk, from the Heidi meets milk maid vibe of the ribbon plaits seen at Bora Aksu to the edgy braids at Fyodor Golan, which were hidden under sporty hats, and even Jean-Pierre Braganza sent his models down the runway sporting a braid with a white and blue painted strands. I wonder if this will continue throughout all of LFW.

LFW-Day-1-FG-hair LFW-Day-1-JPB-hair

Technology Meets Fashion

Technology and fashion always seems to collide during fashion week, whether its Google glasses on the DVF runway or Burberry filming their show with iPhones, it seems everyone wants a piece of the fashion pie. Well this season, Fyodor Golan pushed the boundaries by creating a skirt made out of 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphones. The design was really cool to see as each mobile was broadcasting its surrounds so it looked like the colours fluttered when the model moved.


Pink Isn’t Going Anywhere

One of most coveted items this autumn/winter has to be the pink coat and it seems pink it still on the minds of LFW designers, as it is only Day 1 and we’ve already seen it on the catwalk of Bora Aksu in a soft hue, as well as vibrant bold pink colours at Mark Fast and at Fyodor Golan who added a sports luxe vibe with this textured bomber jacket and baseball cap.


Blue, Blue, and a bit more Blue

As well as pink, blue hues from baby blue to cobalt blue strutted down the catwalk. At Eudon Choi, the blues were bold, and seen on ruffled dresses and boxy knits, while at Christopher Raeburn the blue hue was more of a pastel share and looked more casual paired alongside khaki on chic outerwear. Dark blue was also used at Bora Aksu, for its cord two-pieces, as well as at Mark Fast for his knitted creations, while a sophisticated blue was seen on tailored pieces at J JS Lee.


I will be back tomorrow with my Day 2 round-up, and fingers crossed a proper outfit post.

Sep 13 2013

LFW SS14: Fyodor Golan ‘Electric Children’

LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-18Since winning Fashion Fringe in 2011, Fyodor Golan helmed by duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, has become one of the runway shows that I can’t miss. There is something so fresh about these designers that always makes me takes notice, get excited about fashion, and basically covet every single piece.

In previous seasons the duo has produced a drama filled collection bordering more on the side of couture than ready-to-wear, for spring/summer 2014 it seems that Fyodor Golan has looked more to the street with a bright and wearable collection filled with pieces inspired by “exploring the idea of modern dressing through an active lifestyle”.

Entitled the ‘Electric Children’, the collection was a colour explosion of bright yellow and pink, which contrasted nicely against soft candy-like pastel hues of mint green, baby blue and nude. The girlie sleek feminine lines of the pencil skirts, and pleated dresses, were teamed with boxy sweatshirts with FG emblazoned on them, super cropped bombers and cool Smiley adorned hemlines and bandeaus for a very 90’s feel.


There will be some that might have missed the drama, for me I loved the progression of the duo, and there was still an element of glamour mixed into the collection with the addition of feathers, sparkly black jackets, and metallic sequinned jumpsuits. For me it was the more wearable pieces that will certainly elevate the label – especially those sweatshirts – I am sure they will be high on most people’s wish-list!

As well as loving the sports luxe feel this will also go down as one of my favourite soundtracks – the playlist filled with Crystal Castles tracks and finishing with David Bowie’s Hero was perfection.

Are you a fan of Fyodor Golan?

LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-32 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-23 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-33 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-28 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-16 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-4 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-3 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-6 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-10 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-5 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-34 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-8 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-27 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-14 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-31 LFW-SS14-Fyodor-Golan-22

For more pictures head on over to my Facebook page.

Feb 20 2013

LFW AW13: Fyodor Golan – Belle De Jour


Since winning Fashion Fringe in 2011, design duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman have gone from being one of the labels to watch to a must see show on the London Fashion Week schedule.

Set in the luxurious and decadent setting of The Savoy ballroom with its crystal chandeliers, the format was a circular catwalk that made it feel more like an intimate salon show, which was perfect to showcase the extravagant AW13 ready-to-wear collection.

