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Mar 28 2012

My-Loyalty: Be Rewarded For Shopping At My-Wardrobe

my loyalty My Loyalty: Be Rewarded For Shopping At My Wardrobe %tag

One of my favourite online shops, My-Wardrobe.com just got better, as it has announced the launch of its loyalty scheme, My-Loyalty. What this means is that for every pound you spend at My-Wardrobe you earn a loyalty point, giving you vouchers and rewards such as free shipping and VIP shopping events. Yep this is the luxury Boots cards!!!

Do the fashion maths – spend £500, earn 500 points, and receive a £25 voucher – how cool is that!!!

Oh and the good news keeps on coming as to launch the new loyalty scheme the wonderful peeps over at My-Wardrobe are giving all shoppers triple points until April 21 when you shop the new collections, all you need to do is place the code MYLOYALTY01 into the promotional code box at checkout.

myloyalty1 My Loyalty: Be Rewarded For Shopping At My Wardrobe %tag

I am lusting after a lot of items on My-Wardrobe at the moment but these four are top of my list:

Carven Double Breasted Tweed Jacket, £399 – this beauty will allow you to channel your inner Parisian chic – I love the colour as well as the contemporary twist on a classic design.

DKNY Lacquer Sleeveless Sequin Block Colour Dress, £296 – who doesn’t need a sequin embellished dress!!!

Michael Michael Kors Dove White Matte Python Medium Bedford Dressy Tote, £295 – I am always on the look out for a new tote and one colour I don’t own is white and this beauty looks like it will most certainly carry all my needs.

D&G Multicoloured Quilted Nylon Clutch, £75 – whether you want something cool and trendy to carry your sleek tablet, or just want an oversized clutch to jazz up any outfit, this multicoloured number is perfection.

[Pics: My-Wardrobe]

May 08 2011

Floral Beauty: Jessica Alba Shines In LA

jessicaalbadg 422x1024 Floral Beauty: Jessica Alba Shines In LA %tag

Who: Jessica Alba

Where: Los Angeles

Wearing: An off-the-shoulder D&G floral print dress, teamed with a rope belt, a Gucci bag, nude heels and gold rimmed shades

Verdict: There is a lot of competition for the best dressed pregnant celebrity, with Kate Hudson stunning in Versace and Victoria Beckham constantly glowing in her own designs, but hey Jessica is certainly holding her own in this floral beauty. I love how she has framed her cute baby bump with the rope tied belt, really does add something to this already chic look. The dress though is divine, I love the off-the-shoulders with three-quarter sleeves, but seriously this frock is all about the clashing floral prints, I don’t think I could pull this look off.

Also how cute does her hair look in a bun????!!!!!????

[Pic: via Dolce & Gabbana Twitpic]

Nov 08 2010

MTV EMA Awards: Miley Cyrus Works Cascading Ruffles

 MTV EMA Awards: Miley Cyrus Works Cascading Ruffles %tag

Who: My favourite Disney starlet Miley Cyrus

Where: At the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid

Wearing: A white halter tiered silk D&G gown from the autumn/winter 2010 collection with cascading ruffles and contrasting black bow and waistband detailing

Verdict: I love that Miley went for this elegant floor-skimming dress. The contrast of the white and the black details is divine and works perfectly with her make-up.

I suppose Miley could have taken the easy option and done the mini-dress like her co-star Emily *who did look lovely*, but this classy look made my day.

 MTV EMA Awards: Miley Cyrus Works Cascading Ruffles %tag

Sep 28 2010

Cover Loving: Marie Claire Spain Stars Emily DiDonato

marieclairespainoct 500x657 Cover Loving: Marie Claire Spain Stars Emily DiDonato %tag

Pic: Marie Claire - October 2010

I have been waiting to see something from the D&G ski-bunny collection on a magazine cover as I loved all the knitted pieces from the show. I am so pleased that Marie Claire Spain went for this gorgeous maroon red snowflake knitted zipped body for the October cover. Of course it helps that Emily DiDonato is so stunning, but it is a great cover shot by David Roemer.

I do love autumn/winter fashion.

Jul 18 2010

AW10 Campaign: D&G Ski Bunnies – Bring On The Snow

13 500x332 AW10 Campaign: D&G Ski Bunnies   Bring On The Snow %tag

Pic: D&G

I’ve been meaning to post these fab D&G AW10 ads for the past few weeks *I blame my forgetful nature*. When the sun was shining it seemed weird to think of snow, now with the heat wave over for the moment *fingers crossed*, I thought they would be cool to share.

