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Dec 15 2012

Festive Cheer: Barney’s New York Electric Holiday

electric holiday Festive Cheer: Barneys New York Electric Holiday %tagI have been meaning to blog this cute festive video from Barney’s New York for a few weeks now and I kind of got distracted by the holiday season. If you haven’t seen it yet it is well worth a watch as it features some of fashions elite including Franca Sozzani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenda Bailey, and Cathy Horyn in the five-minute clip.

What’s so magical about this campaign is that Minnie Mouse is no different from any other girl – don’t we all daydream over owning a Lanvin dress, going to Paris to have our picture taken by the likes of Steven Klein and Mario Sorrenti, being sprayed with Tinker Bell magic dust to create the perfect model body and then walk in a fashion show wearing designs by Alber Elbaz and Nicolas Ghesquière…well I certainly do.

This is just a fun campaign for the holidays that I truly adore.

Aug 21 2012

Disney Love: Minnie Mouse Is Coming To LFW

GilesMinnie Disney Love: Minnie Mouse Is Coming To LFW %tag

Last season Barbie came to London Fashion Week thanks to her collaboration with Sister by Sibling well it seems for spring/summer 2013 the hot trend is sure to be Minnie Mouse ears and polka dots as some of the hottest designers around have teamed up with the Disney’s most famous style icon, Minnie Mouse.

Minnie is one lucky cartoon character, she has a range of nail varnishes with OPI and Mawi created a range of jewellery inspired by her iconic silhouette, and come September she is set to get her own fashion collection designed by the likes of Giles Deacon (above), Richard Nicoll and Michael Van Der Ham, which Disney is calling ‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’, one-off garments and accessories that will be presented during London Fashion Week.

Each designer has taken Minnie Mouse as their inspiration, so think lots of signature bows, her trademark polka dots, pops of red, as well as her iconic ears. Other designers taking part include Piers Atkinson, Bunney, Husam el Odeh in collaboration with Luke Hersheson, Katie Hillier, Lulu Guinness, Tatty Devine and Terry de Havilland. Plus there will be an “extraordinary collaboration” with Meadham Kirchhoff, the design duo known for their quirky catwalk shows – oh my I simply can not wait!!!!

RichardNicollMinnie Disney Love: Minnie Mouse Is Coming To LFW %tag

All the sketches are gorgeous and have made me excited to see them in person, but I think I have to give it to Richard Nicoll and Michael Van Der Ham, their designs are whimsical and gorgeous. I am loving Nicoll’s statement ‘Minnie’ ear shoulders and the comic-book strip design, but I am a sucker for a sequinned Minnie silhouette and this one from Van Der Ham looks divine and I love that he went for black and gold rather than the traditional red. I am also glad to see Lulu Guinness designing a one-off bag and I can’t wait to see Terry de Havilland’s Minnie shoes.

MvdHamMinnie Disney Love: Minnie Mouse Is Coming To LFW %taglulutattyminnie Disney Love: Minnie Mouse Is Coming To LFW %tag

Following the ‘Inspired by Minnie Mouse’ showcase, each of the ‘Minnie Mouse Must Haves’ will be available at an exclusive eBay auction, so if your bid is the highest you could come away with a fab one-off Minnie Mouse-inspired creation. Proceeds from the auction will be donated by Disney to support the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation, a British Fashion Council initiative.

Roll on London Fashion Week…not long to go now!!!

Feb 10 2012

Movie Review: The Muppets – Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock

muppetsfilms4 Movie Review: The Muppets   Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock %tag

There is a charm about the Muppets that just instantly makes me smile. OK for sure there is a cheesiness about Kermit and the gang, but surely that is what totally makes the franchise adorable, and has made kids and adults a like excited for their return to the big screen.

What I loved about this flick is that Disney came right out and said it the Muppets are nobodies, with the troupe all disbanded, Kermit and Miss Piggy separated and their theatre crumbling away – they leave it to Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, his brother Gary played by Jason Segel and his girlfriend played by Amy Adams to rally the gang, stage the greatest Muppet Telethon ever, oh and save the day from an oil tycoon destroying the Muppets theatre.