The collection inspired by Luis Bunuel’s 1967 film, Belle De Jour, explored the coming of age story of an adolescent turning into a woman, and was a tale of two halves, mixing couture-like elements with the eveningwear pieces with structured bodices, which fingers crossed are destined for the red carpet, and the more wearable tailored dresses featuring gentle ruffles around the neckline, and block coloured knitwear separates.

My personal highlights included the floor-length vibrant orange red carpet ready gown, the embossed iconic smiley faces on pencil skirts, dresses and biker jackets, and the sequin cocoon dress styled with a blue printed circular mask.

AW13-fyodor-golan-6 AW13-fyodor-golan-7 AW13-fyodor-golan-3 AW13-fyodor-golan-12 AW13-fyodor-golan-10 AW13-fyodor-golan-4 AW13-fyodor-golan-9 AW13-fyodor-golan-8 AW13-fyodor-golan-1 AW13-fyodor-golan-2[Pics: all by me, Fashionista Barbie]


Oct 03 2012

LFW SS13: Fyodor Golan – The Holy Mountain

Fashion Fringe is developing an impressive alumni, Corrie Nielsen provides the couture, Erdem is the floral king, and Jena.Theo are the masters of cool and wearable, and I think it is safe to say that Fyodor Golan has settled in perfectly, and each season the duo get better and better.

For spring/summer 2013, the design duo were inspired by the Blue Tattoo, a true story about a Victorian girl travelling through the desert when her and her family are attacked by Native Americans, and ‘The Holy Mountain’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky, leading to a vibrant collection filled with Aztec and Mayan elements, broken porcelain china prints, and a rich colour palette of Royal blues, dessert hues, and a pop of pink.

What stood out the most about this collection, other than the gorgeous billowing silhouettes and the theatrical vibe, had to be wearability of the designs. This was a collection with maturity, it showcased the extraordinary talent of Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman perfectly, and really put their label on the global fashion stage. I know that they are already stocked in Harvey Nichols and boutiques around the world but this feminine collection with a luxe edge will be very much in demand next season.

There were lots of highlights, but I adored everything that came in the gorgeous deep blue shade, from body-con dresses with sheer arms to peplum cocktail styles featuring lattice skirts, to skinny trousers adorned with Swarovski beaded, and then there were gowns that swept the floor – each was simply stunning.

Add the sculptural headwear created by milliner Zara Gorman and the facial jewellery designed by Yunus and Eliza and this was one show that I won’t forget in a while, I loved each look, and I hope big named stylists take note as these boys deserve to get their designs on the red carpet!!!

Sep 14 2012

LFW SS13: Day 1 – My Leather Skirt, Musical Madness And The Apartment

For some, day one at London Fashion Week is a complete miss, maybe it is the hangover from New York Fashion Week, but for me it is the start of an amazing five days and I wouldn’t dream of missing former Fashion Fringe winner’s Fyodor Golan and Corrie Nielsen and the Bora Aksu army is always a spectacle. Mix in the excitement of catching up with fashion friends that sometimes you only see twice a year, and checking out this year’s Mulberry tote – it makes for a great day.

Today was amazing – I had backstage at not one, but two of my favourite shows, I saw some jaw dropping red carpet worthy gowns, I listened to a marching band, I went to a Kate Nash concert at the Felder Felder show, and my whole day was helped along by the genius that is Abi Omole aka Abi Marvel and her amazing bloggers sanctuary, The Apartment.

Generally unless you’re an editor of magazines like Vogue or ELLE you generally walk a lot, spend way too much of your time tracking down the press bus, and miss a lot of shows, well this year thanks to The Apartment sponsor Get Taxi I have been whizzing round in a bright yellow cab – it as been heavenly!

I’ve also consumed more food than at all my previous fashion weeks put together, thanks to breakfast and afternoon tea with Aubaine, lunch with Raw 42. Plus I got to play dress up in the Chanel blazer that Anne Hathaway wore in The Devil Wears Prada, of course not the actual one, but a close second that eBay had tracked down.