This was one of my favourite shows, I really want the reindeer all-in-one ski suit, not sure where I would wear this but hey that isn’t the point. I love skiing and this campaign is so fun and utterly cool – I love the knits, reindeers, over sized googles, furry ski boots and the cute so-not-very-ski-friendly glamorous wear – want it all!!

I can’t wait to go skiing…

38264 300502389976 26696569976 967782 3566207 n 500x334 AW10 Campaign: D&G Ski Bunnies   Bring On The Snow %tag

Pic: D&G

38264 300502399976 26696569976 967784 5593822 n 500x334 AW10 Campaign: D&G Ski Bunnies   Bring On The Snow %tag

Pic: D&G

38264 300502404976 26696569976 967785 6024667 n 500x667 AW10 Campaign: D&G Ski Bunnies   Bring On The Snow %tag

Pic: D&G

This is my favourite ad – that raspberry bag has been added to my ever growing wish-list!

Feb 26 2010

Milano: Ski-Chic With Reindeers

dg1 Milano: Ski Chic With Reindeers %tag

Pic: D&G a/w10

Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana took the fashion world on a glamorous weekend to the slopes for their D&G Diffusion line, with snowy mountains on the screens either side of the runway, for their funky-chic apres-ski wear.

As described by D&G, “a wardrobe made for spending time cuddling with boyfriends inside a warm chalet or for sunbathing on the slopes. For happy hour, for shopping time and for all night parties.”

Reindeer and snowflake prints featured heavily which I loved, on full-length bodysuits, maxi dresses, sweaters and skirts. For me I love Natasha Poly in the burgundy and white body (pic 1, middle), OK she has the figure and the legs for it, but I want to go D&G skiing!!

Each ski bunny was accessorised with glittery ski goggles and helmets, and knee-high shaggy boots. I mean shaggy as in the fur variety – which is just not for me – thankfully faux-fur ones will hopefully be gracing the high-street come winter and available for my next ski trip.

There was also fur on bags – surely the most abusive use of fur – your handbag doesn’t get cold!!!!

That aside the show was a spectacle of ski-chic with my favourite item being the full-length bodysuits with reindeers on – I want one!

dg2 Milano: Ski Chic With Reindeers %tag

Pic: D&G a/w10


Feb 25 2010

My #LFW: The Ultimate Front Row

25637 385305471424 122792026424 5361014 7066575 n 500x327 My #LFW: The Ultimate Front Row %tagMy #LFW has been because of the digital revolution and the art of live-streaming, real-time comments on Twitter and I’ve enjoyed it so much.

No need for me to stress out over my outfit – is it on trend, do I look skinny, will I fit in. Instead I have watched catwalk shows from the comfort of my bed, office chair and sofa – perfect front row view. I think on one occasion I may have even had make-up on – I know I really dressed for the occasion. But for me, (lets be honest – inviteless), this was the perfect way to get involved in the biggest fashion spectacle that is London Fashion Week.

So primed with my digital schedule, ok some what limited – but hey I took what I could get, I have taken in as many shows as possible. Except the 9am Betty Jackson on Sunday, which I slept through, but I did catch-up at a more sociable hour on YouTube.

That’s the wonderful thing about live-streaming it is also recorded and distributed either through the designers website or YouTube – the medium normally filled with babies biting their brothers finger or a lion being reunited with his rescuers, but YouTube has been embraced by the fashion world.

From the likes of Burberry, Calvin Klein and YSL, all of which have their own official YouTube channel to display their latest catwalk shows, behind-the-scenes footage, ad campaigns and even in the case of Burberry and Christopher Bailey a personal invite to view the live show.


This season’s trend seems to be to connect more with the consumer and widen their audience from the fashion editors, retail buyers, socialited and celebrities who all grace their front rows, fashion houses are thriving in this social revelution and I am loving every second!

This latest shift from the fashion houses has re-ignited my passion for fashion with its ability to draw me into its world with Facebook update status of the model fittings, or the photographer tweeting from behind the camera at an ad campaign, to displaying stills of their latest collection. Every tweet, status update, or promo teasers draws me in closer.

Then we have a mountain of iPhone and iTouch apps, both Italian fashion houses Gucci and D&G have gone the Apple route so fashionistas around the world can view their Milano catwalk shows from their phones. Then we have cool London-based fashion designer Henry Holland and his Blackberry application to buy his products straight from the runway and customised Blackberry back panels.

I’m enjoying fashion embracing technology, social streams and engaging with their consumers, fans and wannabee creative types like me!

London Fashion Week have taken the lead with a full schedule of shows on offer online through their own network, whereas Gucci and D&G are streaming through Facebook, and Armani partnering with Italian Vogue. But for me the fashion lover I will take it on any network – which means virtual Milano here I come!!!

pixel My #LFW: The Ultimate Front Row %tag