No one said the story had to be complex, it is the simplicity that makes it work, and I loved that it was packed full of singing and dance numbers, a touch of adult humour, great celebrity cameos from the likes of Jack Black, Whoopi Goldberg and Mickey Rooney, and most of all the off-beat comedy that the Muppets are best known for.

My favourite scenes had to be the trip down memory lane introducing all the Muppets to a new audience with the road trip, from picking up Fozzie who now performs at a Reno casino; Gonzo who is a high-powered plumbing businessman; and the best bit is when they discover Miss Piggy as a fashion editor for Paris Vogue with Emily Blunt as her secretary, a nod to her role in The Devil Wears Prada - completely genius.

The Muppets hits cinemas today, and trust me if you don’t leave the theatre smiling there is seriously something wrong with you.

muppetsfilms2 Movie Review: The Muppets   Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock %tagmuppetsfilms3 Movie Review: The Muppets   Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock %tagmuppetsfilms1 Movie Review: The Muppets   Kermit and Miss Piggy Rock %tag

[Images: Disney]

Aug 12 2011

Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi

minnie mawi ring Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi %tag

A while back Disney Couture teased about the up-coming collaboration with Mawi jewellery, and finally the pieces have been revealed and they are super cute!!

The ‘Minnie Mawi’ collection is available from September and is all about Minnie Mouse, featuring rings, necklaces, bracelets and stud earrings with pearls, ribbons, silvers and rose Gold.

minnie mawi necklace Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi %tag

My favourite pieces are *I’ve gone for five as couldn’t choose 1 or even 3*: the statement Rose Gold-plated and black pearl ring at the top, this striking black hematite plated pearl necklace, the Gold-plated Swarovski Mickey Mouse Ears bangle, the Rose Gold-plated black pearl Minnie Mouse necklace, and the adorable Minnie Stud Earrings.

minnie mawi ring gold Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi %tagminnie mawi Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi %tagminnie mawi stud Jewellery Loving: Minnie Mawi %tag


Prices you ask, well the collection will retail between £32 and £150. I just love how you can instantly see that the jewellery is Mawi and the limited-edition line I am sure will be a sell out, I think a ring would be a great addition to my jewellery box.

[Pics: Mawi]

May 16 2011

Daily Shop: Uniqlo Goes Pirate Crazy

73 068711001 500x500 Daily Shop: Uniqlo Goes Pirate Crazy %tag

This week the fourth instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean movie hits the cinema and I love that Uniqlo has added to its quirky t-shirt collection with its latest Disney collaboration. The line of tees includes womens and mens styles for £12.99, featuring Jack Sparrow, the pirate ship, the compass, the skull and crossbones, and swords, click here to see the whole collection.

My favourite from the women’s collection has to be this purple boat round-necked cropped t-shirt, £12.99. But for men, it has to be the Jack Sparrow t-shirt, which comes in olive and white.

57 069076 500x500 Daily Shop: Uniqlo Goes Pirate Crazy %tag

Jan 03 2011

Love: Uniqlo Disney Project – Bring Me Mickey

disneyweb Love: Uniqlo Disney Project   Bring Me Mickey %tag

Pic: Uniqlo Disney Project

I am sure I am a bit late on the uptake of this limited edition Disney collection at Uniqlo, but I just had to share. I have always been more Barbie than Disney, but there is something about Mickey ears that really makes me smile on clothing.

My favourite piece from the line is has to be the Jacquard Mickey Cardigan, £29.99, check out the Minnie and her bow – super cute, warm and cosy, and has been added to my online basket as I type this!

Close second and third on my hit list has to be this Fleece Hoodie in bright pink, £24.99, and this adorable Graphic T, which is a bargain at £6.99. There is also a flannel shirt which caught my eye but I felt that was a step too far.

pixel Love: Uniqlo Disney Project   Bring Me Mickey %tag