Back to the shows, it was a packed day and more detail reviews coming up, but my top three highlights definitely included:

The gorgeous cobalt blue dresses at Fyodor Golan, I seriously hope and pray that major celebrity stylists see this collection and dress their A-list celebrities in them, as they need to be worn on a red carpet, I can see the likes of Diane Kruger and Kate Hudson in their designs, I really think they need to think big as they derserve the exposure.

The incredible Couture craftsmanship at Corrie Nielsen, inspired by delving through the archives at Kew Gardens this is a collection with more feminity than previous seasons, and it really did glow down the runway. Everything from the dip-dye effect make-up to the statement headpieces that complemented the divine gowns, this was once again another hit for Corrie.

Finally, but definitely not least, was the Romanian Queen romance from Bora Aksu, this collection had everything from intricate an hairstyle from KMS California, they needed three stylists per model to create a head of hair worthy of a crown, then the collection itself was dreamy, romantic and regal all at the same time, it was just perfection that ended with his signature Bora army of models – this is a collection that truly captured me to the end and I have already google Queen Marie of Romania as I need to know more.

To my look, as it was day one I decided to be brave, and so I wore my faux leather pencil skirt from Next for the first time, I was a little worried that I wasn’t cool enough to wear! I picked up most of this look for my gothic fashion challenge with Westfield London and as I really loved the leather pencil skirt paired with the cute lace peplum I thought what the hell. Finishing off my look was a layered cardigan, I think it helped to tone down the skirt, an adorable red bow belt as I love red and black together, the most comfortable, go with everything laced up ankle boots, lots of silver bangles, and a simple silver origami swan necklace.

My Style: Next faux leather skirt (c/o Next), Topshop lace peplum top (c/o Westfield London), Allsaints cardigan, New Look red bow belt, Topshop ankle boots, H&M Swan necklace and bangles, and Retro54 glasses.

Did you go to London Fashion Week today or did you see any of the livestream, which don’t forget you can view on my blog here, do let me know what your highlights were, also all comments good or bad welcomed regarding my outfit – I got wolf-whistled for the first time in years off some builders so I’m thinking it was a thumbs up.

Apr 06 2012

AW12: The Close Up Brilliance Of Fyodor Golan

When I saw Fyodor Golan’s debut solo show at London Fashion Week after winning Fashion Fringe I was in awe at the brilliance of Golan Frydman and Fyodor Podgorny, these two young designer bring an excitement to London’s fashion scene that I think has been needed for a while. I just love their mix of sculpted lines, luxurious detailing, exquisite styling, but most of all I adore their ability to tell a story with their couture clothes.

The autumn/winter 2012 collection was inspired by the juxtaposition between Russian peasants and royalties, which was beautifully showcased in a rich and detailed range, and what was evident seeing the collection up close this week at Trace Publicity’s press day was how technically brilliant this label is. For me it has the genius of Alexander McQueen, the creative edge of Meadham Kirchhoff, the glamour of Versace, and the couture brilliance of Givenchy.

I loved all the contrasting textures from velvets to quilted leather, plus the gorgeous Swarovski crystals, the bug jewels, and the intricate sheer panelling and feather additions, but what caught my eye seeing the collection up close was all the folded fabric detailing worked onto skirts and collars.

For more pictures check on my Facebook page.

Feb 24 2012

LFW AW12: Day 1 Round-Up – The Fashion Fringe Takeover

I am a little bit behind on my London Fashion Week reports, I blame my freelance commitments *which pay the bills*, so I thought it would be best to do round-ups of each day alongside reviews of my favourite shows. I always get excited about Day 1, it may not have the big hitters, but each season I have a packed schedule and it is always fun catching up with friends, watching the madness that is Somerset House, which seemed even crazier this year as the street-style snappers have quadrupled, and I get to see my one of my favourite designers, Corrie Nielsen.

