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LFW SS13: Corrie Nielsen – Florilegium

One of my highlights season-in-season-out is Corrie Nielsen and once again the former Fashion Fringe winner impressed me with her signature couture and dramatic silhouettes. This season, taking inspiration from Kew Gardens, Corrie’s spring/summer 2013 collection felt more feminine than I had seen before from her, and the lighter colour palette was refreshing to see.

Kew Gardens can be seen throughout the sculptural and architectural collection, in the ruffles and the voluminous gowns, in the colourful dip-dyed organza and the models make-up, in the crafted petal-like peplums, in the crimped hair that symbolised flowers in the wind, and in the tranquil birdsong sounds that accompanied the models down the catwalk.

There were a lot of ooh moments, as there always is with Corrie’s shows, but my favourite pieces had to be the gown inspired by Kews’ Victorian glasshouse, simply stunning, the voluminous strapless peach gown that just looked like a flowers petals before it has opened fully, and the incredible dip-dyed wedding dress, which finished the show. In my opinion, this gown wouldn’t look out-of-place on the red carpet at Cannes or somewhere equally accustomed with the high dramatics, it would be amazing to see someone like Diane Kruger wearing this gown.

After the show I popped backstage to congratulate Corrie and asked her whether this feminine approach to her designs is the start of something new for her, and she simply replied “I’m not sure yet, it depends on my mood”, well here’s hoping that Corrie’s mood stays sunny as I really loved the delicate touches of this floral-inspired collection.

LFW AW12: Corrie Nielsen – Verstiarium Scoticum

Inspired by her Scottish roots, Corrie Nielsen’s show started with a fanfare of gorgeous tartan worked into her signature historic approach to fashion with a gorgeous long-sleeved dress with lashings of lace frills, wide-leg trousers and a tartan pencil skirt teamed with an exquisitely tailored blouse with a very unique conical neckline that only Corrie can produce.

Her unique sculptural forms continued into a selection of black separates and dresses, each with exquisite tailored detailing, high necklines, and checked shirts with tulle overlays that had a regal vibe about them. Like with her spring/summer 2012 collection, her line included a lot of more wearable pieces including daywear and eveningwear, which were stunningly tailored and looked divine against the magnificent styling of ‘face laces’ made exclusively by Phyllis Cohen and the hats by Emma Yeo.

Her signature structured shoulders, which I completely adore were in the mix on jackets and dresses, and I have fallen in love with the wide-leg trousers, the sash-detailed dresses, the pleated skirts and the monochrome checked box-fronted jacket with an attachable scarf. Once again I am sure these pieces will catch the eyes of many luxury London department store buyers.

The key highlights for had to be the final two gowns, pure Corrie Nielsen, pure Couture, and pure and simply exquisite as only Corrie can achieve. This is a designer that I have admired since she won Fashion Fringe in 2010 and I was lucky enough to meet last season, and each collection gets better and bigger, and she totally deserves all the success as she is a talented and passionate fashion designer.

Of course with the addition of tartan and couture designs, I am sure Corrie is going to be compared to her former mentor Vivienne Westwood, but no matter what this autumn/winter collection carried all her signature style with a new found confidence for paired down separates and everyone left the main tent wowed by how far Corrie has come. I am excited to see all the pieces up close when the press day season kicks in.

“This collection is dedicated to my grandmother, Tollie Burns and my great, great, great grandfather, John S. Burns, for their strength and courage.” Corrie Nielsen.

**I also need to thank Corrie’s wonderful PR team Courtney and Laura from Forward PR – thanks for the front row tickets – being that close to such gorgeous designs was an honour.**

Superdoll Collectables: The Sybarites Close Up

A couple of weeks a go I went to the Forward PR press day and it seems that the majority of what I photographed were these magnificent very high-end fashion dolls from Superdoll Collectables, The Sybarites. Don’t get me wrong, Forward PR look after some amazing fashion clients including Corrie Nielsen and Jasper Garvida but the doll lover in me couldn’t help but get excited by these beauties.

Sadly, due to their exclusivity the six dolls were behind glass, hence the not so amazing snaps but I thought that as my other two Superdoll Collectable posts were very popular that everyone would love to see them.

Beautiful aren’t they!!!! Because I loved them so much I was given illustrated postcards of all the dolls, OK not the same as walking away with one of the dolls, but I love my little keep sake. I am going to frame them all for my new snug – I think they will make a perfect addition alongside my Barbies!!

So let me introduce you to The Sybarites, from top left – bottom right: Doku, Voltaire, Polien, Apple, Tangi and the showgirl that is called Geometry.

Anyone else in love with The Sybarites?

Superdoll Collectables: Scarlett Ribbon Affair

In just over a week, eight days to be precise, I will be viewing the amazing Superdoll Collectables autumn/winter 2011 couture show and I have to admit I am super excited. Barbie is one thing, but The Sybarites, high-end fashion dolls are something else, they are seriously stylish and uber-collectible.

The AW11 show, Scarlett Ribbon Affair, takes place at Blackall Studios from October 21 to October 23, and I so looking forward to the press preview. The exhibition sees Superdoll Collectibles returning to London as previous years the brand has showcased its dolls in Paris, Moscow and Tokyo, and I so pleased they are.

The new collection is titled Social Monstrosities, and the resin dolls standing at only 17 inches high, will be styled to perfection in an extreme fashion-meets-fine art kind of way. I just know that I am going to want one so badly!!!

I can tell you now I so can’t afford one of these gorgeous creations, I have to admit I am just thankful that I am one of the lucky peeps getting to see these beauties before private collectors from around the world take them home.

But don’t worry I will be sharing The Sybarites in all their couture glory as Superdoll Collectables have lifted their strict ‘no-photography’ policy for the first time. You know what this means, yep Danielle will take thousands of pictures!!!

As well as seeing The Sybarites up close, I am also excited to meet the artists Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard, I bet their studio is the best dollshouse ever.

[Pics: Superdoll Collectables]