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Christmas 2014: 7 Things To Before Christmas


For most of us today is our last official full day in work before the Christmas break, so I thought to get you through what is probably a long day of clock-watching until home time, I would share my seven favourite things to do in the run-up to Christmas to get you in the festive spirit.

#1 – Take a moment or ten to enjoy the festive displays all around you – whether it is the Christmassy scene in your office at home, or the incredible lights and shop windows in town, just simple enjoy the beauty of this time of year. If you are in London there are so many gems to enjoy, my favourite being the Harrods windows display, they always go big each year and this year is spectacular. I also love driving around our local area admiring our neighbours Christmas decorations, some people really must spend weeks putting up their lights.


#2 – Head to a Christmas market, I know there isn’t long until the big day but trust me you’ll have fun just wandering around, listening to Christmas carols and you never know you might even pick up a few last-minute gifts you didn’t even know you needed. I also love checking out the food and drink as they seem to be more continental and you can get something new. I can’t wait to head down to St Albans this weekend, I have head they have a huge market this year.

#3 – Do a back-to-back Christmas movie marathon. I have previously shared my movie recommendations for the holiday season – check out my all-time favourites as well as a festive rom-com special. But if you after a quick suggest to get you started why not embrace your inner child and watch Home Alone, or laugh along with Elf, and you must not forget the ultimate Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street, the best Christmas movie ever!!Christmas-miracle-on-34th-s

#4 – Go Ice Skating. Gather your nearest and dearest and head off to your local rink, I love that nearly all major cities embrace ice rinks at this time of year, it really is a lot of fun and if you can get a late night slot you will get to skate around in twinkle light. Normally I do Somerset House but I am thinking this year we need to get our skate on at the Natural History Museum rink. I do wish though that I was in New York to skate in Central Park – maybe one Christmas!!!

#5 – Get baking!!! There are a whole host of goodies you can bake for the festive season from sugar cookies to mince pies and even gingerbread men, oh and basically anything chocolatey. I love baking, but it always feels more fun at Christmastime, and I have been searching around Pinterest for recipe inspiration as that place is pack full of yummy treats, and here are just a few I have found that I want to make. Want some quick and easy festive cupcakes to get you started – check out this recipe I posted last Christmas. Pinterest-cookies

#6 – Go for a winter walk. OK so this isn’t just required before Christmas, but I do like to get out and smell the fresh air especially during a manic season such as this. Head out in to the countryside, or to the coast, and just take in the changing season. Winter is one of my favourite times of year for a walk, you get to wrap up in lots of layers, you get to treat yourself with a flask of hot chocolate for that mid-walk break, and most of all I love taking pictures of the frosty mist that covers the countryside, it always looks so pretty.

#7 – Finally, why not do something for someone else. This could be as little as sharing a batch of mince pies with your neighbours, helping an elderly person with their heavy shopping bags, or even volunteering at a local charity that runs soup kitchens and homeless shelters. You can also get on board with one of the many Christmas charity campaigns, the two that caught my attention were the: Salvation Army’s appeal, a £19 donation could deliver a box of food and modest toys to a family who are facing hardship; or why not help give £21.62 to Crisis to reserve a place for a homeless person this Christmas.

How ever you spend Christmas – have a merry one!!!

[Pics: Fashionista Barbie, via Pinterest, and Harrods]

Christmas 2014: Tis The Season To Be Jolly…

Christmas-2014-tree-2…Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Is anyone else really enjoying the run-up to Christmas this year? I always love it, but this year feels super special with it being our first festive season as Mr and Mrs, and I love that my wonderful husband has decided to start a new holiday tradition by buying a new bauble for every year of marriage, the first being a cute flying snowman that he picked up in Bruges. I can’t wait to see 25 years of marriage on our tree in the future.

Christmas-2014-tree-6Decorating the tree is a big deal for me, it generally takes me all day, I have to lay them all out, then try to find the best branches for the heavy items, and then I have the task of making sure each beauty gets a special spot on the tree, which generally means lots of moving them around, until it is just right, Paulie thinks I am a little nuts about it.

This year was hard, I have so many gorgeous decorations, and I picked up a few felt beauties as wedding presents, I am in love with the gingerbread man, the snowman and the smiling Christmas tree. But as always there is no theme, just decorated with love, with nearly everyone bauble having a memory, from the angel from my childhood to a wooden reindeer that was one of the first decorations Paulie bought me, and the Macy’s New York Santa that we picked up while we were in the city getting married.

