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Introducing: Fashercise – For The Stylishly Fit

Introducing: Fashercise – For The Stylishly Fit

For the past year I have been watching one of my closest friends and fellow fashion blogger and my partner-in-crime, Alex from AlexLoves.com taking on a new challenge and living out her dreams with her new stylishly fit website, Fashercise.

What started off as an incredible fashion and fitness blog, with the tastiest pancake recipe and honest reviews on the latest exercise classes and products, has turned into an amazing shopping platform selling some of the hottest activewear brands in the world.

With her new partner-in-crime, Cam **I promise I am not jealous**, they have selected some of the best, young, independent sportswear brands out there – from the likes of Charli Cohen, Lucas Hugh, Lexie Sport, and Monreal London. As well as a host of new names such as Dear Kate, Michi and Olympia Activewear, which do the most amazing sports bras. Plus they have the ultra cool Zoe Karssen, who I am slightly addicted to, and I have my eye on these batwing joggers.

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Fitness Inspiration: Ballerina Misty Copeland

My dreams of becoming a ballerina died a long time ago, but I have always admire their beauty and grace, and after seeing this amazing ad staring American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland for Under Armour I can’t help but be inspired by her strength, as well as have major leg envy!!!

A number of my friends have been taking ballet fitness classes and after seeing this incredible ad I think I need to do the same as well as increase my squat repetition exercises.

If her incredible body and grace of movement wasn’t enough to inspire, her story certainly will – this girl didn’t start ballet until she was 13 years old, she was met with rejection and still pushed forward with her dreams. I love that the ad reads out lines from her rejection letters that she received as a teen.

“Dear Candidate. Thank you for your application to our ballet academy. Unfortunately you have not been accepted.

“You lack the right feet, Achilles tendons, turnout, torso length, and bust. You have the wrong body for ballet and, at 13, you are too old to be considered.”

I think Misty definitely had the last laugh there!!!

Anyone else wanting to give ballet a go after seeing this ad?


[Video: Under Armour / Pic: facebook.com/mistycopeland]

Shop Now: Kate Hudson’s Fitness Line Fabletics


One of my girl crushes is Kate Hudson, not just for her incredible red carpet fashion style, but also for her killer body, basically she is my gym-inspiration so I am pretty excited about her new fitness line, Fabletics.

Inspired by her own personal wardrobe and active lifestyle, Fabletics is fashionable and affordable, you can get a whole outfit for as little as £44, plus the collection really does cater for all body shapes and has a really funky, fun Californian vibe that will make you want to hit the gym.

I went to check out the collection a few weeks ago and I was super impressed, the fabrics are soft with added stretch, they look fun, and I really loved how so many of the items layered together perfectly, which is probably why the label is all about outfits. You can pick up a sports bra, a loose T-shirt and cropped leggings – everything Kate says you needs for a workout – I just wish you also got her body when wearing her designs!!!

To get the best price for an outfit you have to become a VIP member of Fabletics, where you receive a whole new fitness outfit every four weeks, if you don’t like anything that month you can just opt out, but you have to do so within a time limit, which to be honest can be a little annoying and I always seem to forget.

But if you workout a lot, like to change up your look and generally buy a lot of sportswear each month then this subscription service could work for you as you do save up to 40% off retail prices with the VIP membership. However, if you are like me and rotates about three outfits that you feel comfortable in and rarely get new fitness gear you might want to just shop the line as a regular member.

What do you think of Kate Hudson’s fitness collection? Would you wear to the gym?

Fabletics-kate-hudson-2 Fabletics-kate-hudson-3

I picked out these black leggings with the sheer panels and I can’t wait to wear them – don’t they just look slimming.

Fabletics-kate-hudson-1 Fabletics-july-collection

[Pics: Fabletics]

Technology: Healthy Living With The Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear Fit & Gear 2 Neo


I have kind of caught the Samsung bug, I loved the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with its 10x optical zoom, then I was seduced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not only is the screen perfect for updating my blog, the camera is amazing and I have become a scrapbooking whiz, but now my heart belongs to another, the new and improved Samsung Galaxy S5.

With its slightly bigger screen, fancy fingerprint security, improved camera, and incredible ultra power saving mode that will give you up to an extra 24 hours of juice – this is one great smartphone, oh and I nearly forgot this handset is water-resistant, yep you can  dunk it water for a short time, however I haven’t tried that out for myself.

For me any smartphone has to have a great camera and I thought it would be hard for any phone to compete with the Note 3, which I love, but this beauty does with its 16-megapixel camera. Key features that I love: It has a selective focus function, which means you can change the focus of your photos after you have taken them, so to either blur the foreground or background, I love anything that makes a better Instagramable piccie!!! Plus the camera also has fast auto-focus, so action shots are easier to capture, I can’t wait to try this out during fashion week. There is also a random Virtual Tour function, unless you’re an estate agent I am not sure when I would use this – but hey, never say never.

Samsung-galaxy-s5-fit-watch Samsung-gear-fit-watch

But aside from the great handset, the S5 also launched with two wearable devices – the Gear Fit, a fitness-tracker smart band that can notify you of e-mails, phone calls as well as Twitter updates, and the Gear 2 Neo smartwatch, which you can do everything the Gear Fit does as well as make phone calls, yep it is very Michael Knight from Knight Rider.

The Gear 2 Neo is a much improved on the debut smartwatch, it is slimmer and more stylish, you can even change out the straps, so it does feel more like a conventional watch, while still having the added benefits of being able to read your e-mails and text messages, see who has hearted your Instagram pic, as well as take a phone call. But for me it is just a tad bulky for everyday use.

There are number of features I loved, other than notifications on my wrist, from the music player that connects with Bluetooth earphones – it really does make working out easier, as well as the personalised fitness S Health platform connectivity – from the pedometer counting your steps to tracking exercise activity from running to cycling, and if you want to you can even measure your heart rate. I do like that you can set yourself personal goals that can be measured on the wearable devices and then viewed within the app on the S5. I really love reaching my steps goal.

For me though it is all about the Gear Fit, I love how comfortable and light this device is to wear, I wear it day and night, and it is easy to personalise with any look as you can change-up the clock face, the wallpaper and colour – so from coordinating with my manicure to matching my bright pink trainers I love switching it up.

Much like other fitness-trackers, the Gear Fit is acts like my personal coach, it tracks my exercises like the Gear 2 Neo, counts my steps, checks my heart rate, as well as having a handy sleep function that measures whether I have had a good night sleep or not, lately I have been doing well as I have been around the 90% motionless for my nightly rests. I had been using the S Health app on my Note 3 to calculate my steps but using the Gear Fit has been more accurate and easier to make my goals. I also think it has been pushing me to achieve those goals as well – when I see that I am only half way through my goal I walk to the shop rather than drive.

If I had to buy one I think it would be the Gear Fit, it is slimmer and looks more like jewellery, so I can wear it with a watch, plus it does nearly everything that the Gear 2 Neo does except make and receive calls, which to be honest I am not sure how often I would do. I think it comes down to which one you think is more stylish, if you like big watch faces you will probably like the watch, if you are looking for something to work with the rest of your arm party the Gear Fit would probably work better.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available nationwide and comes in four colours – charcoal black, electric blue, shimmery white and copper gold.

Samsung-watch-neo Samsung-gear-fit- Samsung-galaxy-s5-back

**I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear Fit and Gear 2 Neo, but all opinions are my own**