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Feb 02 2015

Runway: 3 Things I Didn’t Expect To See At Haute Couture


Haute couture is usually exquisitely crafted gowns, dripping in beads, sequins, Swarosvki crystals, and delicate embroideries, which have taken hundreds of hours to produce by hand – that is why I adore it so much, it showcases the brilliance of fashion and techniques that should be admired and promoted.

However, it seems that each season we get a taste of the ordinary reworked in an opulent fashion, maybe it is for shock-and-awe, maybe it is to bridge the gap between couture and ready-to-wear, or maybe it is just to make an elaborate statement.

Whatever the reason, here are three things I spotted this season that I never expected to see on a haute couture runway:

chane-SS15-couture-beanie-2#1: The Opulent Beanie

Chanel has given us couture trainers and cycling shorts in the past, but I think the reworking of the winter favourite beanie has to be my favourite ‘it’ item. I love the fact it shouldn’t work, a beanie scattered with jewels and appliquéd with chiffon flowers and butterflies, but how cool do these wacky hats look.

What I love more about these decked out beanies is that with a glue gun, some netting, and a pack of pearls and sequins is that you could have your own couture beanie in a matter of hours.

Will you be converting your favourite beanie into a couture masterpiece?

dior-ss15-couture-2: Plastic Fantastic

You expect to see silk, chiffon, and tulle being used in the construction of lavish couture pieces, so seeing plastic hit the haute couture runways at Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier was a little bit of a surprise. For Dior it was revamped plastic macs, which had printed flowers adorned on it, while at Gaultier it was more like cellophane wrapping, even being worn by Naomi Campbell didn’t make it look couture to me.

I am sure that the see-through plastic macs will be a big hit with the high street, especially come festival season, but just like with the beanie you too could DIY your very own. Take a pac-a-mac, come on you know you have one everyone does, invest in some flower appliqués and get hand-stitching them on. Start now you’ll be finished by summer for Glasto!

So who do you think will be first to wear this at Glastonbury – Alexa Chung or Kate Moss?



#3: Beekeeper Bride

At couture you expect to see wedding gowns, over-the-top spectacles that require 5 strapping male models to walk it down the runway, crazy beaded beauties, as well as those Princess gowns that make you gasp, but a beekeeper bride is a new one on me.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s entire SS15 couture show was wedding themed, including what the guests would wear to a couture wedding, but the piece that stood out for me had to be the blue jeans beekeeper gown that supermodel Lindsey Wixson took to the runway. First up it is denim, I know we expect jeans from Gaultier but on a bride, and secondly, what sort of bride would wear a beekeeping veil? Hey I suppose that’s what you call an alternative bride!!!

Did you see anything unexpected on the haute couture runways this season?

[Pics: via Chanel & Vogue.co.uk]

May 16 2012

If I Had A Bike: It Would So Have An Adorable Petal Basket

I am being to appreciate living near Cambridge more and more, I have to admit at first I found the city a little small, jam-packed full of tourists, and a pain in the arse to park **it is still that**, however lately over the past year since I went freelance I have really loved having such a beautiful place to recharge my batteries.

What I love is that you generally always see something pretty, whether it is the cows that roam freely in the fields near the river in the centre of town, or the traditional dress of the college stewards, or the gorgeous flowers on the market, and today I spied the most adorable flower petal embellished bike basket. I love this so much I want a bike to do the same!!!

Oct 11 2011

Craft Time: Jewellery Making With QVC

A few weeks ago before the madness of London Fashion Week and my New York adventure, the lovely guys over at shopping channel QVC, invited me over for a spot of jewellery making. This isn’t my first foray into jewellery making, I am a bead whizz when it comes to making my own bracelets and necklaces, well that is when I have the time. So I was excited to hear that QVC are adding some amazing jewellery making ranges to their impressive craft section, and I completely loved making my own Steam Punk necklace.

QVC are quite big in the craft world, if you didn’t know either I don’t think we are alone, but among paper crafters this is the place to go for supplies; for jewellery makers like me who like to make pretty things to wear, you probably do what I do and negotiate auction site, eBay. Well QVC have listened to the gap in the market and have a great selection of ranges and dedicated airtime to help you start your jewellery obsession.

The new lines offer you everything from bead packs, findings, Beadalon goodies, chain kits, and even storage solutions. One of my favourites coming soon is Steam Punk, an American line of pendants, chains and components to make cute and individual pieces. It was this line that we got to test out and make our own, I have to admit I kind of went a little overboard on my necklace, mainly because I wanted all the vintage looking keys on mine!!

It was such a fun event, as well as making our own necklaces, we also got a tour around the shopping channel. Seeing the shows being filmed live was so much fun.

The new jewellery making show on QVC, Creating Jewellery show starts on October 18 at 2pm, seriously don’t miss it, some bargains to be had!!!

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