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Cover Loving: Kate Moss And Her Four i-D Covers


Q is for Queen in i-D magazine’s pre-spring Alphabetical issue and it seems that they decided to put the Queen of all supermodels on not one but four covers as Kate Moss continues to out work models half her age.

Shot by Daniele + Iango, the covers not only look incredible, but they also celebrate 20 years of Kate Moss winking on the i-D cover. Looking at these shots you wouldn’t think that Mossy was 40, mush less that she first posed for i-D back in 1993 – she looks stunning in each one.

I can’t decide which is my favourite cover, I do love a black and white cover, I adore her Dior bow, the sexiness of the Saint Laurent hat, and the girliest cover I have seen from her is the floral Prada. Basically I love them all, but I think the black and white with the messy plait gets my vote. Now all I need to do is track it down!!!

id-magazine-kate-cover1 id-magazine-kate-cover2

Are you a fan of Kate Moss and will you be picking up the latest issue of i-D?

[Pics: i-D Magazine]