First show was Antoni & Alison, marking their return to the catwalk and celebrating their 25th anniversary, it certainly woke me up with the music blaring and the very quirky announcer introduction of the brand. The collection itself, Models Walking Up and Down in Dresses, was simply just that streams of simply cut dresses, featuring eccentric prints such as brown paper bags, cellophane, feathers, glitter and sequins. This was definitely a different start to LFW than the usual Paul Costelloe that used to have this spot on the schedule, I have to admit I didn’t love it all, it did seem to go on forever, but what I did like was how all the models all sported short dark crops, and my favourite look has to be the slip-on tuxedo maxi dress, complete with a felt-tip bowtie and sew-on lapels – cute.

Next up was Corrie Nielsen, I know I have already written up my review of this gorgeous regal couture collection, but this was my first front row of the season, and what was special about it was the discovery of the very high-tech gear under the seat from Vodafone to recharge mobile devices. I know it was only the start of the day but it was fun charging up my phone.

I also bumped in my friend Fiona Fletcher, make-up/stylist extraordinaire, who brought her gorgeous poodle puppy, Tallulah – seriously cute, and totally makes me want a doggie.

Next up was Fashion Fringe 2011 winner’s Fyodor Golan and what a treat it was, not only was the collection amazing crazy couture genius but it was also my first show in LFW’s new showspace in the Embankment Gallery, which has a lovely long runway but a great intimate space.

Back to the main tent and it was the return of the Bora Aksu model army, which is always one of the best finales of any show. For autumn/winter 2012, the Turkish-born designer was inspired by Henry Darger’s pictures of The Vivian Girls in The Realms of the Unreal, which translated into a girlie-yet-dark romantic vision in a gorgeous colour palette of light shades of pink, peach, grey and burnt orange, as well as some exquisite prints, the designer’s first major foray and what a success.

I loved everything about this highly technical collection from the colours to the billowing babydoll silhouettes, striking cape jackets, fitted pencil skirts, and lots of bows and floral touches. This is one gorgeous range of clothes that I can’t wait to see up close at press days, also if there is one more show that features ‘face lace’ as seen also at Corrie Nielsen that I am going to call it a trend.

Then I went to the Savoy Hotel for Maria Grachvogel’s autumn/winter show, which is one of the most gorgeous locations – the ballroom has lots of beautiful chandeliers and suited the line’s Twenties meets modern-day free-spirited jazz girl perfectly. As always Maria delivered a glamorous line of floor-sweeping red carpet worthy gowns in jewelled shades with her signature draping detail. But there were also great tailored separates and outerwear, with her magic pants appearing in a cropped, cigarette leg and masculine slacks in wool tweed, but my favourite pieces had to be the cocoon jackets.

Back to the Embankment Gallery for Jean-Pierre Braganza’s ‘Chandelierium’ collection, which complete grabbed my attention with the gorgeous chandelier print on the invite. However, I had to wait until towards the end of the show for the chandeliers prints in violets and reds, which were striking on silk floor-skimming gowns, and it was a colourful end to a collection that was mainly black, grey and purple.

My second to last show was at the new Beautiful City venue for print masters Basso & Brooke, which was a gorgeous explosion of colour and clashing patterns in oversized jackets, tailored pants, and long-sleeve and sack-style dresses. The former Fashion Fringe winner’s also took their first steps into knitwear, and also showed off their new collaboration with the Cambridge Satchel Company, think the classic satchels with the duo’s striking prints – they looked amazing and I so want one!!!

My day ended with another former Fashion Fringe winner and possible one of my favourite labels for their understated luxury, Jena.Theo. Entitled Heavy Metal, the collection had a simplicity about it with silk chiffon shirts and printed evening dresses, and skinny jeans in varying washed-out greys, deep blacks and bleached blue washes. But as always their collection was full of their signature oversized, draped look, which still carries a very feminine feel about it. I loved all the leather detailing, the fringing, and I totally need a silk slouchy tee and this leather jacket below – gorgeous.

[All pics mine except Antoni & Alison from Style.com]
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