I have been quite obsessed lately with Christmastime on Pinterest, getting décor inspiration, DIY tips – I really want to make my own snow globes, as well as seeing how other people dress their trees, and it seems most go for a theme, I don’t think that is quite right for me as I wouldn’t want to leave any of them off. I think when we have more than one tree, yes I am that much of a Christmas nut, I think it would be nice to do just gold or silver, or even just white, I do love it when trees have decorations all in one colour. But that will have to wait for the forever house when we have more room.

Do you have any Christmas tree traditions? Also don’t forget to showcase your festive wonderland with the #showmeyourtree hashtag on Instagram and Twitter I love seeing other people’s houses all decorated.

Christmas-2014-tree-24 Christmas-2014-tree-16 Christmas-2014-tree-22 Christmas-2014-tree-5 Christmas-2014-tree-23 Christmas-2014-tree-4 Christmas-2014-tree-3 Christmas-2014-tree-1 Christmas-2014-tree-7 Christmas-2014-tree-20 Christmas-2014-tree-12


Festive Movie Marathon: A Rom-Com Kind Of Christmas

Christmas-movies-2Happy Christmas Eve guys. It is traditional for me on this very day to eat lots of chocolates, generally the Quality Street variety, bake up some mince pies, and watch back-to-back Christmas movies – and you guessed it that is what I am doing right now.

Last Christmas I put up my favourite festive movies – the likes of White Christmas and Santa Clause, plus a whole raft of suggestions that probably only myself and the Hallmark Channel have ever heard of. This Christmas Eve I thought I would go for a romantic-comedy theme – mixing festive cheer with a fuzzy feel good factor. So here goes – my five rom-com suggestions:

The Holiday - Many reasons why this makes the cut each festive season, first who doesn’t want to be Cameron Diaz, secondly it is the only film I actually think Jude Law is hot in, and thirdly I love the contrast between a snowy England and Los Angeles. This is a great feel-good film that even my boyfriend doesn’t mind sitting through.

While You Were Sleeping – What I love about this film is that it is a little unconventional when it comes to a festive romance film – as instead of eyes meeting across a crowded holiday party, Lucy played by Sandra Bullock actually saves her commuter crush and gets mistaken for his fiancé while he is in a coma and then falls in love with his brother. Not only am I huge Sandra Bullock fan but I also have a soft spot for Bill Pullman.

Love Actually – This film is British comedy at its very best. I love the interwoven little storylines, the incredible cast, I adore Bill Nighy as an aging rocker, and most of all I love that Hugh Grant as Prime Minister falls in love with his tea girl. You can’t help but laugh, cry and feel good when watching this film.

Serendipity - This is a film that doesn’t just come out at Christmas for me, I love the idea of Serendipity meeting a stranger and having a connection but the not so perfect timing means that they don’t stay in touch, rather they see if chance brings them back together again. If the story doesn’t get you the chemistry between John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale will!!!

Miracle on 34th Street - No Christmas list is complete without my favourite festive film – come on Richard Attenborough is the greatest Father Christmas and I don’t mind admitting it ‘I Believe’!!! OK so the main story isn’t a romantic one, but who doesn’t want to see Dorey and Bryan get together – how did she say no the first time that rock was perfection.


A couple of favourites I don’t have on DVD yet but I adore and search out each season on Christmas 24 and Sky Movies has to be ‘Christmas in Boston’, ‘His and Her Christmas’, ‘Boyfriend For Christmas’, ‘Holiday Engagement’ and one I found this festive season is ‘Hitched for the Holidays’ it has Joey Lawrence from ‘Blossom’ in it – I do wish I could get the Hallmark Channel here in the UK!!!

Which romantic Christmas movies is your favourite?

Editorial Flashback: A Merry Fairy Christmas From Vogue Korea


For the latest editorial flashback I have gone for a Christmas theme, well it did seem appropriate for the time of year, and I absolutely adored this ‘Merry Fairy Christmas’ fashion spread that appeared in Vogue Korea’s December 2012 issue.

Captured by Louis Park, this stylish avant-garde editorial features models Song Kyung Ah and Stephanie Lee as human decorations, all lit-up and looking very festive in a spread styled by Seo Young Hee.

As well as being stunning, there is a decadence about this Christmas editorial that I just love, with the oversized baubles, the reindeer antlers and the gorgeous star decorations. Anyone fancy a model Christmas tree this year???

Do you love this Christmas couture fashion editorial?

Vogue-korea-christmas-7 Vogue-korea-christmas-5 Vogue-korea-christmas-10 Vogue-korea-christmas-12 Vogue-korea-christmas-9 Vogue-korea-christmas-3 Vogue-korea-christmas-8 Vogue-korea-christmas-11 Vogue-korea-christmas-4

[Pics: via TheFashionSpot.com]