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The Barbie Reinvention

The Barbie Reinvention

People ask me a lot about why I collect Barbie dolls and why I like her so much, and I always tells them its her ability to constantly reinvent herself that has always interested me. You could say my favourite doll is the Madonna of the toy world, the reinventions keep Barbie current, whether that’s with a new career, a new look, or ditching the heels for flats.

I find her reinventions inspirational, and her latest is the biggest representation of the diverse world in which we live, as the ‘Super Style’ Barbie Fashionistas will feature 23 new faces, of which there will be 14 different facial sculptures, well no woman looks the same do they, there will be 8 skintones, 18 eye colours, 22 hair styles and 23 hair colours to showcase a wide range of women.

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Doll Loving: A Blake Lively Barbie Doll…Well Sort Of


I have always thought that Blake Lively with her model looks and blonde hair would make a great Barbie doll, well it seems so did Mattel, in a round about way. My favourite doll is getting her latest designer makeover and this time it is red carpet favourite Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad, who is known for being one of Jennifer Lopez’s go-to designers.

His work is always edgy, sexy and divine, and one of my favourite looks over the past few years has got to be when Blake Lively wore one of his creations to the ‘Savages’ premiere and channelled Old Hollywood glamour with a striking Art Deco-inspired black and blush mermaid couture gown.

Well it seems that was one of Barbie’s favourites as well as the dramatic striped geometric design has been made pint-size for her limited edition red carpet-ready look. I just wish they had finished off the look with Blake’s retro waves than the boring updo and this Barbie would have been perfection. But that is the tiniest of flaws – I need this collectable doll in my collection.

I wonder what Blake thinks of her mini-me.

Want one of these limited-edition dolls for yourself? The Zuhair Murad Barbie will set you back $75 – you might have to wait a while though as it is already on back order at barbiecollector.com.


Doll Loving: Barbie x Sadie Williams For LFW

Doll Loving: Barbie x Sadie Williams For LFW

I always get a little giddy around this time of year, not because Valentine’s Day is coming up, but because London Fashion Week is only days away and I know that Barbie always teams up with an amazing fashion designer. Previously, my favourite doll has been dressed by Sibling, Nasir Mazhar, Fred Butler, Louise Gray, Roksanda Ilincic and she even got a Christmas makeover from Stephen Jones – well coming Friday this gang of tomboy princesses designed by Sadie Williams will go on sale at Selfridges.

It is hard to top Sibling and Fred Butler, I loved them so much I rushed out and snapped up two, but I love how Central Saint Martins’ graduate Sadie Williams has really brought her own vision to Barbie’s expanding wardrobe. The intricate detail mash-up of hand-collaged prints, which reference vintage sports clothing, graphic Amish quilts, and abstract shapes seen in the work of Frank Stella, really does make the perfect Barbie party look.

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Doll Loving: Barbie Gets A Christmas Makeover


You know by now how I love Barbie‘s fashion makeovers, I was so giddy about her transformation by London Fashion Week designers that I bought two, I couldn’t order the Coach Barbie quick enough, and it took me a year but I finally got all three Christian Louboutin beauties for my collection. Well now I am lusting over these five one-off Barbie dolls who have undergone a Christmas makeover by London milliner Stephen Jones.

The hat maker has not only created fabulous headwear for Barbie, but full on Christmas-inspired couture looks from the velvet ‘Santa Baby’ mini dress to a red carpet worthy sparkly gown for ‘Snow Globe’ Barbie, as well as a fishtail frock adorned with holly for ‘Happy Holly’ Barbie, a ‘Christmas Tree’ look, and ‘Toffee Ice’ Barbie – a sexy Rudolph on ice!!!

“Barbie is the most fabulous private client. She came into the salon for her Christmas morning hat and left with five glamorous outfits! Barbie and I have the same design vision; we love tradition, but have an eye for the future, ” Stephen Jones


I am kind obsessed by them all – I actually can’t decide on my favourite. ‘Toffee Ice’ looks adorable and sexy in her antlers, red nose and faux fur outfit, while ‘Snow Globe’ Barbie is red carpet ready in her gown with the quirky addition of the snow globe headgear.

If I had to get just one though I think it would have to be between ‘Christmas Tree’ Barbie who actually lights up and ‘Happy Holly’, which is also Stephen Jones’ favourite, as it is just so exquisite constructed.

Happy Holly Barbie – “This is my personal favourite, using the contrast of soft velvet and spiky holly leaves. Barbie also has her very own pet Robin to give her a Christmas peck,” Stephen Jones.

Happy-holly-barbiesnow-globe-barbie santa-baby-barbie

The exclusive Barbies by Stephen Jones are available at Selfridges from November 15, priced at £250 each.